Avatar cult threats to Valerie Emanuel

From      : Valerie Emanuel
Date      : 2000/06/21
Newsgroup : alt.religion.scientology

The stuff referred to in this e-mail has been up for over two years;
suddenly they write me. Go figure.


and look for the link to "Avatar, bastard child of Scientology".

What the heck is a "legal liaison"?


Star's Edge International wrote:

Re: Defamation of Character

Dear Valerie,

Let me introduce myself, I am one of the legal liaison between Star's Edge Inc. (SE) and Baker & Botts, L.L.P. I am responsible for coordinating SE legal activities in the areas of defamation and intellectual property infringement.

In that capacity, I am contacting you as the first step in process of due diligence to ask that you to immediately remove the Eldon Braun posting on your website of the article, "Avatar, the Bastard Child of Scientology." ("Braun article").

On information and belief, the "Braun article" contains many inaccuracies, but moreover, and more to the point, the conclusions it draws are blatantly and intentionally defamatory of Mr. Palmer. Your continued posting of the "Braun article" entitles us, if necessary, to seek relief and damages from the Court.

It is our hope that you will comply with our request and that we can both avoid the cost of what could be a lengthy legal action.

If you are uncomfortable responding to this matter via email, I will be glad to send you the above by certified mail. Currently, we do not have your address.

Miken Chappell
SE Legal Liasion

PS On a related matter, the photo you are using of Mr. Palmer is the copyright property of the Avatar Journal. We also ask that you remove this photo.

CC: Patrick Neal, Esquire, S.E. Legal archives, Mr. Harry Palmer

The article "Avatar, bastard child of Scientology" has been removed from Valerie's site (checked on January 26, 2005). It has been online at avatarcult.info since that removal.