Timeline Palmer / Elmira / Scientology

There seem to be some questions raised by the dates. Let's make it a timeline.

Elmira Mission formed.

1976, April
Exempt organization certificate obtained from sales tax bureau.

The Church of Scientology gets an exemption from unemployment insurance.

Harry palmer became president of the Church of Scientology Elmira mission.

Pray tell, who had been running that mission from 1974 to 1980? I thought Harry started it, but maybe he had a title other than president. And when he says "to date," it seems like he is STILL president of the MISSION in 1989... doesn't it? It's the same organization, but with a different name.

1987, March
The misson was renamed "Center for Creative Learning."

So it was still the successor to the Church of Scientology mission, using the same religious exemption certificates and so forth. Correct? Gosh, I thought that was more than a name change. The church kicked him out, declared him suppressive and made him stop using the term "Scientology," so one might assume the name change involved forming a new organization.

1989, February
Harry swears to all of the above for the labor board, correct? [Yes]


I believe it was later in 1989 that Harry did another name change and started delivering Avatar under the banner of Star's Edge, Inc., a for-profit corporation. The exact incorporation date is easy enough to find.

But wait a minute. Wasn't that meeting about the Scientology refunds held in 1986? As I recall, Harry TOLD all those people who wanted refunds from the mission that Centre for Creative Learning (the Avatar church) was a DIFFERENT company. The mission was broke from fighting the Church of Scientology in court, so it was defunct. Therefore, paying back the money would be illegal. Didn't he say that?

Sounds to me as though his "renamed" Scientology Mission really WAS legally liable for those refunds. If you only now became aware of this major discrepancy, I'd say the statute of limitations just started running again regarding those unpaid refunds. I think you and the rest of the Elmira people should check this out with a lawyer. Seriously.

Best, Eldon