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Miraculous Wound Healing with Avatar

A cult leader who can't perform miracles has a problem. Even more so when his teachings promise that everyone can learn how to do them. The usual way out of this is to tell the followers that they haven't reached that level yet. They need more practice and study: do the next course!

Meanwhile it's necessary to create an atmosphere of "oooh, aaah, he [the guru] can do it, just like the persons he trained" [Masters and Wizards]". Here's an example:



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Vicky Keith Varnum has been a "Way Shower" for me ever since I first met him. He delivered the Avatar Course to me in 1991 after I "leapt" for my destiny and flew to Phoenix to be with him, completely on intuition. He has cut paths that I never knew were possible. His willingness to stretch "reality" has never ceased to amaze me.

Many an Avatar student had sat on his courses over the years and heard Keith tell the story of cutting his finger nearly off with a butcher knife right before an Avatar course in New York City and the healing that occurred simply because he had a bigger "primary," a much more important goal at that time than having a severed finger! In the experience Keith screamed at the top of his lungs, "NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!" and so it was...his finger was sign of a cut, whatsoever.

We all knew that KEITH could do miracles. We all knew that KEITH was magic but one night, I had the opportunity to try this one out for myself.

It was in the middle of a "Gathering," another spiritual awakening experience that Keith was presenting. My friend Cat and I were both involved. The day was over and we had come into my office to unwind. I was kicked back, legs up on the desk, slicing a big juicy apple, when all at once I let out a yell! I had just sliced through my index finger.

Well, there I was, opportunity at hand, in the perfect set of circumstances. Cat was not only my friend, she was also a fellow "Gatherer," into potentiality and formerly one of Keith's and my Avatar Students. We both knew there was another option available. The question was, would I take it?

I looked at her and we both smiled. I said "what the f...," grabbed my finger as Keith had described in his experience and opened my mouth as wide as I could to yell.

What came out was the puniest little noooooooo that either of us could have imagined. No yell, no bellow, no scream, just a wimpy little noooooooo that came from nothing and from there, faded into oblivion.

I looked at Cat, she looked at me and finally she said, "well?"

With my hand still tightly clenched around my finger, I said, "gee.....I didn't feel the need to yell it. I always thought that the yell was the key to "discreating" it but I didn't need to yell feels like the cut is gone."

She said, "take your hand away," and I did. I slowly let go of the finger that had been clutched tightly in my hand and...nothing...not a cut. There was nothing there.

I held my finger up to Cat. We looked at each other from across what seemed an abyss...the cut, indeed, did not exist.

Keith had been a Way Shower once again.


From      : Eldon Braun
Date      : 2004-02-27 08:27:34 PST
Newsgroup : alt.clearing.avatar


Someone also posted an interesting link to the site of an Avatar Master. The article contains her account of a THIRD generation miracle insta-wound-healing: [expired or removed]

Harry originally talked about how he healed himself after accidentally cutting himself with a dive knife on a scuba expedition. After a bit of soul-searching about his causation, he was healed!

Then Keith adapted the story for his own use with only slight variation.

Then Vicky supposedly cut her finger and copped the story again! Is that suggestion or what?

How unoriginal. You'd think Keith and Vicky could at least have come up with a healing tale that wasn't a virtual carbon copy. Or that Harry could have given L. Ron Hubbard a little credit for the same sort of confabulated mythical bullshit.

Best, Eldon

From      : Gale Lyons
Date      : 2004-02-27 20:29:16 PST
Newsgroup : alt.clearing.avatar

Hey Harry,

That knife cut you gave yourself while scubba diving in Aruba isn't the one you are talking about healing, are you? You know the one where you cut yourself and no one would let you dive with them? You remember that right? Yes, the one where no one worshipped you and your feelings were really hurt? The wound you came home with all wrapped up? That surely isn't the one - is it?

Harry you are such a liar.



From      : Eldon Braun
Date      : 2004-02-28 00:11:09 PST
Newsgroup : alt.clearing.avatar


He came home with the cut wrapped up? When he gave a talk in 1986 I think it was, he said he couldn't dive with the wound (becaue of sharks I believe). But he said that once he accepted the situation and gained some humility, the cut miraculously healed and he was able to go diving after all.

I've got a video and an audiotape of one of those early lectures. Maybe it's in there. If it is, I'll have to transcribe that part.

Best, Eldon