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The Scientology
Suicide & Psychosis


Corrections and additions to
"Death, Psychosis and Scientology"

(third edition, January 1, 1995)


B. Alphabetical listings (no dates)

Aaron, Grace -- Correction -- "not an attempted suicide"

Grace Aaron took an overdose of sleeping pills on OT V. She is a highly trained field auditor for Narconon. She says it was a mistake, not an attempted suicide. The C/S wanted her to handle it.

Anderson, Yolanda -- child abuse

Yolanda [ Anderson] is the same person mentioned in "the informer," whose child was a victim of terrible Scientology child care.

Atherton, Warren -- negligence

Warren Atherton, an ex-Scientology member in Detroit who died, is said to have died because of not taking medication for a medical condition.

Axel, John -- assault

xxxxx told xxxxx about the beating of John Axel. There is a backup report about this beating in the minutes of the San Francisco Mission Holders meeting -- where Scientology was actually dumb enough print up this incident and distribute it. Apparently, John Axel was also beaten by David Miscavige and/or other high level Scientology executives.

Balentine, Brad -- psychosis

Brad Balentine, a member of the guardian office, one of the GO/OSA Intelligence Operatives, became psychotic. ?????

Barnett, Mary Florence (Flo) -- murder or suicide

Flo Barnett a/k/a. Miller died from several gunshot wounds, three to the chest and one to the head. She was David Miscavige's mother-in-law. Just before her death she was reported to have had an argument with David Miscavige because Miscavige vehemently objected to her being audited by Julie Mayo, who together with her husband David Mayo, ran the Advanced Ability Center in Santa Barbara, a "squirrel group" according to Scientology. She had threatened to go public and to sue Scientology.

Barney, Carl -- psychosis Carl Barney went psychotic on the Apollo and was guarded by three other people on the ship. Carl Barney had been made to sit for months doing "blinkless TRs." One of the periodic extremes Hubbard took no responsibility for. I heard that at one point he was strapped to his chair.

Carl Barney was locked up aboard the Apollo after he became psychotic.

Bear, Debbie -- child abuse

Miscarried while working on the RPF. Actually had the miscarriage while digging a ditch and started bleeding. She ran to the head RPF guard and told him she had to go to the hospital. The guard told her to go back to the ditch and keep digging. And she miscarried right there in the ditch.

Binion, Sam -- psychosis

Sam Binion or Benion became psychotic while on OT3. It is reported that Heber Jentzsch was involved in physically restraining him and ripping off his clear bracelet so he wouldn't give Scientology a bad name.

Bonnin, Michael -- death

Michael Bonnin died during auditing on the upper levels.

Box, Theo & daughter Jenny -- child abuse

While I was an auditor in the organization the daughter of a scientologist was brought to my house to have somewhere for constant care as she had become mentally ill and was being protected from the medical profession and from her mother who was not a Scientologist. The GO was involved. There was to be a roster of people to be with her but it didn't eventuate. Her father was here much of the time and at other times she was left with me. She wandered off when I was alone with her and ended up in a hospital. In her "condition" she talked of her personal relationship to LRH and a whole scenario of past and future events around this theme. She was being audited. The father is OT7 or OT8 and still in the Organization, I think. His name is Theo Box. His daughter was Jenny.

Brewer, Ed -- neglect

Ed Brewer, an LA sea org member was left to bleed to death trapped in a car. He was left without medical attention and without calling for help while other staff members who were with him went back to the Guardian's Office to get instructions on what to do so the accident would not create a PR flap.

Brigliatto, Mario -- Correction -- attempted suicide

#81 on page three of the January mailing had no last name. The name is Mario Brigliatto.

Broeker, Annie -- psychosis

xxxxx Case Supervised Annie Broker when she had a psychotic break in auditing. When last this staff member saw Annie Broeker she was being audited quite a bit. She remembers a lot of screaming and yelling coming out of the auditing rooms on a daily basis, and she sensed something was wrong.

She was last seen being held under armed guard at the Gilman Hot Springs RPF (Rehabilitation Project Force) by Blake (last name withheld at his request), a former Sea Org staff member who currently lives in Los Angeles and is in communication with Joyce Stephenson, Secretary, Cult Awareness Network of Los Angeles.

