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Harry Palmer



JANUARY, 1991, DAY 10

By Harry Palmer


I don't know how to start.

QuackWhat I'm going to talk to you about today tends to be a very controversial sort of subject. It can evoke a lot of reaction.

Just screw up your courage. That's me talking to me!

It's the subject of disembodied beings or, I think a better word is, entities.

I guess the best way to start this is to reach out and feel the arm of the person next to you. Just actually touch it.

What does that tell you? Does it really give you any information about the person next to you? Or does it only tell you that there is a physical, biological organism in the chair?

Here's another question: does the idea you have of yourself match what you see in a mirror?

The point is that the most essential aspects of a being cannot be described by the color of hair, skin or the size of the body they carry around. A being is something different from a body.

Now, what if the body and the being were separated? This has happened to some people--out-of-body experiences. It happens quite commonly in dreams. It happens on the body handle rundown in Avatar. Sometimes it happens in near-death experiences.

At any rate, the only reason we hear about it happening is that the being who experienced it comes back and picks up the body and manages the movements of a mouth and a set of vocal cords to form the sounds that we hear and label with meaning. And we think, "How strange, this chap was out of his head!"

Well, what if he hadn't of come back? What if he just let the body die? How then would he communicate with other beings? Or would he just be forever alone, out of touch, until he identified with another body? Is it possible he could communicate by some means of thought transference?

Do you see where we're headed? Communication with the dead? Ghosts! Contact with the spirit world? Do we dare risk the ridicule? Sure!

Communication with entities is not a new skill, but a very ancient one. For centuries many cultures have considered that we are surrounded by the spirits of those with whom we have interacted at one time or another--both the friendly spirits of our revered ancestors and friends as well as the tormented spirits of the unforgiving and the unforgiven.

Many rituals and ceremonies have been invented to either court the favor of these disembodied spirits or to drive them away.

The EGYPTIAN BOOK OF THE DEAD and later THE TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD are manuals of instructions meant to be read to the recently deceased to prepare them for the spirit world.

The Indian medicine men, Shamans, as well as many other healers, have treated diseases by communication with helpful spirits and exorcism of evil spirits.

In almost any primitive society you examine you will find some kind of formal etiquette for dealing with disembodied spirits. It's absolutely fascinating. The etiquettes differ, but the remarkable thing is that these widely scattered and unrelated cultures all felt a need to recognize the existence--to respect the existence--of disembodied beings. Entities.

In the Philippines and throughout Southern Asia the disembodied spirit is often invited back into the ancestral home and provided with a carved figurine to occupy. This custom of providing the departed with a figurine or some favored object to occupy is frequently found in ancient cultures.

The modem custom of naming things in honor of someone who has departed-roads, schools, buildings, etc.-is probably a remnant of this courtesy.

It is only in industrial societies, where there is a great concern for the material and physical, that the subject of a spiritual afterlife or the possibility of our lives being influenced by non-physical entities is ignored.


In the 15th century the wizard-alchemist was searching for an orderly arrangement by which to understand the universe-some sort of understanding grid that could be imposed upon the universe to permit the recognition and exploration of the blueprint of existence.

In his study, he observed that every material manifestation--be it a rock, a single cell, a human body, or a galaxy--appeared to have an immaterial spiritual aspect. So he determined the primary division of universal order was the spiritual (awareness) and the material (physicality).

Then, with an insight that is still not fully understood but is apparently accurate, the wizard-alchemist divided the material universe into seven major planes of energy beginning with the super-condensed energy wave we recognize as particles--liquids, solids and gases--and ending with the energy field we call awareness. He further divided each of the seven major planes into seven sub-planes for a total of 49 categories of material manifestation. You'll find the major levels in your materials.

Now since he considered that every manifestation was the product of its unmanifest spiritual counterpart, he divided the spirit realm into seven corresponding major levels, each with seven corresponding sub-levels. On the lowest plane of the spiritual realm were the mineral spirits. These were the souls of atoms and molecules, and their singular, unchanging assertion of one viewpoint determined the predictable attraction and repulsion that particles have for each other. This "insistence of rightness" is the bottom rung of spiritual depravity. This is the black cinder, mentioned in CREATIVISM, that denies responsibility and shrivels from the lack of self-honesty.

