Types of Entities (Spirits of the Dead)

So..., how does he do it? Are you ready to kick out some Entities / Body Thetans now? You aren't afraid of Mr. Palmer's "no pay, get sick" warning? That's a good sign. :)

OK then, the first thing you need to know is which types of Entities there are. Mr. Palmer isn't very clear on this. In the wizard lecture Entities, in full available as a webpage on this web site, he's talking about "Telepatic Entities" and "Synthetic Entities". You can read there what he means by it.

In the Wizard Course itself however he talks about "Elementals" and "Troublesome Entities".

On the Elementals, an article by Manly P. Hall is quoted. Elementals seem to be easier to remove than the troublesome guys and gals inside us. Probably that's the reason Mr. Palmer finds it sufficient to quote Mr. Hall.

   Harry's Note

    The Paracelsus article by Manly P. Hall is given to you for purposes of multidimensionalizing this subject. Our approach to entities allows for them to be either elementals created by the excesses of man or departed spirits that are still attached to the physical plane. Whatever their origin, it is wise to treat them with the same care and respect you would extend to any being.

I must admit that Avatar is kinder to its Entities than Scientology is to their BodyThetans. Scientology has, for example, a secret "technique" called the "Thetan Hand". It describes how to use your hand as a knife to cut them out. I guess that Mr. Palmer saw the terrible wounds this caused as a Scientologist. :)

The Troublesome Entities get more personal attention from Mr. Palmer. That's understandable, since they are the main cause of all the problems on this planet. Once they are all back in their own "cocoon" outside your body, Earth will be freed of wars, crime and insanity. Here's what our top exorcist has to say about them:

   Troublesome Entities (Earthbound Spirits)

    In this particular paradigm, the description troublesome entity or Earthbound spirit is applied to a being who has departed the physical plane but still has attention fixed on physical concerns. They have not yet begun their life review.

    You are primarily dealing with the entities of the lower astral plane region who are still attached by their fixed attention to the physical plane. Their beam of attention into the physical plane keeps them from completely entering into an astral thought-cocoon where they might integrate the events of their life. They still resist. They still want. They still struggle with matters that rightly should occupy only a physically incarnate being. In their own aberrant way, they are still trying to survive the experience of dying.

    As you know, if you fix attention on something long enough and strong enough, you become it. This is identification. This is the predicament of these entities. They are being the sensation that their attention was fixed on in physical planes. They cannot move on to higher self or retreat into the integrative sleep that blesses the beings who have put the physical behind them. They are trapped.

    The troubles they cause you can be anything from random twitches to chronic pains to obsessive desires to full-fledged possessions. Their obessive identification undermines your will. They can cause a prolongation of an event, a condition, or a mental state, often to the point of turning it into a chronic affair.

    They can be an old injury, a pain, an emotional trauma, a feeling, an attitude, a recurring thought, a desire, a compulsion, a repulsion, an impulse, a body part, a malfunctioning organ, a deformity, an argument, an unreasonable fear, etc. They can literally be any sensation that you can perceive directly by consciousness.

    Any sensation that you are experiencing that is not the result of direct sensory input through a sensory channel or is not your deliberate spontaneous creation is suspect.

Since these guys can be anything, it's handy to have some sort of a "stable datum". This to give you at least an idea of what you're dealing with:

   Three Types of Troublesome Entities

    For the sake of simplifying the ranks and phyla of troublesome entities, group them in the following three categories:
  1. emanating entities,
  2. desiring and resisting entities,
  3. obsessing and deceiving entities.
    Emanating entities are broadcasting a sensation (an emotion, a pain, a feeling, a thought, or an attitude) that your astral self confuses for its own. This misownership is then reflected in your physical body. Emanating entities may be animated fragments of past events or thoughtforms such as the elementals that Paracelsus describes, or they maybe disincarnate spirits that still have their attention fixed in a physical plane life trauma.

    Desiring and resisting entities are exerting an influence via your astral body upon your physical plane behavior. They are trying to fulfill some physical desire or to continue some physical resistance that they became habituated to in life. If you are so unfortunate as to follow their lead, you will also become habituated. Sharing the stimulation from your (their) habit feeds and strengthens them. Entities intensify your desire to continue a habitual action. They can eventually undermine your control completely, and you lose control of life.

    Obsessing and deceiving entities are trying to finish a plan or purpose they left incomplete in life. They actually attempt to blanket your astral body with their own. Identities are confused. They manipulate your behavior by creating feelings of dissatisfaction. When you feel obsessively driven to defeat something or achieve something, the motivation may be coming from obsessing entities. Your struggle is the stimulation they are feeding on. You will never achieve success or satisfaction, because it is the struggle that their attention is fixed on. Just before you succeed, you sabotage yourself. Obsessing entities are responsible for most self-destructive behavior.

    These categories are presented for your understanding. Processing an entity with the new Entity Handling Procedure (EHP) does not require that you priorly discern the category to which an entity belongs. As you process them, their category will be apparent.

For clarity: processing means exorcizing. So he is really saying:


Exorcizing a Spirit of the Dead with the new Avatar exorcism method does not require that you priorly discern the category to which a Spirit belongs. As you exorcize them, their category will be apparent.

Hmm... to be fair, I'm not too happy with this. Amateur exorcists will communicate with something they hardly know a thing about. On the other hand it's not just anyone saying this. We are being taught by a professional necromancer who removed thousands of them as a top-level Scientologist.