Avatar welcomes identity theft on its web site

On July 02, 2003 someone put two messages under the name Ronald Cxxxx [last name removed on request Ronald] on the "discussion" board at the website.

Ronald asked the maintainer of the site, the professional cultist Wayne McMahon many times to remove them. This is the reply Ronald finally got:

From      : Wayne McMahon <>
To        : Ronald Cxxxx
Date      : Tue, 01 Jun 2004 10:01:29 -0700
Subject   : You're breaking my heart
Message-ID: <>

Dear Ronald,

Please ask more nicely next time. BTW, I intend to start regularly reposting your posts about selling selling suicide supplies on ACA. I don't believe this will inconvenience you, as most or all of the fans of the Source Course seem to be gay bi-polar anti-socials, by their own posts and public records. You might try confessing pedophilia as that seems a common trait also. In your country, do they have a saying like "birds of a feather flock together"?

Stop telling lies about me. I'm not a welder, not OSA, and you don't know anything about me. I do completely support Harry and the Avatar network in their worldwide good works. Your libel is harmful to me, and I'd be happy to sue your fudge-packed ass into oblivion. Even if I am aware that you are just being used by Eldon.

Says a lot, doesn't it? The ex-Mormon, ex(?)-Scientologist and Avatar-Wizard McMahon not only refuses to remove these messages, he also thinks that people who criticize Harry Palmer, Avatar and Star's Edge are "gay bi-polar anti-socials" with a "common trait" called "pedophilia"...

People with no further knowledge on the Avatar command structure reading this might think, "Hey, there are retarded cultists everywhere, this is just one of them". To them I say: don't forget that everything McMahon does and says in public need the approval of the Master of all Wizards, Harry Palmer.

Don't forget also that cultists tend to believe everything that "higher ups" in the cult hierarchy say; here's an example (Nielsen is an Avatar Master):

From    : Ronald Nielsen
To      : Ronald Cxxxx
Date    : Saturday, June 12, 2004 12:34 AM
Subject : Get a life

Dear Asshole

I sure I.ll get in trouble for writing you but here goes.

I hear that you are suicidal, is that right. So why not give the world a brake and do it. Ya. Give the world a brake a take your yourself out. NO ONE will miss you. See if you can talk Eldon or whatever that other loser name is, to do the same thing . What a deal the world would get.

You had a chance to change your whole life, but you did not have the balls to do anything. LOSER. do me a favor when you do do yourself in. Let me know. I'll drink to one less feeble lempt dick asshole in the world.

With appreciation


I,am not kidding do it LOSER

Anyone noticed the different "tone" between these letters and Avatar's recruiting publications?