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This website is about the Avatar cult and its unhealthy pseudo-knowledge and superstitions.

Please consider downloading the sitezip of this website because it won't be here forever. The size is only 2.5 MiB (that's about one cell-phone photo).

Nurse The objective of the site is to provide an antidote for the mental narcotics sold by this psycho-cult. The antidote, in a slightly different composition, has been tested on another poison from the same branch: Scientology. The detox results are very promising.

Clacky Teeth A preview of the highest and most secret teachings of Avatar, including the full "Possessive Spirit Exorcism Procedure", can be found in the section How to exorcize.

Free! If you want to try the malignant psycho-substances yourself, go to the section Free courses. Here you will find the original (secret! :)) documents of all the Avatar drugs.

Thief The "creator" of Avatar, Mr. Palmer, is not a psychologist. From 1990 up to at least 2008 he misused this title to sell his plagiarized courses to tenth of thousands of people. The Florida Department of Health investigated and made him sign a Cease and Desist Agreement. According to the Florida Statutes it's a crime to hold yourself out as a psychologist if you don't have a valid, active license. Despite this the FBI and the Florida Attorney General declined further investigation, which is strange.
    Around 400 people found this strange too. They signed an online petition addressed to Florida Governor Jeb Bush.




Contents Introduction

ProphetAvatar's shining wisdom will save the world

WizHatAvatar's highest wisdom: you are full of Entities

InfoAvatar lies to its "light bringers" from the beginning on

CruelDisclosing the Avatar exorcism secret is cruel

WizardHarry Palmer the Wizard towers far above Jesus Christ