The top-Wizard Harry Palmer speaks

Harry Palmer Mr. Palmer:
Love is a valuable tool.
In this section some of Mr. Palmer's not well-known and secret writings have been collected. Most of them are short and without comment, they speak for themselves.

The two Wizard course lectures are somewhat longer, but worthwile reading. They paint a good picture of the mindset of a person who (still) is a true believer in the Scientology "Technology".

The "Galactic Confederacy" speech is a sort of remake of Scientology's secret core story "Xenu and the BodyThetans".

The "Entities" lecture is entirely based on Scientology's also secret "upper levels", which deals with the exorcizing of numerous Spirits of the Dead inside everyone. In the section How to exorcize it's being proved that the last part of the Wizard course mimics these "upper levels".



IdiotThe mission of Avatar

IdiotBeyond the Buddhic Path with Avatar

IdiotTransforming National Societies

IdiotSelfless service to others

IdiotAvatar is for the middle class only

IdiotDolphins send each other 3D pictures

ChupacabraWorm Implants (Mind Control)

Milk BottleWhy people fail on the courses

Milk BottleIf you don't pay for the courses you'll get sick

AlienGalactic Confederacy (Wizard Course)

AlienExorcism of "entities" (Wizard Course)