Psychological Abuse in Avatar

By the Pacific Cult Intervention Network
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Let's inspect the Avatar Materials and how they are presented. The presentation of psycho-spiritual techniques has a strong influence on their ability to be used as covert persuasion and manipulation tools and may lead to emotional and psychological disturbances.

Since 1987 when this Neo Scientology course first appeared, allegations of persons suffering psychological breakdowns, depressive reactions, and alienation from friends and families, have appeared. It's alleged that persons had their critical thinking capacities overcome by hours of technique use, and this has lead to depersonalized highs and being manipulated into making testimonials, going on to purchase more expensive courses, and joining in the ranks of a utopian world civilization with Harry Palmer as its head.


Examining Section II and its Potential for covert manipulation / persuasion / personality destruction.

Section II of this Neo Scientology course contains several extremely powerful mind-altering processes that may effectively shut down critical reasoning and leave a participant raw and open for cult manipulation.

These processes are called: "The Feel-it", "The Label-it", "The Creation Exercises", "The Source List", and "The Reality Creation List".

All of these techniques are quite capable of distorting perception, creating severe altered states, depersonalization, watching the body as a thought bubble, and the fragmentation of the core personality.

Be aware that these processes are being delivered by "licensed" cult members who may push the otherworldly and utopian "Enlightened Planetary Civilization" and the Neo Scientology ideals of anti-science, the destruction of the self concept, and beliefs in entities and past lives on alien planets.
    All of these beliefs may be found on various Avatar websites and message board on the world wide web where Avatar disciples discuss their magical beliefs in creativism, levitation, and travel to other dimensions.


The first process encountered in Section II is the "Feel-it" process, an extremely potent mind-altering technique that is used for the purpose of shutting down rational processes. Along with those rational processes goes the individual's critical defenses and orientation. The "feel-it" has the "student" experience and become animate and inanimate objects.

This technique is notorious for being used many hours on end. The effects are to break down the individual's sense of self and to identify with rocks, trees, clouds, and other people's beliefs.
    When someone has run feel-its for many hours, they often become depersonalized, have no critical thinking capacity, and may suffer from an intense overload of biochemical painkillers and confusion giving them a sense of ecstatic bliss and and floating not dissimilar to the more euphoric stages of mania.

If this technique is being conducted by a disciple, whose purpose is to sell additional courses and the doctrines of the Neo Scientology utopia, the "student" may face some major trouble. They exist in a very raw and open condition at this point, ripe for discipling.

It also should be brought to attention that little or no screening is done in regards to course participants. Fragile individuals, persons with major mental health issues may be welcomed as students and guided by amateurs with no training or insight into matters psychological.

It has been alleged that some of the "licensed" masters and wizards actively promote themselves as able to cure various psychological maladies. It's been alleged that depressed persons and individuals with bipolar/manic depression have been promised relief. These kinds of promises are extremely problematic and may be grounds for legal intervention.

There are allegations of persons who have suffered severe mental breakdowns while taking the course. It should be mentioned as well that "Feel-its" will create states of confusion making the students even more pliable and open in the hands of "licensed" masters.


The second technique is the "Label it" exercise likely the most mild exercise except when it's used in altered states of consciousness. The "Label It" is capable of quickly altering someone's perceptions. Abused in an altered state, the "Label it" is capable of stimulating severe thought disorders in a fragile student. In a highly altered state a student is open season.

Further a person's values and beliefs may be quickly eroded under course circumstances. Persons may come to believe their self is imaginary and that the world does not exist. These are common doctrines to be found in the writings of Harry Palmer the cult's founder. Altering beliefs and values may have chaotic effects on someone's emotional status and their core personality.

The fifth "Label it" is called: "Surrendering All Judgments", a high-sounding reformulation of "you're losing your ability to think critically". The implications are indeed serious if the student is being guided by an individual with an organizational agenda. The Neo Scientology org does have a mission. It has proclaimed that it wants to bring its utopia to the planet. Those who have left the cult recognize the difficulties inherent in this utopia of Harry Palmer.


The Creation Exercises come next. Here the person is said to create the "reality" they desire. The difficulty here is that the student may be in a controlled environment. They may be participating in a "thoughtstorm" while in an altered state of consciousness in a group setting. Since they are in a small group or maybe even a large group delivery, they may be wide open to group pressure tactics.

