The Mission of Avatar

Harry Palmer
We are creating an enlightened planetary society.

From the first beginnings of conscious life this has been the goal. The current necessary stage of evolution, characterized by greed and the survival of the fittest, can now be transformed into a reasonable society based on cooperation.

One of the pillars for such a society is the Avatar network. Star's Edge International is responsible for the practical organization that is involved in this growing network of cooperating individuals.

Avatar has proven itself again and again. It is unnecessary to practice for ten years, or to die, or to trust blindly a particular person or belief, in order to reach the state of spiritual enlightenment--the fact that the procedures are systematized and are being brought to the market in the form of a course, does not in any way depreciate the profoundness of the state of consciousness that you achieve through them.

ETAvatar implies a quantum leap in the evolution of consciousness, with far-reaching effects for the future structure of human society. In the past one could count the number of enlightened people on one hand, whereas today we are speaking of thousands. Avatar, when passed on and applied on a large scale, offers humankind an alternative for the certain selfdestruction that it is heading for at the moment. What you do with it makes a difference.

A unique aspect of the spreading of Avatar over the world is the marriage that has been forged between an effective spiritual technique and a well-organized thoroughly trained network of enterpreneurs. With this unlikely combination the traditional form of spirituality as charity is broken. Harry Palmer takes the viewpoint that wellfare and doing good (human efforts in that direction) belong together. Whatever you may think of it, it does work.

Harry Palmer