On the highest plane, the seventh sub-level of the seventh level, is the Avatar. In between are all the evolutionary levels of spiritual beings--the stages of the wheel--each being identifying and separating from some sublevel of materiality until the experience is integrated and the being moves on.

Thus ALL-THAT-IS can be understood as a composition of the 98 categories--49 material and 49 spiritual.

The 99th category contains the 98 categories. It is the undefined awareness from which ALL-THAT-IS arises. Ninety-nine is the number of SOURCE. The divine unity. God.

This was the secret significance of the number 99 to the wizards-alchemists. It was the secret password to the inner sanctum of enlightenment.

The Catholic Church represented (1) the material, (2) the interaction of material and spiritual, and (3) the spiritual as the trinity: the father, the son and the holy ghost. Man is the son--the interaction of the material and the spiritual.

(Reference: Descent of Awareness Scale)

When the spirit or soul-being drops the body, it does not automatically return to the unity of pure undefined awareness. Usually it is burdened with memories and definitions acquired from its interactions with the material universe and rises no higher on the Descent of Awareness Scale than the level of Personal Identity. It continues to define itself, often with an illusionary body (a thought-body), but it can only recall sensation. (Ed. note: These are the shell bodies that show up to be discreated on the Body Handle Rundown. They are resisted memories of sensations rather than present time perception of sensation. They are often the source of chronic conditions.)

Sometimes the soul-being dramatizes a resisted experience and uses its thought-body to replay the experience until it can be integrated. This is your ghost dragging itself again and again through some experience that it will not appreciate nor admit responsibility for.

Only the Avatar and other such enlightened beings return readily to a high state of awareness after physical death. Most beings are so thoroughly identified with their material expressions that they "follow the body down," meaning they mentally shut down when the physical organism shuts down. They go into a restless slumber and the traumatic, unappreciated events of their lives replay over and over as nightmarish dreams. In time, the dreams will accomplish a spiritual healing and the being will re-awaken and queue up for another lifetime. If the soul-being is particularly fortunate, it'll wind up with Avatar Masters for parents.

If it weren't for the telepathic factor, which I'll discuss next, it would probably be just as well to let slumbering beings lie.


The word telepathy was coined in 1882 by an English writer named F.W. Myers. He used the word to describe communications which occurred between minds without following the normal sensory channels.

In the Avatar materials, telepathy refers to the transmission or broadcast of energy from one consciousness to another through the medium of awareness. Here's how it works. The action of thinking or of dreaming sets up a ripple of psychic energy that moves through the foundational awareness below ordinary consciousness. But with practice and by keeping a still mind, a being can tune into this transmission of psychic energy and consciously reconstruct the thinking or dreaming that was the source of the transmission. One can even learn, as you will soon experience, to transmit an amplified psychic energy signal tuned to the vibratory pattern created by the emotion and attitude of a specific being.

Intention is to telepathy what words are to spoken communication.

When beings are in close proximity or are focused on the same reality, their vibratory patterns, like the tuning forks, begin to match creating telepathic connection. This telepathic psychic energy transmission exists as a mental activity whether a person is deliberately conscious of it or not.

And this is the problem: semi-comatose entities are mindlessly attracted to vibrational patterns momentarily similar to their own, and whenever they are disturbed or grow restless, they begin to transmit their memory of the traumatic experiences by which they are trapped. These transmissions can become a source of secondary default creation in the receiving being. They can create mysterious and even deadly events, conditions and circumstances for the receiving being.

Beings in bodies--beings being bodies--go to extraordinary efforts to create a mental barrier against the conscious recognition of telepathic transmissions. You will see this in the wild collection of secondaries that appears when you make the primary, "I am telepathic."

As an aside and to answer someone's question, children do tend to be naturally aware of telepathic transmission. Many imaginary friends, I suspect, are not as imaginary as one might imagine. The later resistance that develops, in the form of creations to suppress the awareness of telepathic transmissions, comes about as one learns that some of these inner messages have a depressingly anti-social or even gruesomely violent character. Many guilt feeling can arise from the confusion of one's own thoughts with the telepathic intentions transmitted by entities.


