How to exorcize your "Entities" the Avatar way

In this section it's being proved that the core of Avatar's teachings solely consists of the insane "upper level" Scientology theory that everyone is possessed by numerous Spirits of the Dead. To do so several pages of the last part of the Wizard course are being quoted.

The so-called "Entity Handling Procedure" is being quoted in full in the chapter "The New Avatar Possessive Spirit Exorcism Procedure" --approximately seven pages. This kind of quoting is explicitly permitted under Dutch Law after the "Sept 4, 2003 ruling by the Gerechtshof 's-Gravenhage". It states that exposing cults, like Scientology and Avatar, precedes their (possible) copyrights.

BehindTry to do something about that Mr. Palmer... I'm confident that these remarks of yours won't help much:

"It's not accident that half of my aquaintances are lawyers".

"And while our copyrights and trademarks are quite in order and our attorneys are quite capable, I don't think we'll ever have to use them..."



TongueThe exorcism stuff is the real thing

BodythetanBodyThetans become Entities

WizhatThe Wizard course

ClackyteethTypes of Entities

ClackyteethEVERYTHING Bad is caused by Entities

ClackyteethToo many Entities appear with the old exorcism method

ClackyteethThe New Avatar Possessive Spirit Exorcism Procedure