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Harry Palmer




By Harry Palmer


UfoI want to start by telling you "the story."

This particular story has been rising and reappearing in the race consciousness since before the time of the Pharaohs. Everyone who has ever sought to tell a story has ended up somehow telling part of this story.

Many writers tell this story camouflaged with fiction.

It's the story that is contained in our collective subconscious in the form of archetypical images, vague recollections, hunches, instincts, subtle recognitions.

It is probably never put into the same words in the same way twice. It doesn't have to be, because there are no truths to be found in words. Words are only fingers that point at experiences that echo our own truth back to us.


They are coming...Sentient beings first appeared on the core worlds of the Milky Way galaxy. The civilizations of Earth are the result of a much later refugee relocation plan that I'm going to tell you about.

"Sentient" means spatially aware of creation. In other words, conscious across a distance, perceiving, sensing. A sentient being is a union between a non-material soul-being, YOU, and a biological organism. The soul-being may or may not have the illusion of being dependent on the organism.

The consciousness that exists on the core worlds of the galaxy is somewhat different from what we are normally familiar with in the mid-pancake-Earth-type-worlds of the galaxy. And it is vastly different from the type of consciousness that exists in the rim worlds of our galaxy.

The reason for this difference in consciousness arises from the physical character of the galaxy.

Death Star At the core of the galaxy, the electro-magnetic and gravitational fields tend to be in perfect balance. There is no centrifugal energy. No spinning masses, no rotating worlds, no revolving planets. Force exists in balanced, unchanging vectors. Stasis. Equilibrium.

At the core of the galaxy, motion is a characteristic found only in living organisms. If something moves, it is alive. Our collective consciousness still has that instinctive response to motion. It's alive!

In principle, you could connect the core worlds with a silk thread and it would remain perfectly intact until some living organism altered it. Most of us still have some archetypical images of walking through a nearly motionless world.

Move beyond the galactic core and go further out, and you begin to encounter rhythmic motions generated by powerful forces. Spinning begins. Centrifugal forces and gravitational forces react and influence each other. New vectors result. Currents of energies intersect, accumulate and flow.

Electro-magnetic rifts produce violent phenomena. Mass attractions cause tides and geological grinding that produce worlds of tumultuous change. Worlds collide. Suns nova and implode. Meteorites impact planets, and explosions tear worlds apart. There is a lot of motion in this region, but only a negligible amount is attributable to living organisms.

The Earth is found in this mid-region of turbulent forces. This is a relatively quiet period right now, but a geologist will tell you that this has not always been the case, and a geo-physicist will tell you that it won't last forever.

If you like, you can think of this relatively quiet period of Earth as a launch window for life to evolve and to recall its mission. That's why we're here. Every time the mission is forgotten, Wizards will appear.


Q: From your studies you know that a thought in consciousness is something.

IdiotIt actually has some very slight mass, an infinitesimal weight. If we had a scale that was sensitive enough we could put you on the scale, and you could think of something, or remember something, and we could measure the weight of that particular thought. That's a heavy thought, huh?

We could also, with the proper instruments, note a disturbance in your body's electro-magnetic field, its relative density and its resistance. All from thinking a thought. Don't be surprised if someday you run into an instrument that can be pointed at someone and will give a readout on what they are thinking.

IdiotTheoretically, an Avatar Master can take an Avatar and put him on a scale and watch him get lighter as he discreates beliefs. Actually the Master does see the Avatar's body grow less dense and wrinkles disappear from the skin.

The basic observation here is that when a belief is created, it has the potential to influence, and be influenced by, forces and energies that may be beyond the control of the belief's creator. (I'll demonstrate that to you when we talk about personal identity.)

Do you remember the line in the Creativism book that says thoughts come from beliefs? That beliefs are seedpods of thoughts? Belief pods that shed thoughts on the currents of the mind. Remember?

Well, there are a number of ways that a belief can be coaxed to shed thoughts. For example, the soul-being --you-- can focus a flow of attention on the belief, and it will begin to transmit thoughts. Another example: another soul-being can telepathically focus attention on a belief, and it will transmit thoughts. But there are forces, besides attention, that can come into play. Certain physical forces, either directly or by your reaction to them, can cause a belief to transmit thoughts. These thoughts are a type of secondary that you are probably familiar with;

IdiotBeliefs are affected by changes in gravity, by changes in electro-magnetic concentrations, by centrifugal forces, by certain frequencies of energy, by perceptions, even by some unknown forces in the galaxy. Each of these forces can cause a belief to suddenly activate and begin to generate thoughts. Do you know what I am saying?

This is the truth behind astrology. One can knowingly predict when the changing forces of the galaxy will cause a certain belief to shed certain thoughts. Thoughts that become default primaries --as opposed to deliberate primaries-- which if not altered will manifest a specific reality.

Now, if we relate this to the differences found in consciousness, we find that predicting the forces of the universe is a simple matter in the core worlds--simple, because the forces do not change. They are in balance. An equilibrium. There's no factoring in of centrifugal deceleration, no wandering comets or asteroids, no imploding suns, etc.

In the core worlds, there is nothing to cause a belief to transmit thoughts other than the deliberately focused attention of a being.

