The Wizard Course

The Wizard Course is Avatar's top product. Yes, a product, sold by Star's Edge International. The last part of the "Wiz" deals with the thousands of Entities inside you and how to exorcize them.

Before the Wizard course: Or else... you will get sick. Or worse.

Seems to me Avatar has something to hide, like this:


    A being who radiates neutral attention is the spiritual counterpart of a sun that radiates light. In the mind of such a being, ignorance, intolerance, and the criminally indoctrinated insanities of societies find no dark corners in which to hide.

    Such a being may be regarded as a true Avatar. As more and more Avatars are awakened, this planetary prison is successively transformed from a battleground into a playground, into an elite finishing schools, into a safe home, and into an enlightened planetary civilization.

    In the non-Avatar human, the source of this natural radiation of neutral attention is asleep. In its place is the harsh reality of desires and resistances created from attention contaminated with painful memories, indiscretions, self-serving judgements, and bad intentions. This is the dark suffering of the proud and ignorant.

    Wizards have the power to transform this dark existence into the golden dawn of an enlightened planetary civilization. It is happening now.

    The primary purpose of the new Section V materials is to empower you, to awaken you to the actual phenomena that paradigms are created to explain. Hopefully, through your own awakening, you will accelerate the expanding awakening of the world. Welcome Wizards!

Laughing out loadSurely you haven't forgotten, dear reader, that all this will be achieved by babbling to your own Entities. But if so, no problem. The top-secret "new" Avatar exorcism method will be explained to you in detail in the chapter The New Avatar Possessive Spirit Exorcism Procedure.