Avatar course students manipulated

I received an e-mail from an Avatar Student who did the Avatar Course from July 24 to August 1, 2004; hotel Sauerland Stern, Willingen, Germany:

" Avatar talks about free will, but I had no free will;
  I was manipulated to do the Avatar Masters Course. "

" The motive of Star's Edge is money, not love. "

" It triggered resistance and incomprehension
  in a lot of students. "

Their complaint is that the Avatar Masters manipulated all the students to do the Avatar Masters Course. The "masters" did this on moments the students were vulnerable.

Sure, the best strategy eh?

S/he told me that students were not allowed to do some exercises thoroughly, because the Avatar Masters took it for granted that they were going to do them in the Avatar Masters Course:

" You don't have to do this exercise thoroughly because
  you can deepen it in the Avatar Masters Course."

Now Harry (Palmer), this is "passing a belief system on Avatar Students." Not only that, it is pure manipulation, it puts them under pressure.

The students signed a confidentiality contract for the 9-days Avatar Course -- they did NOT sign up for a gateway towards the Avatar Masters Course. And even these contracts are fraudulent... What a fraud! What manipulation! Avatar HAS become a cult! Period!

In the "good old days" (1992) an Avatar Master did not manipulate you to do the Avatar Master Course. It was considered an honor if you got a recommendation from your Avatar Master to do it.

One Avatar Master even encouraged the Avatar Students to participate in the Avatar Masters Course as soon as possible, otherwise the Avatar experience would "sink". Strange..., this is again passing a belief system Harry.


The student I spoke with is not against the Avatar tools, but one thing is certain: he does not want to have anything to do anymore with Star's Edge, your for-profit company.
    He is now working with the tools of the Dutch "De Source Course" from Eldon Braun.

Sometimes I recommended people doing Avatar. I am not against Avatar as such. But this phone call and e-mail proved to me once more: Star's Edge has become a psycho-sect, a cult. I will NEVER recommend Avatar to anyone anymore.


"Qualified Masters", hah, "Quantified Masters" with a retarded mission you mean -- the mission to force the idea of an "Enlightened Planetary Civilization" upon students; a bitter pill sugar coated.

Avatar today: "Let's produce Avatars and Wizards on an Assembly Line". Just like Scientology does with its "Clears" and "Operating Thetans".


Ronald Cxxxx [last name removed on request Ronald]
(dissident former licensed Avatar Master #1822)
Amersfoort, The Netherlands.