Bruemmer, Melanie -- cancer

Melanie Bruemmer (re' MICHEALS ) (also named names of Perkins & Schaffer) died of ovarian cancer. She was Class IX and Senior C/S Foundation at the San Francisco Organization.

Charlton, Pam -- child abuse

Pam Charlton had a baby that died while she was in the Sea Organization

Casissu, Maude (a new suicide) -- suicide

Confliti, Luigi -- negligence

Confliti he didn't speak much English but he was denied medical treatment by Scientology when he really needed it.

Cooper, Paulette -- inducement to suicide

There is a lot of information in FBI records and elsewhere that Scientology operatives tried to get Paulette Cooper to commit suicide.

Crane, Steven -- suicide

at East Grinstead

Crichton, Alan -- vulnerable and bilked

Alan Crichton lives in Maine and New York City. He's a former institutionalized mental patient who inherited a lot of money. It's managed by a trust fund so he can't go through it too quickly. Nevertheless, he wanders in and out of being extremely unhappy with Scientology. He's had his OT levels delivered by an auditor, since he isn't allowed to see the confidential stuff. He's a brilliant artist who fights depression, and he's not getting the care he needs in Scientology. His wife, Lorna, is practically rabidly in favor of Scientology, and actively takes services. They give lots & lots of his money to Scientology...

Cruise, Tom -- psychosis

Tom Cruise (the actor) became psychotic during auditing. Cruise was on OT3 and Scientology had to bring him back to the base because he looked so bad.

Davis, Bruce -- murder, psychosis

Bruce Davis is a convicted member of Charles Manson's "family." At one time he was Foundation Staff at St. Hill. Vincent Bugliosi's book on Manson asserts a relationship between Davis and a murdered teenage Scientologist.

One of the convicted members of The Family [Manson's] was Bruce Davis who was at one time foundation staff at St. Hill (according to someone I know who was there at the time). In Vincent Bugliosi's book on Manson, called "Helter Skelter," there was an apparent relationship between Bruce Davis and a murdered teen Scientologist.

Delgro, Heidi -- assault

See document from HCO Scientology Sea Organization Ethics Officer, September, 28 1993 dealing with the isolation watch of Heidi Delgro.

Dennison, Larry -- suicidal

Larry Dennison reportedly became suicidal after completing OT 8.

Dewhurst, D. -- suicide

D. Dewhurst, a public PC, committed suicide in his car behind the Vancouver, Canada Scientology mission.

Douglas, Martina -- suicide

Martina Douglas committed suicide at East Grinstead, England.

Dubron, Jeff -- assault

Jeff Dubron, the former AGPR, was apparently paid a substantial amount of money. He didn't name it. But I got the impression that we talking between $50,000 and $250,000 by the GO to remain silent. Apparently, Jeff broke his silence and was beaten up by someone whom he attributes to Scientology. So Jeff is being real tight lipped now.

Jeff Dubron and Jack Williams were sent to a chaplain's court over business problems. Jack had money so Jack won.

Eichorn, Manfred -- attempted suicide

Manfred Eichorn was baby watched and attempted suicide.

Ellison, Robert -- "baby watched" -- psychotic

He would wander down the street in his underwear if no one watched him. Instead of contacting his parents, he was guarded day and night; some of the time "we" kept him at the Apsley Arms Hotel where a lot of Scientologists lived. Hotel owned by Scientologists, one of them being Cal Wigney. The last thing I recall being told was that some "high level staff members" had taken him to the airport, minus any org identification, and just abandoned him there, hoping the "men in white coats" would deal with him.

Eltringham, Hana (now Hana Whitfield) -- psychosis

Emery, Randy -- OT levels -- brain tumor

Randy Emery ( Staff at Sterling Management ) died of a brain tumor. He was on the OT levels ? and a class IV staff auditor.

Leslie Epstein -- psychotic episodes

I have just been informed that you have included my name in your revised and updated list of people who allegedly "became psychotic".

