Ronald Cxxxx, dissident Avatar Master, threatened

From      : Pinar Coskun <P_coskun@hotmail.com>
To        : Ronald Cxxxx [last name removed on request Ronald]
Date      : Monday, June 07, 2004 12:24 AM
Subject   : discreatie

I advise you to stop this spam now, otherwise chances are very great that you will be discreated naturally.

After all many people know your address now, FOOL.


Original text in Dutch:

Ik adviseer je nu te stoppen met die spam, want anders acht ik de kans zeer groot dat je vanzelf gediscreeerd zult worden.

Tenslotte weten vele mensen nu jouw adres, MAFKEES.

Ronald replied to this threat from a Dutch "Avatar Master" with:
This triggered a second e-mail from "Pinar":

From      : Pinar Coskun <P_coskun@hotmail.com>
To        : Ronald Cxxxx
Date      : Tuesday, June 08, 2004 5:00 PM
Subject   : discreatie


You are shocked. Well, that was the idea. I certainly do not wish you dead. I do wish that your negative creative energy regarding the network will be eliminated. And the only one who can do that is you.

Focus your energy on something positive. That is my message. I hope that it will go better with you from now on. I am sorry I frightened you.

With Love,


Original text in Dutch:


Je bent geschrokken. Dat was wel de bedoeling. Ik wens je zeker niet dood. Ik wens wel dat jouw negatief scheppende energie t.a.v het netwerk uitgeschakeld word. En de enige die dat kan doen dat ben jij.

Richt je energie op iets positiefs. Dat is mijn mijn boodschap. Ik hoop dat het vanaf nu beter met je zult gaan. Het spijt me dat ik je heb laten schrikken.

Met Liefde,

Ronald's reply:

Pinar Coskun,

You do not realize how grateful I am with your second e-mail. Without realizing you provided me with perfect evidence!

You write to me: "You are shocked. Well, that was the idea."

With this you confirm the suspicion that the police and I had about the definition of your word "discreation". You really meant "destroying" or "killing" (me).