The idea of becoming aligned with the thoughtstorm group is being pushed during the exercise, which may mute the sense of a separate and individual self. This may have personality and value implications may create difficulties.

In the Creation Exercises the student is introduced to a Source List. The Source List may be ripe with difficulties. The person is implanted with beliefs about them being Source and that they are happy. This may program the the students future views. Such beliefs may convince someone they took a successful course. In a sense they've received a powerful hypnotic suggestion. They are the source of it all, God like.

There is a reality creation exercise which is actually nothing more than mental programming. Such ideas are implanted as I'm no victim and all is an illusion. If someone was indeed victimized by the course, they might deny it because of the "no victim" implant. Further their ability to experience more mundane living as worthwhile would be severely curtailed by the "all is an illusion" implant. This may have devastating effects on the personality and to see mundane existence as worthwhile. It's not surprising to hear allegations of some students facing depressive episodes after their training


Section III

This involves learning the discreation techniques "The Creation Handling Process", "The Body Handle Rundown", "Asserted Identity Handle", "Persistent Mass Handling Rundown", "It's All right to feel like this", "Collective Consciousness Handling", "The Ultimate Process".

These techniques are all the same techniques, but with a different focus. These techniques, like those in section II, have the capacity to be over used.

No grounding processes are employed in this course unless inserted by individual trainers. Not using them may lead to profound spaceyness and mental confusion. Such mental states may be passed off as enlightenment by some masters. Perhaps larger problems loom down the road for persons already having serious mental health issues.

The Creation Handling Procedure is supposed to dissociate or discreate a belief called a creation. The use of this method may temporarily vanish beliefs and feelings from awareness. If the process is over used, it may leave someone very high. Discreation may leave someone floating and split them off from parts of their awareness.
    New disciples may lose important areas of awareness and experience amnesias through procedures. The Body Handle may whiteout someone from parts of their body and lead to the creation of a fragmented and illusory body image.

After using "The Body Handle" someone may become profoundly disoriented and confused. An obese person may be cut off from the fact of their obesity though a system of denial brought about by an illusory body image. A potentially lethal process if misapplied to persons with major eating disorders.

The Limitations Handling Rundown is the CHP used on limitations. Like the others in section III the disciple runs the risk of getting high from an excess of bodily produced painkillers and confusion brought on by exercises carried on for hours over an 7 to 9 day period. Someone under the spell of the materials may lose sight of actual issues. They were banished from awareness.

The Asserted Identity Handling claims to discreate identities. Someone could create a very profound state of depersonalization from abusing this technique. The personality may become fragmented and possess missing pieces from improper identity discreation.

The Persistent Mass Handling Rundown is used to allegedly fix persistent masses. Some of the cult's masters may prompt the disciples to go after major mental illness and depression. This can have problematic effects on the personality.
    Highly disturbed individuals may suffer severe breaks with reality. The treatment of severely disturbed individuals should never be left in the hands of amateurs let alone amateurs with utopian agendas and possible mental health problems themselves.

The Universe Handling Procedure is another powerful technique capable of breaking down defenses and obliterating personality structures. The student uses it to rid themselves of beliefs they possess which they do not like in others. This process has a telepathic claim made for it. A warning bell.

The Collective Consciousness Handle promotes magical thought. The cult disciple, through the breaking down of their rational processes, is brought to believe they can affect the material universe and events through with their "thoughts". The disciple learns a technique to affect "the collective consciousness." Also, within this exercise is a delusionary measure for handling attacks on collective or mass consciousness. This process points out some of the disturbing features of this course.

The Ultimate Process is a highly disturbing method whose function is to wipe out someone's impressions of "all that is." This process will blot out someone from large areas of their experience. A dangerous tool in the hands of an amateur cult master. The depersonalization may be staggering. This massive unplugging may be palmed off as enlightenment.
    "Chanting primaries" and "exaggerating secondaries" exist in the Source List. This is a hypnotic tool. It's alleged that some masters conduct sideline discussions containing suggestions meant to be overheard by students.

The Neo Scientology course presents a clear and present danger to its students through technique abuse.