Your source of information is completely and utterly unreliable. Furthermore I find this alleged statement about myself completely ridiculous. This person, the source of your information, could not possibly supply you with a date or even an approximate date. The reason that there is no date supplied is simple.--- it isn't true that I became psychotic ever. I have never been psychotic not now...

On the contrary, Scientology has done nothing but make me much more aware and the benefits from my participation, in it would take more time and paper then I am willing to devote to responding to the outrageous and ridiculous allegation.

Your organization is currently advertising, selling and distributing a libelous statement about me: that I have undergone "psychotic episodes" while on auditing. The statement is contained in your document entitled, "Corrections and Additions to the January 3, 1994 Questionnaire: "Death, Psychosis and Scientology"

Moreover, I have recently become aware that F.A.C.T.net now advertises and sells this material extensively through the Internet computer bulletin board services. Realizing the scope of your distribution of this deliberate lie about me exasperates [sic] the upset and distress which I felt upon learning of your lie in the first place...

Erikson, Mick -- psychosis

Mick Erikson became violent on OT 6. As far as I know, his wife still has him barricaded in his house to prevent him from violently attacking someone.

Fairchild, Fred -- psychosis

From the Detroit Organization, Fred Fairchild who was the ED on and off again in the late 60's early 70's had some real rough times mentally, psychotic or not I do not know. I remember hearing tons of rumor line of extreme alcohol and drug abuse after leaving staff, and he was Clear and possibly OT 3.

Fishman, Steven -- schizophrenia (undifferentiated type) and suicide watch

After being ordered to do an End of Cycle and commit suicide, Fishman was placed on suicide watch at the Hollywood Pavilion, an in-patient psychiatric facility in Hollywood, Florida, where he was treated by Dr. Engin Aksu and Dr. Uwe Geertz from February 13, 1989 through February 20, 1989 in suicide watch.

Fisk, William J. -- murder

The Seattle Times reports that William J. Fisk was murdered by Russell Johnson at the Seattle org during class. The story says it was because Fisk was having intercourse with Johnson's wife. Johnson's wife was a Scientologist and Russell was not. Fisk had bragged of being able to control Johnson's wife.

Fuller, Karen -- death

Karen Fuller died on course while on OT3.

Fuller, Sandy -- attempted suicide

Sandy Fuller attempted suicide. She was a full OT. (There is another Sandy Fuller listed below.)

This is to inform you that information being circulated to the public on your "F.A.C.T.net" computer bulletin board service about me is false and defamatory.

You have distributed a piece called "Death, Psychosis and Scientology" in which I am named under the heading of, "Allegations of Attempted Suicides While Receiving Scn Services."

It is obvious that you have not bothered to verify your information. I have never "attempted suicide" at any time in my life, and certainly not while receiving Scientology services. The Scientology services I have received have been highly beneficial.

Fuller, Sandy #2. -- negligence

According to a report from a third party, Sandy almost died due to lack of medical care while she was in Scientology. (There is another Sandy Fuller listed above. There are probably two Sandy Fullers in Scientology.

xxxxx -- child abuse

There is a study on miscarriages and birth deformities among female Scientology staff members, particularly in the Sea Organization of Scientology. This was done because even internally they were alarmed at the number of babies being born deformed, with extremely low birth weight, and with a lot of difficulties.

There have been many problems with Scientology babies born at the Scientology-owned "gentle birth center" in Glendale. See articles in the Glendale Leader.

Gallop, Siama -- cancer

At St. Hill, Peter Gallop's wife, Siama (spelling may be incorrect), developed cancer. Peter was away on a mission of some kind (they were both in the Sea Organization). She trudged through the snow on her own getting medical help. She had paid for OT levels and NOTs. How much she had done is unknown. She hadn't had NOTs. She didn't receive any auditing help in her illness or in her dying. Evidently she hung on to the body way past the time of leaving, because she was afraid of not knowing how to leave under the influence of drugs.

Several months ago I wrote to FACT.NET complaining of false and distorted statements which your business made about the death of my late wife, Siama. These statements are included in your publication, "Corrections and Additions to the January 3, 1994 Questionnaire, Death, Psychosis and Scientology." I received no response. Moreover, FACT.NET continues to advertise and distribute these lies. I understand that you are now selling this publication on the Internet computer system. This is irresponsible in the extreme and a blatant disregard of the truth. It is also very upsetting to me that your organization continues to disseminate these lies about the tragic death of Siama...

