Harry Palmer threatens to ruin an Elmirans life

From      : Eldon Braun
Date      : 2000-11-13 10:43:36 PST
Subject   : Harry calls Carmen & Gale, Makes Threats
Newsgroup : alt.clearing.avatar

Well, Harry called Carmen and Gale last night. Here are their accounts of his conversation with Carmen.



ON-THE-IM REPORT from Gale Lyons to an interviewer

Carmen is on the phone about Harry. He was gentle at first. He said Eldon has been stalking him and he is going to sue her for libel.

He asked if she believed those things and she said yes. She asked if he remembered declaring her SP (Suppressive Person). He said no, but he did things he is not proud off back then.

He tried to implicate me and Eldon. She said no, it was her and he said "Gale is crazy." Every time he said something about me or Eldon, she ignored him. He told her he didn't want money back then.

He admitted trying to seduce her back before Scientology.

He wanted Doug's number (that is her ex-husband). They are all still friends. There are white pages on the net he can look that up himself. That was only to cover up.

He tried to get her to laugh. He said she must remember something good about him and she said "Yeah." And he said he would sue her and she said,"You are going to do it again."

He asked what she wanted and she said justice. You think about it: She never said $. He asked for an apology and she said "No, Harry it is the other way around."

He tried to be her buddy. And he said "We will just have to sue you," and she said "Golly!" And she laughed at him. She hung up.


Carmen's report via e-mail


I have been on the phone with Harry Palmer for the 30 minutes. He says he will be suing me.

Actually it was a fairly civil conversation, a little up and down the tone scale. He was asking me to retract my previous statement and go on the site and apoloize. I say no. He asked what I wanted--I said justice. He said what, how? I told him to figure it out.

DynaIt ended with him saying my life will be ruined.

I haven't previously asked for any money, but when Gale was checking around I asked my name to be added to the list because there were injustices on the money cycle and it would be nice to have that cleared up.


Later e-mail from Carmen


Probably exposing the truth is the way I would want to go, so yes, putting the conversations up on the web is fine.

Gale called this morning and said whatever I wanted to do was fine. She will be out of town for the day.

Harry is still up to the same old tricks. He was using every tone and angle he could to reach me. He started with a threat and ended with a threat.

Yes, many, many years ago, I noticed the similiaries with L. Ron Hubbard. I noticed in talking with him this time, which I never really put together before, his sense of mistrust.

It reminds me of the Erikson development stages, particularily--the stage of trust versus mistrust. Harry probably never made it out of that. He is so busy trying to manipulate and he assumes you are doing the same thing that he doesn't see or hear the truth when it is right there.

This conversation proved to me that there hasn't been much change in Harry 's manipulative personality. Same old, same old.