Milk Bottle

Why people fail on the courses

(From the original Master's Course)

Harry Palmer
Avatar students who are exhibiting excessive pride and vanity for occupying a socially favorable pole of an identity pattern, or who are wallowing in degradation and shame for occupying a socially unfavorable pole of an identity pattern, have made the least gains.

Most, and probably all, of the refunds given to dissatisfied students have gone to this small group. Without any particular efforts on the part of their Masters, the students were coaxed by the Avatar materials towards the unknown that they had spent a lifetime creating in order to deny the opposite pole of their asserted identities.

Usually, at the point of entering this self-created unknown or denial zone, they have gone into disagreement with the Avatar procedure, Harry Palmer, Star's Edge, the Master, or something else.

Milk Bottle It's easier to project your own dark nature onto something or someone else rather than to meet it head on.

Harry Palmer