Garrison, Chris -- psychosis

Chris Garrison is another person who had a complete character transformation at one point in Scientology, where they "broke" his spirit. I don't know if he went over the edge, or what. Chris is still in Scientology after a failed deprogramming attempt by his family.

Geary, Dorothy -- psychosis

Dorothy Geary became psychotic in San Francisco.

Another report says Dorothy Geary was in her 20s and places her in Hemet.

Godwin, Frances -- psychosis

Frances Godwin (who was briefly married to Bobby Gerrold, the guy who died of cancer) went nuts on the ship, during the researching of Expanded Dianetics. By her own account, she sat in her bathroom for weeks and her parents couldn't get her to come out. Alan Walter is the one who went to her home and talked her out of the bathroom. Frances is a successful field auditor in LA and is dating a guy not yet really in Scn..

I have been notified that I am a subject of your more recent newsletter. I have attached the copy of what I was sent. Since you have stated that you intend to clean up inaccuracies of your data I request that you withdraw the incorrect and slanderous information about me immediately.

Although it is true that I was briefly married to Bobby Jarrell (not Gerrold) and did Expanded Dianetics research on the Ship, I have never gone "nuts" nor have I ever locked my self in a bathroom for weeks. (Actually, I have been known through out my life to spend an unusually small amount of time in the bathroom for a female. The only excessive time I have ever spent in a bathroom was when I was a teenager and sneaking cigarettes although we are talking under an hour and certainly not weeks.)

My family would be more than happy to attest to this matter. I should be noted that my father, brother, and sister are not Scientologists and would have no vested interest in saying otherwise. I did know Alan Waiters quite well but at no time did he talk me out of a bathroom in my parents home or any other bathroom. In fact Alan Waiters has never talked me out of any room nor have I locked myself in any room for any unusual amount of time...

Griffin, Ellen -- OT levels -- cancer

Ellen Griffin died of breast cancer on OT VII. She was a Class VI auditor and an FSM

Halliday, Otis & Betty -- cancer

I knew both Betty and Otis Halliday in 1968-9. They had a successful franchise in Houston, Texas. I once visited them there. Otis did die of cancer, but I did not hear it was sudden. Of course, cancer can appear to kill quickly because it may not be found until it has spread out of control. No one ever said the Org was trying to take over his franchise though, of course, it's very possible.

Hancock, Adam -- accidental shooting

A Delphi grad shot himself - by accident with gun loaded with blanks at a Scn acting class. He is a paraplegic now and church tried to get his wife to get all his money and disconnect from him.

Harman, Isobel -- psychosis

Isobel Harman went to St. Hill for OT levels. She had been on staff in Melbourne in the early days and then in Adelaide. She was energetic, competent and very knowledgeable. She returned from St. Hill after being sent home while still on OT 2. She appeared to be completely disoriented and irrational. "She" was missing. The condition calmed and she is living quietly but according to her husband, Ray, the real person is "still not there."

Hartwell, Adell -- neglect

Adell Hartwell was promised by recruiters to be given special auditing and proper medical care for her illness. No treatment was given, and her condition was growing progressively worse. One day I worked without eating. It was 102 degrees in the shade: By five-thirty I just got deathly ill, and I told them I had to leave. And I staggered quite a ways . . . . I fell in the ditch; it was like I was drunk. Another time I complained I had to go home because I wasn't being treated. I was thin and bleeding and in quite severe pain, and they took me right in and put me on the Meter. The next night they had us scrubbing the barn; we started at six o'clock and we scrubbed that barn until four o'clock in the morning. Anybody that ran a fever was immediately put out of commission. But anybody that was ill and not running a fever, they were made fun of and ridiculed.

Hautek, Sheila Marsh -- Correction -- cancer

Sheila Marsh Hautek was involved in a credit card scam and also was allegedly coerced into buying auditing when she had cancer cysts. Apparently what is called the "Hubbard Executive Secretary" ran up her credit card bills to keep getting more auditing while they knew she had cancer. She died during auditing. SHE MAY HAVE DIED. THIS IS NOT KNOWN.