Human beings can and do create entities frequently. Usually the process starts by assigning a name to something or even someone. When it is assigned to someone, it becomes an identity, but-and this opens a world of insights--the identity is not under the creative control of the person or animal to which it is assigned. When it is assigned to a thing, such as a car or a doll, it creates a mental perception of an inanimate object as being alive.

Some people say that we create entities by abandoning responsibility for our own attention. We put our attention on something, and then we momentarily disown the attention to create an excitement. And, just like with the birth of a higher biological organism, this birth of a being is most effective when a second person also places and disowns some attention on the same thing. Now each parent-being perceives some creating energy in the new entity that he or she didn't put there.

And the attention stays in the creation and actually continues to exist as a "being synthesized from attention." It does this as long as it can attract more attention from the higher order of "awareness-generated beings" or divine beings (sometimes called the sons of God--sons, in this instance, meaning spiritual offspring rather than biological gender).

Many, if not most, human bodies are under the direction of a synthesized entity. When synthesized beings die, they die forever. They intuitively know this, and even when affirming some religious belief, they have no real interest in personal afterlife matters. Acquiring admiration, approval, and/or attention is their only interest. Rarely will they exhibit a voluntary interest in doing Avatar. If they do show up on course they generally dis-integrate into a psychotic break.

A synthetic entity in charge of a body can be deposed-actually discreated--at any time, quietly and without fuss, by an aware being! The new being may arrive as a "walk-in" or it may awaken from the ranks of the semi-comatose telepathic beings. This change of guard is accompanied in the consciousness of the organism by a rapid dawning of spiritual awareness.

The semi-comatose telepathic entities that you will be addressing are usually found in a proportional mixture of aware entities who have been overwhelmed and are healing, and synthetic entities who are unconscious and fading from a lack of attention. It won't take you long to recognize the difference. Both communicate telepathically, but the former communicates with intention and sensation, and the latter communicates with thoughts.

The entities created from awareness can be contacted and telepathically taught to discreate the resisted experiences they are trapped in. At some point in working with them, you will experience them as either leaving your space or integrating with your higher-self "I." Synthetic entities, on the other hand, are handled by the same procedures you would use to handle an identity.

If you have been thorough in handling identities in part IV of Wizards, most of what you will not encounter are aware entities in various degrees of overwhelm.

There isn't really any great liability if you confuse an aware entity for a synthetic entity. The bottom line is that a synthetic entity can be discreated, but it can't discreate. An aware entity can't be discreated, but it can discreate.


A telepathic entity is being some facet of a resisted experience; it's so totally identified that it has lost all sense of itself as separate or creator. In a sense, it has integrated itself with the physical rather than the spiritual. It can think it's a hair or a leg or an entire body. If you were to rouse one of these entities and say, "What are you?" It might answer, "I'm a sword in the side."

That's its identity. It's creating it, and it's being it. And if it's impinging on your body, you probably have some chronic pain in the side. You probably wondered to yourself, "Why would my side hurt? Gee, it feels like, a sword was stuck right there."

Well, really it's not, but that's the telepathic sensation that this entity is broadcasting, and you're on his wave length.

The only creation involved is your reaction to the sensation being transmitted.

I would not hazard a guess as to how many people have died from their reactions to a telepathically communicated intention or sensation. In time, the discovery will be made that many of our diseases are actually "reaction diseases" and more research will focus on discovering What communication or intention could create such a reaction. Take AIDS, for instance: what telepathic intention would cause a person to react by shutting down his or her immune system? Take cancer: what telepathic intention would cause a person to react by creating rampant cell division?

The things that we're now dealing with are other being's failures to integrate some experience. In a way, we're an awareness mop-up crew. We just need to reassure some frightened beings whose bodies were hacked to pieces or blown to smithereens that it's not that serious of an affair.

On the whole, telepathic entities are not bright beings. They are out the bottom as far as confront and awareness are concerned. They don't think. They don't reason. But fortunately, they will follow directions if you are pleasantly firm and persistent.

