Milk Bottle

If you don't pay for the Avatar courses you'll get sick

Harry Palmer
One of the really remarkable things about the Avatar materials is they contain a built in ethics system. I have observed this repeatedly, and have spent a considerable time searching for the mass belief that is responsible for this extraordinary self-policing. It is probably along the lines of; consciousness seeks to integrate.

A small number of people have sought to "rip-off" the Avatar materials--a most interesting phenomena in light of the fact that they have never been denied to anyone!

The three instances were all motivated by the effort to make a fast buck. I suppose it is uncolicited testimony to the power of the materials that these beings hurried off (hurried has been a common factor), with their briefcases loaded with handwritten transcriptions of the materials and semi-divine justifications for why they felt they must do so. Usually something along the line that the truth whould be free and they were liberating the materials to their own financial programs! Great Simon Bolivars they are. I love this planet. It's so transparent.

thief :)All three unwittingly announced their intention to steal the material by pointing out to me how I could never hope to protect the material. It was just too powerful! Most advised me very sagely not to even try! And since it was so hopeless, since it would cost me too much and the courts really couldn't enforce the copyrights or trademarks and even if they did, someone would just rewrite it and call it something else... maybe I should give them an exclusive licence on the material, say for a 3% royalty, and then because they knew how to operate in the real world, they could make Avatar well known and I could go back to the farm and continue my research which they knew was really my purpose line.

I hope you can enjoy the humor of this, because it kept the staff giggling and poking each other in the side with new comedy routines for hours! "Say Harry ...since the world needs this stuff so bad, we're going to steal it from you and..., say double the price, yea, that's it, and we'll jazz up the material a little, yea and we'll take your name off and put our names on, so you won't be bothered, yea, we'll do you a favor!"

I must confess to making sport with these fast-buck negotiators because I have some intimate experience of where they are coming from... Sure, I was born in Turkeyville too! (It's not accident that half of my aquaintances are lawyers.)


My intention, as is clearly stated in the Avatar materials, has always been to aid in the transformation of consciousness that is occuring in this time and place. That hasn't changed, and so I was willing, somewhat sourly, to overlook the thefts that were taking place. But then this other aspect, the self-policing of the Avatar materials began to be evident. In retrospect, I realize this was the lesson of thefts. (No energy need be expended to protect something which a thief cannot steal).

GrrThe first being who stole the materials to run on his wife suffered a severe recersal in finances and a near disaster in his marriage. I guess he believed he couldn't afford Avatar for his wife, who he believed needed it. Boy did he experience his beliefs. He now believes that there's something wrong with the Avatar materials.

GrrThe second being who stole the materials--with the justification that the truth should be available to anyone--quickly set about trying to handle beliefs on his clients. (Who were ironically denied the availability of Avatar.) that more properly should have been handled on his own universe. His justification is the clue,--he must believe that the truth is not available to anyone. And so it isn't. At least not for him. (He also, at the time of this writing has become gravely ill.)

GrrThe third person who claimed to have already discovered his own version of Avatar, yet wanted to buy an exclusive license to deliver Avatar, a higher price..., so that more people could benefit from the materials...., naturally. When he failed to strike a deal, he decided to believe that Avatar was an interesting experience (meaning not so great) but the people were nice. In the vernacular; it don't take no genius to see he's headed for a wreck..., even with his own version of Avatar! Did he get it? Would you get excited about doing his version of Avatar?

...And while our copyrights and trademarks are quite in order and our attorneys are quite capable, I don't think we'll ever have to use them...

Harry Palmer