Hester, Jim -- suicide

Jim Hester, Miami, Florida

Howie, Bill -- psychosis

Bill Howie, on OT3. He was a high level, long term Sea org executive. His wife was the deputy CO of Celebrity center.

Hubbard, L. Ron -- psychosis

L. Ron Hubbard became psychotic while auditing on OT3, and had many other psychotic episodes according to defector affidavits.

L. Ron Hubbard threatened to commit suicide if one of his girlfriends didn't marry him. Later during his auditing on various levels he went through suicidal periods.

Hubbard, Sara Northrup -- inducement to suicide

Hubbard's second wife, Sara Northrup Hubbard, appears to have been coerced by Hubbard to try to commit suicide to protect his reputation.

Jentzsch, Yvonne -- cancer

I was at CC when Yvonne Gilliam was running it. Heber was hanging around . . . a folk singer. I heard that Hubbard and Scientology wouldn't spend a dime on medical care for her and tried to audit out her cancer and then told her that it would take too much auditing and that it would be easier for her to just leave her body.

A report from a recent defector implies Yvonne actively resisted doing the EOC but was forced to do it. She reportedly was having major problems with her husband, Heber Jentzsch, and with L. Ron Hubbard. Since she was such a popular executive, the EOC may have been politically driven to stop a doubt/PR/security problem in the highest levels of the group.

She died of a tumor in, I think, the brain. She was brought to Flag much too late and was not audible... There was no effort at Flag to force her to have auditing. I know of no problems she was having with her husband or with LRH, but there is no way I could be sure there weren't...

Kaplan, Murray Don -- psychosis

Murray Don Kaplan is a SO member who was deprived of sleep for 72 hours in Edinburgh. He was on OT III and had a psychotic break and was put on "baby watch." It's my evaluation that the sleep deprivation drove him over the edge.

Kapuler, Virginia -- cancer

You might add to your list Virginia Kopuler or Capular who had cancer soon after leaving the ship. As her condition became acute, she went to Mexico to get some help from a Philippine faith healer and while he indicated she had let it get too far, he did some work on people on NOTs in AOLA lives and many of them flocked down. The A/G AOLA was in the process of declaring them, and was reported to have made the remark "she (Virginia) would be better dead than get such healing. We got a by-pass of her from the LRH Comm on the ship so the declare never got done or was soon suspended.

Kretz, Wendy -- cancer

Wendy Kretz or Krentz lived in the Los Angeles area. She was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and chose not to receive chemotherapy, but Scientology auditing instead. Needless to say, the cancer killed her and left her husband with three small children.

Ladd, Andy -- vulnerable and bilked

Andy Ladd gave most of his inherited money to that front group. Concerned Businessmen of America (?) and his background hasn't really prepared him to be able to earn much of a living. He and his wife are vehemently in Scientology.

Larson, Don -- assault

Don Larson was beaten.

Lee, Martha -- psychosis

xxxxx wouldn't tell me very much, because her brother is in such fear, but he apparently went completely mad on Scientology services and had to be institutionalized. His wife (still a Scientologist) divorced him and he lost all rights to his kids. He's recently remarried and is piecing his life together, and is afraid that if he speaks out, he'll jeopardize any future chance of regaining custody of his kids.

Lee, Dr. -- psychosis

Dr. Lee performed some sort of illegal operation on someone for cancer under the direction of the church when he was in Scientology in a motel near Clearwater, Florida. Then he was put on the RPF. He became severely psychotic on the RPF. According to the last report, Lee is living something like a street person, still quite psychotic, in the mountains of San Bernadino, California.

Lewis, Geoff -- psychosis

Geoff Lewis (the actor) became psychotic during auditing.

Lewis, Peter -- psychosis & suicide

Peter Lewis, the ED of the LA ORG, went psychotic and tried to kill himself and was incarcerated by fellow Scientology staff members at a house several blocks from the LA ORG (I believe for several weeks) until he stabilized.

