Avatar lies to its "light bringers" from the beginning on

Obviously, becoming a skilled necromancer requires proper training. That's why (amongst more) the Avatar courses were created. All these courses are secret, except the first one, "Resurfacing", and some free mini-courses which are used as bait.

Attention!  Keep in mind that in none of the courses it is mentioned that you are being softened up for Avatar's highest and most secret wisdom.

The "wisdom" that you can only become a "missionary who brings the light" (and thus save the planet) by persuading all your imaginary Souls of the Deceased to leave your body.

For this reason alone ---there are many more--- it's fair to say that Avatar misleads its customers. Its moulding of the heart, mind and senses serve a hidden agenda right from the start. Through its plagiarized pseudo-knowledge and its "borrowed" hypnotic exercises it sneakily manipulates you into the idiocy that you bear innumerable souls of disembodied beings inside you.

What was that again about "worm implants", Mr. Palmer?  Frown

Are you applying this Scientology adage? :

"The only way you can control people is to lie to them!"


$cientologyAvatar exactly mirrors the manipulating Scientology method of "control through acceptable truths". No wonder, it's largely based on it. In Scientology the Entities are called BodyThetans; the exercises "rundowns". Avatar's Wizard Course is the equivalent of Scientology's "upper levels". Scientology's Bridge to Exorcizing BodyThetans can be easily renamed Avatar's Bridge to Exorcizing Entities, and so on.

More on the striking resemblances between Avatar and Scientology can be found in the section Scientology roots.