Telepathic entities have lost their will to exist. It might be better to think of them in terms of a small section of recording tape that plays the same message over and over.

When a telepathic entity is awakened by a nudge of neutral attention, it transmits telepathically what it's being. If it's being a resistance to a musket ball in the head, it transmits that. And again, if you're not aware of whether you are receiving information from a reacting mode or a telepathic mode, you may translate the transmission into a pain in your own head. "Gee, this headache feels like my head was shot off"

Really, you will hear people say that. Talk with someone, get them to throw away all their medical terms and doctor-speak and ask them how it feels. They'll say things like, "Feels just like someone hit me with a club."

Often you can just let them experience the pain and run them through the steps of the CHP. In effect, because the entity is in telepathic contact with them, you get them to unwittingly run a partial universe handle on the entity, and the pain appears to discreate. Sometimes it does, and sometimes the entity just goes back to sleep. The sensations, thoughts, and feelings that continually reappear in our lives come from these telepathic entities.

They're often found stuck on, in or near a body. They can be found in man-made objects. They're the source of chronic conditions that hitchhike on you. You may discover an entity that's being a bullet hole, or a wound, or burned all over. And every time something nudges them into life, they start to broadcast. Their attitude, when they're not doping off, is very serious. "Duh, duh, dub, huh, what? I'm on fire!"

They're a little bit like an unmanned satellite that operates in a nearly shut down mode waiting for some signal from ground control to begin transmitting.

People trying to treat chronic conditions with drugs or surgery are trying to heal something that really isn't theirs at all. It would be like your trying to achieve silence by telling me to shut up. Someday soon, when the world is ready for it, there will be an Avatar healing course to train Wizards to counsel people about entities and how to handle them.

The real trick to handling an entity is to give it a dispassionate instruction. Getting angry at them just causes them to fall back to sleep. You handle them from neutral attention by telepathic intention. You intend them to act.

In this instance, an intention is a sustained activity--it doesn't have to be in words or repeated. It's sustained and takes very little effort. It's like holding a ball; once you pick the ball up you continue to support it. Once you direct an intention at an entity, you just continue to support it until the entity does as you intend.

There are more detailed instructions in your pack materials.

A good method that I don't think you'll find in the packs is to intend to the entity, "appreciate what you are being." This will actually start the entity to expand to the outermost limits of the creation. You just sustain the intention, "appreciate what you are being." The entity will pop right out of the creation. You'll sense a shift in perspective and a shift in attitude. It's a sensation resembling the feeling one gets from a good stretch. When that happens, the only other intention you send the entity is, "cease creating it."

Just these two intentions directed at an entity and sustained with a pleasant insistence will resolve his situation and better yours: "appreciate what you are being," and when appropriate, "cease creating it."

Give your body an hour or so to adjust and if the chronic condition is still there, look for another entity. Sometimes there are quite a few.

Drugs and alcohol tend to sensitize a person to the telepathic transmissions of entities. The Indians of the Southwest have been known to use mescaline compounds to not only converse with entities, but to see them! They appear as thin ghosts that are doing the same thing over and over.


There's just one last thing. If anybody thought they could get off Source and say something like, "It's not my creation, I'm not responsible," let me remind you that one of the abilities of Source is that it can create outside sources.

Maybe it seems inconceivable that you created an entity to cause the cells of your body to turn against you, but I assure you that on some currently existing level of awareness that is exactly what you are doing. And now you have a way to handle it.


A paradigm is a structuring of observations to account for and explain the experiences of life. There are many, many paradigms. Each is as~ good and useful as it serves a being in accomplishing or understanding whatever it is he wishes to accomplish or understand.

The entity material we're talking about is a paradigm because it explains and allows us to accomplish certain things. When you're using this paradigm, you'll be able to explain many of the things you see in new terms and with a new understanding.

Enjoy playing with your new paradigm.



In the secret "upper levels" of the Scientology cult these entities are called "BodyThetans(tm)". Harry Palmer, who has been a dedicated Scientologist for 15 years, practiced BodyThetan exorcism for years. He borrowed most of the above from these silly "upper levels", including the methods on how to get rid of them.