Loughgran, Tom -- Parkinson's disease

Tom Loughgran - right after OT VII he suddenly became ill with Parkinson's Disease- class VIII

Magerowski, Jann Borowski -- psychosis

Jann Borowski Magerowski, NOTs, still on staff at Bsn Organization-Day, has been seeing leprechauns in her apartment for years. She also talks about spaceships like they're an everyday occurrence. Well, I've seen UFOs, too, but she's talking in entirely different, off-the-wall terms. She seems the most stable person in the world when you meet her socially, even on a daily basis. Once she feels that she can trust you, then she starts telling these completely wild tales, in all seriousness. I think she's multiple personality; the two personalities I've seen were immensely likable, but the one who sees leprechauns is a little scary, nevertheless.

I have not received any reply to my letter of April 6, 1994, in which I demanded that you retract the false and slanderous statements which you printed and circulated about my wife, Jann Borowski Magerowski.

As stated in my previous letter, the allegations you made about my wife are completely groundless. I would expect that you would at least have the decency to respond to my letter...

Magerowski, John -- psychotic episodes

I wrote to you on March 23, 1994 concerning false information which you have circulated about me, alleging that I had "psychotic episodes while on auditing." In my letter, I demanded that you retract my name from this document and from any further lists which you may publish...

Manson, Charles -- psychosis

Charles Manson had 150 hours of auditing. The GO hid this information but it showed up in documents seized by the FBI.

Many, Nancy -- child abuse

xxxxx mentioned Nancy Many, who also while on the RPF (which is like the Scientology gulag) gave birth to a baby with respiratory problems.

Mauerer, Phoebe -- inducement to suicide

McKee, (first name unknown) -- cancer

Brown McKee's wife died after trying to treat cancer with NOTs auditing, and waiting too long for adequate medical care.

Miscavige, (first name unknown) -- suicide

David Miscavige's sister, who was an OT7, committed suicide.

Miscavige, Ron (David Miscavige's father) -- depression

Ron Miscavige, OT7, married to Loretta Miscavige (an auditor and nurse), suffers deep depression from behind closed doors. He seems happy and jovial in the ideal Scientology character, but he suffers quite a bit from depression.

Ron Miscavige was charged with assault and rape in his home town in Michigan. Allegedly, David brought in the church's legal team and muscle to handle the situation. He was not tried. Ron Miscavige is a staff member who also suffers from severe depression.

Morris, Debby -- cancer

Debby Morris -- breast cancer on OT VII -- class IV auditor

Myersdorf, Sandra -- cancer

GO member died of cancer in her 40's. Medical neglect of staff member suspected.

Newton, Chuck -- vulnerable and bilked

Chuck Newton gave nearly all his money to Scientology, even traded his Jaguar XKE to Alan Walter, and Alan used the mission's commission slips to let Chuck get auditing in LA. We were convinced by Richard Stewart (the great financial expert . . . . HA!) and by ASHO, AOLA, and Flag, to embezzle farm income and give it to Flag for services. No, they didn't use the word "embezzle."

They said, "Take control of your money," and "manage your flows." We nearly ended up in major trouble for that, once the money was gone and we discovered that we'd done something illegal. I don't recall the names of any of the regs involved. It was only about $17,000, but we had a very difficult time setting things right once we realized the illegality . . . we'd already given everything else to Scientology.

Payton, Vicki -- threatened suicide

Vicki Payton or Fayton - told me she was considering dropping her body after the Key to Life Course. She is OT V and ex-Sea Organization. She was "given a wrong indication" in a Flag Ethics cycle. AOLA audited her for a year after her husband wrote up a complaint and sent it up lines. She divorced her husband and left her job after Key to Life.

Peterson, John -- attempted murder

An attempt was made on the life of John Peterson, formerly one of Scientology's leading attorneys.

Pignotti, Monica -- Correction -- psychosis

IN THE JAN 3 MAILING MONICA WAS LISTED AS AN ATTEMPTED SUICIDE. THIS WAS F.A.C.T.net's ERROR. Her affidavit refers to psychotic episodes while on the RPF ("complete nervous breakdown") but not attempted suicide.

