EVERYTHING Bad is caused by Entities

Now that we know a bit more about types of Entities, it's time to learn whether they really exist and how they got into you. In Part II of the Wizard course, called "YOU", the student already "experienced" that they're for real:

   Experiencing Entity Emanations Procedure

     Sit quietly with your eyes closed. Notice any feeling, sensation (pain or twitch), repeating thought, or concern that appears spontaneous from some area in or near the body. Look for one that you have made no effort to put there and that has no apparent cause in, or connection to, your environment--it doesn't seem to be your own.

You got that? This is important. Anything you experienced while doing this was caused by a Spirit of the Dead. Your stomach growled? An Entity did it. You scratched your head? An Entity is responsible. You felt a short pain in a corn you had for years? That's a Cluster of Souls of the Deceased trying to expand the mountain they're living in (your corn)!

But it goes much further than this. "Chronic conditions, obsessions, and addictions will frequently, if not always, be associated with one or more entity influences", according to Mr. Palmer:

   How an Entity Influences (General)

    Troublesome entities are attracted to you on the astral plane by a similarity in your direction of attention to their fixed attention attachment to the physical plane. Attention attracts attention. Stand in the middle of the street and look at the sky, and soon you will have other people looking at the sky. Attention attracts attention. The same phenomenon exists on the astral plane. When attention sources become aligned, a telepathic inductance of intention, emotion, and information can occur. You have seen this in Thoughtstorming.

    The situation of similarity between your directed attention and an entity's fixed attention is usually some kind of 1) traumatic injury, 2) serious illness, 3) emotional upset, or 4) an intense desire/resistance urge.

    Without entity influences, your attention would probably gather whatever information you desire from the situation and move on. With entity influences, your attention, taking its cue from the entity's attention, fixes on the situation. As long as you feed attention into the situation, it persists. Chronic conditions, obsessions, and addictions will frequently, if not always, be associated with one or more entity influences.

The Mechanics and Phenomena
of Entity Attraction and Attachment.

1) Similarly of emotional upset or traumatic event (emanating entities)

    An entity stuck in an emotional upset or traumatic event is attracted to the vibrations of a person experiencing a similar emotional upset or traumatic event. The fixed mental image pictures that the entity carries of an emotional upset or traumatic event and the mental images that a person creates of a similar emotional upset or traumatic event become confused on the astral plane. This confusion creates a connection between the entity and the person.

    The continuous emanation of the mental image picture by the entity prevents the person from recovering completely from his or her similar emotional upset or traumatic event. Sometimes when you discreate an emotional upset or a traumatic event with the CHP, you may perceive a slight afterimage that is still being emanated by an entity. If this entity is not handled, there will always be a tendency to recreate similar emotional upsets or traumatic events. Insurance companies have identified one manifestation of this phenomenon as "accident prone". This afterimage risk is just one more reason that every Avatar needs to move up the line and do the Wizard Course.

2) Similarity of desire for or resistance toward certain physical sensations (desiring and resisting entities)

    To this entity, physical sensations represents source. It believes that physical stimulation is its life energy source. Through its own denial of responsibility, it has disconnected from its higher self and in its place has substituted stimulation from the physical universe. If you ever wondered what happens to a hedonistic materialist, here is your answer. It becomes a slave to its own desires and resistances. But since it lacks a physical body and cannot itself create an effect on the physical plane that produces a sensation, it relies on parasitic infusions of sensation from other astral bodies that still have physical counterparts--you and me. (Ref., "Attention and Identity" in ReSurfacing, p. 51).

    Where you find someone engaged in self-destructive behaviors for the sake of the sensations they produce, you will find lots of desire and resist entities.

3) Similarity of attention attracting behaviors (obsessing and deceiving entities)

    This entity, in one way or another, is struggling for approval or revenge. It is replaying some interaction that it made the most important thing in its life. This assignment of importance justified acts for approval or acts of revenge for which it resists taking personal responsibility. The acts are now on automatic, and the entity is attracted to the vibrations of secret importance that will continue to justify its actions. Wherever you find a person motivated by a fear or appearing or seeming unimportant, you will find obsessing and deceiving entities. Wherever you find a person insisting upon their own rightness, despite destruction and failure all around them, you will find obsessing and deceiving entities. These are the criminals of the world.

Emotional upsets, trauma's, being accident prone, hedonistic materialism, self-destructive behavior, insanity, criminal acts, you named it, everything and anything is caused by the thousands of Spirits of the Dead inside you. And if you don't accept that as a fact, as the highest wisdom ever brought to you by Mr. Palmer (and his guru L. Ron Hubbard), it's yet another Soul of a Deceased you're acting through, one that insists upon his own rightness.

You now know the basics of the Avatar exorcism idiocy, let's move on to the serious problems caused by the secret "old" exorcism procedure.