Too many Entities appear with the "old" exorcism method

Before Mr. Palmer introduced "his" new Avatar exorcism method in 1997, Wizards used an older method, called the "Creation Handling Procedure (CHP)".

The Creation Handling Procedure is already taught in the Avatar course (Section Three) to beginning Avatars but... with no mention of Entities. There it's being presented as a "powerfull tool for exploring ones consciousness". Our always modest Master Wizard presents the CHP thusly:

 The Avatar walks the path from consciousness to existence;

the Buddha walks the path from existence to consciousness. To manage existence, one must learn to walk first as a Buddha and then as the Avatar.

The CREATION HANDLING PROCEDURE is the path of the Buddha.

So, by just doing the Creation Handling Procedure in a short course you will rise above the level of people who dedicate their whole life to Buddhism... Just as Mr. Hubbard(tm) states about Scientology.

An important difference between the two exorcism methods is that in the old one the wannabe-exorcist is talking to himself (to the Spirits of the Dead inside him) while in the new method a third (real life) person, the Coach, is involved. Now the Coach is the person who communicates with the Entities inside the possessed student, not the student himself.

Solo Entity CHP
(Creation Handling Procedure)
Replaced by EHP
(Entity Handling Procedure)

    In the early Wizard materials, we had the student establish a concept level (question and answer) communication with an entity and take the entity through the CHP steps.

Time track note: The EHP (Entity Handling Procedure) was researched and developed in Germany, July 1996, with the help of 21 Wizard volunteers.
    This worked, but it also was observed that if the conditions of session or the procedures were not exactly adhered to, the general awareness level and emotional well-being of the student tended to decline as the number of entities handled increased. For some reason that I assume someone will eventually understand wel enough to explain, waiting for an answer from your own entities opens you to a back flow of imperceptible influences that apparently have a cumulative effect.

    So any advice to establish concept level (question and answer) communication with your own entities is hereby canceled and the practice is discouraged. Solo entity CHP, as understood by Wizards before 1997, is for research use only. It will no longer be taught to new Wizards.

     New Wizards, don't worry. The EHP is several warp factors more effective than the old entity processes. And definitely more fun!

The reason is pretty obvious. Many Scientologists who practice the old exorcism method, called "Solo NOTs" in Scientology, go downhill, become nutcases, even commit suicide... A simple search on the Internet proves that. Mr. Palmer knows that darned well. Were there also cases where Wizards on the "old CHP" went psychotic? Looks like there were:



    Since I know Wizards love behind the scenes stuff, I'll share the results of the investigation that led to the further research and eventual rewrite of Part V of the Wizard Course.


    The result obtained by Wizard students on the entity section were falling short of the results that I achieved on myself and on other students in the initial 1988 research.

Situation Analysis:
  1. The existing Wizard entity materials tend to create float --particularly around the subject of telepathy.
  2. Students on the entity section begin by getting big wins, but slowly begin to take on the same emotions and feelings of overwhelm that characterize the entities they are addressing.
  3. In some cases, student responsibility levels are dropping as they seem to be surrendering their source to entity influences.
  4. Students are contacting parasitic entities that create distraction by offering up interesting life scenarios that pull the student into thinking and reacting modes.
  5. There are apparently different categories of entities with different motivations.
  6. Not all entities are capable or willing to run the CHP.
  7. Certain entity influences are not being recognized as such.
  8. Students are losing the viewpoint of higher self and are becoming upset with entities and vice versa.

Basic Whys

    There are too many areas of unknown in the entity paradigm.

    The act of communicating with a defined beingness (entity) causes one to automatically define oneself as something other than that defined beingness (identity). This moves one out of the definitionless awareness viewpoint of higher self and subjects one to the influences of unconscious phenomena (e.g. entities).

To emphasize and for clarity:

"The result obtained by Wizard students on the Spirits of the Dead section were falling short of the results that I achieved on myself and on other students in the initial 1988 research ".

This means that the "Operating Thetan" Mr. Palmer still had Souls of the Deceased inside him after years of babbling to himself with the Scientology "Tech"! Otherwise he couldn't have achieved good results on himself with his "old" procedure, borrowed from Scientology...

Let's move on to the "new" exorcism procedure (also borrowed from Scientology), the "Entity Handling Procedure".