Pinion, Spanky -- child abuse

Spanky Pinion specifically mentioned that while she was on the RPF, she had a three pound baby. She had it rushed to the hospital. The medical officer said to tell the hospital that she was indigent so that Scientology wouldn't have to pay the bill. It was a Medicare fraud issue. Spanky believes the reasons for the study on miscarriages, also mentioned earlier in this list, was done because Scientology would not spend any money on prenatal care and was working staff day and night, not feeding them, and putting them under such extreme stress. And that was why they were having so many problems with staff members babies.

Price, Ellen -- cancer

Ellen Price --- Meagan Shields thought she had very suspicious breast condition Ellen was in a co-audit for FPRD - class VI, ex - staff auditor, OT IV. I am very (the word very was underlined a couple of times) concerned about Ellen. She didn't want to check out the condition with a mammogram and was trying cleanses to deal with it.

Prueher, Terry N. -- attempted murder

Although he did not die, Terry N. Prueher was told Scientology had a contract on him and was later involved in a shooting where a bullet grazed his forehead.

Toni Przybylski -- psychotic episodes

Your organization has defamed me by stating in a publication that I "had psychotic episodes while on auditing." I wrote to your organization on March 23, 1994 and demanded a retraction of this wholly false and unfounded statement, but I have received no response.

Moreover, I have learned recently that you continue to promote and sell the document containing this lie -- and that you now do so not only with the use of the U.S. mail but also through the F.A.C.T.net and Internet computer bulletin board systems...


Riddel, Betty -- child abuse & purification rundown

Betty Riddel is still a loyal Scientologist in the Organization. In the early 80's (dating is not reliable) she went to Flag. She had promised her son some of her time for a long time. She asked him to go to the US and they would have a holiday. When he arrived he had been enrolled in a course with money borrowed in his name. At some time after finding this out he left and came home. He was worried about debt and felt betrayed. He went "mad" and began beating his father and screaming at him to read Dianetics etc.

His father was and is retired due to illness and maintains the family home. He couldn't be handled at home in his violence and was put in a mental hospital, let out drugged and has had return visits to the hospital as an inmate. Their young daughter also despairing of attention and of constant breaking of agreements to outings and time together when in early teens began taking drugs and became a heroin addict.

She was brought to me for a day when 'at her best' by a friend. She put all the light globes on the roof and without undies did handstands in front of guests. She was in the habit of running naked in the streets and stealing alcohol, etc., etc. She told me she had begun to eat her bedroom and when calm talked as a very young child walking around the house crooning to a teddy bear. Before the drugs she had the condition of being unable to eat (I have forgotten the label). At school she had excelled. Both young people had been constantly pushed to do courses or to have auditing. I don't know what they had had apart from the Purification Rundown.

Roberts, John -- death

Purification Rundown John Roberts became comatose and died while on the purification rundown at East Grinstead.

Robertson (first name unknown) -- psychosis

An individual named Robertson shot DMSO into himself while psychotic.

Rosenblum, Ann -- psychosis-

Ann Rosenblum became psychotic while on the RPF.

Rubineck, Brian -- death

xxxxx reported that a Brian Rubineck died. He was a former guardian office member.

Running Bear, Arthur -- intentional distress

Reverse auditing was done on Arthur Running Bear. He did become psychotic from the auditing.

Russow, Lola and Bert -- psychotic episodes

I wrote to you on 26 July 1994, demanding that you take immediate action to remove any reference to my parents, Lola and Ben Rossouw, from your flyer and from your computerized bulletin board service.

I am hereby reiterating my demand that you take immediate action to remove the false information on my parents from your published materials and computerized bulletin board service...

Sams, Jan -- child abuse

Jan Sams from Dallas had a deformed baby while in the Sea Organization.

Seffers, Van -- Purification Rundown -- death

Van Seffers died on the purification rundown. This is a new report since the Jan. 3 mailing that reported Van died at Flag or on his return to Europe.

Schnehager, Quentin -- suicide

Quentin Schnehager, a Copenhagen staff member, hung himself just before a Sea Org mission was to arrive in his organization.

Another report says this name should be spelled "Schnehage."

Smith, Homer -- psychosis

Homer Smith states that he became psychotic on the solo OT levels, but he said he was auditing these on his own as a renegade, outside of Scientology. This could point again to the danger of using these materials when people are in trance state and it is suggested to them that they are "more than one person."

Smith, Rita and Crane, Steven -- suicide

Rita Smith and Steven Craine (or Crane) are reported to have committed suicide at East Grinstead.

Stein, Barry -- psychotic episodes

I received your severely unacceptable form letter response to my request that you delete my name from your mailings and bulletin board service

I am sure that you are well aware that accusing someone of having psychotic episodes is a severe and libelous defamation of character, and that you have done so with absolutely no provocation whatsoever on my part - we have never met nor have we had any mutual dealings of any kind...

Stouffer, Mary -- cancer

GO member died of cancer in her 40's. Mary Stouffer was the assistant guardian in the Sacramento Organization. Staff medical negligence suspected.

Tate, Jill (Higgins) -- possible child abuse

Jill Tate (Higgins) has 4 or 5 kids. She was pregnant with twins and miscarried one in the last few months.

V*******, Eric -- vulnerable and bilked

[Full name removed on request of Eric. Click here for more info]

Every cent of his inheritance to Scientology. He should never have left psychiatric care.

Vilinsky, Phil -- purification rundown death

Phil Vilinsky died at the La Quinta in Florida. Actually during auditing, the auditor didn't know what to do. Apparently, Scientology failed to relate exactly how he died to the family; they created some sort of shore story. But, he was on the purification rundown when this happened. xxxxx is aware of this situation, and it is believed that xxxxx is aware of a lot more deaths and situations like this.

Phil Valinski died during auditing at La Quinta in California. Scientology withheld information from his family, according to reports.

Voorhies, Dave -- psychosis

Janna Moreillan who is in Seattle and a class 8 auditor since the 50s, is somehow connected to Dave Voorhies. He previously lived in Seattle, Washington and was drugged with Thorazine and told it was vitamins when he was going psychotic on OT 3.

Dave Voorhies, in Seattle, Washington, became psychotic on OT3 and was given Thorazine which the Scientologists told him was vitamin B.

Wakefield, Margery -- psychosis & neglect

I tried to do this for many years: I sat in my room, and did everything as I had been trained to do. What I actually believed I was doing was talking to these "demons" and convincing them to go away. When doing this auditing I experienced a number of really weird things.

I started getting incredible headaches. In addition, I started to have terrible nightmares, and I would wake up in the middle of the night just sweating and shaking with terror. I was getting sicker by the day. I had to call up my doctor, who was himself on 0T 3 at the time, because I was getting so sick.

I really thought I was going to die. I finally begged for some help. I was sent in to see a man called the Director of Processing. He told me I needed an even higher level of auditing than OT 3 to cure my problem. This was called New Era Dianetics for 0T's (NED for 0T's for short).

Their plan worked fairly well. For the first few weeks after I arrived in Madison, I was totally psychotic. I was in terrible mental pain for weeks. I fully believed that, not having completed NED for OT's successfully, I would probably die or be taken over by the demons. I felt like I was, literally, fighting for my mind. I went through unendurable and indescribable agonies.

I was in a complete state of shock. I could not deal with what had happened to me. My mind just wouldn't function at all. I couldn't understand anything that was written for a period of time. When I would listen to the television or radio, I would hear the words, but it was as if it were a foreign language. Conceptually, my mind would not interpret the sounds.

Welch, Bruce -- psychosis

Bruce Welch was locked up on the Apollo for weeks after he became psychotic.

Wollersheim, ??? (Lawrence's father) -- heart attack

Lawrence Wollersheim believes that Scientology harassment was a major factor in his father's heart attack.

Wollersheim, Lawrence -- attempted suicide

Lawrence Wollersheim attempted suicide immediately after receiving L-12 and other upper level auditing.

Wright, Alan -- uncertain

There are two Alan Wrights. One is very well and successful as a Ron's Organization teacher. The other one signed papers, and his house was taken from him. All his money was sitting with a meter and all available materials that had been sold to him and he said, as I remember, that he couldn't have the services he'd paid for as he was an illegal PC. Some of the materials and the meter were brought to me to care for. xxxxx was concerned at the conditions that he was living in and the fact that he appeared suicidal.



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