Now, if you think of the tides in an ocean and the way that the sun and the moon keep the oceans moving, and the effect of our sister planets, and sun spots, and storms arising, and heating and cooling, volcanic activity, the mass of the collective consciousness, you realize that on Earth there are a lot of factors that can cause beliefs to fill the mind with thoughts.

And even though only a few people recognize their random thoughts as sparks brought about from the friction between their beliefs and certain forces, that is what they are.

On Earth we've grown used to unpredictable, even violent, tides of thoughts being randomly wrenched off our beliefs, creating adversarial realities and dreams.

Such occurrences in the core worlds would be quite distressful. There, the idea of an unpredictable response or reaction would be quite illogical.

In the region of the rim worlds of this galaxy, thinking is spectacularly chaotic. It is virtual madness. Only soul-beings who have totally discreated all transparent beliefs and all identities can live in this region with any safety.


ScientologySo our galactic stage is set.
It is the time of the first Galactic Confederacy.

In the relative terms of time and space, the events of this story are history for the core worlds of the galaxy, but still part of the future for our planet Earth.

Like all events, they travel in a wave, ripple-of-physical-present, outward from the core worlds. Light images that travel at 186,000 miles per second! Because they have not reached us yet, they are still in our future.

Intuitively, the events are accessible in the spiritual NOW of our collective cosmic consciousness.

Since the opportunity for the role that we may play has not yet fully arrived, we may speak of these events as things that will happen. I will, however, speak of them as events that have already created one version of reality in the collective mind. But I will also remind you from time to time that as a Wizard who travels between the ends of time, the past is no more fixed than the future. So we begin...


Every story must have a miscalculation. A tragic flaw. And the subtle irony of our story is that the miscalculation was, or will be if you watch from Earth ringside, that there is no concept in the core worlds of miscalculation! No concept of random or inappropriate thinking. Not even the experience of a single dream.

The beings of the galactic Confederacy ran their minds like precision instruments. No spontaneous thoughts arose because there are no random gravitational forces in the core worlds to generate them. The mind was a tool. A creation. A warehouse for beliefs. Nothing began nor ended that was not accomplished by the deliberate will of the soul-being. The consciousness of the core worlds existed as a potential, rather than a kinetic, ability.

SaucerThe beings of the Confederacy were able to effortlessly focus their thinking. Focus it very precisely, regardless of how many beliefs their minds contained. And their attention did not wander, was not subject to attraction or reaction to any thought or idea. When they created a belief about something, they could leave it without it ever shedding a single uninvited thought. Thus they could create contrary, conflicting, or contending beliefs and never experience the slightest mental confusion.

Beliefs that do not shed thoughts never come into conflict with each other. They are inanimate creations, mental possessions.
The cultural measure of wisdom for the Confederacy was how many beliefs did a being possess. There was no secondary generation of judgment about the rightness or wrongness of a belief.

Literally, they strove to believe everything. For them, the quantity of beliefs was more important than any imaginary quality. Not to possess a certain belief was a symptom of an Incomplete mind. True wisdom was to have every possible facet of belief or viewpoint about something.

The idea of standing up for or holding only certain beliefs about something would seem very strange to a member of the Confederacy.

And so there's the miscalculation. They miscalculated that a miscalculation was possible.

They continued to create and share every form of belief. Their wisdom expanded, and they accomplished great scientific achievements. Each generation expanded upon the total sum of knowledge. Eventually, it was reasoned, the sum of knowledge would grow so large that a single member of the Confederacy would not live long enough to assimilate it all. That is when the Confederacy adopted the technique known as stimulus indoctrination.

QuackWith stimulus indoctrination, the instructions and data that a person required to perform complex functions could be transferred in a matter of a few hours. The process was similar to going to a cinema, except instead of popcorn there was a hyper-sensitizing drug, and the theater was filled with a high-vibrational plasma of synthetic mental energy. The pictures on the cinema screen ran at several hundred times normal speed. The data was mentally implanted in the viewers. [Scientology also teach this in its secret "upper levels".    Jeta]

Because of the pleasure involved and the tremendous increase in ability, the populations of the core worlds widely indulged in stimulus indoctrination. At first, the films were instructional documentaries--how to program a computer or to repair a space drive. Something like that. Later the films became escapist theater offering memories and events of adventures that really never happened.

Later still, when the Confederacy first began to experience the disturbances, the films became manuals of military instructions and political indoctrinations.

The scientific minds of the Confederacy failed to predict the full consequences on consciousness of massive amounts of stimulus indoctrination. They assumed that they were dealing with a one lifetime organ called a brain. They did not realize that the implants were actually interfering with the mind-generating blueprint of a soul-being.

The problem was that biological organisms die, but the soul-beings re-assumed new biological organisms and carried forward the programming to generate a new mind with the same old stimulus indoctrinated beliefs. And then in the new lifetime more stimulus response beliefs would be programmed.

IdiotIf part of the training a soldier in one lifetime was to blow a whistle stimulus to produce adrenalin and the soldier attacked, and the stimulus for training a factory worker in another lifetime was to blow a whistle and everybody went on break, you can understand the guilt and uneasiness that this would cause somebody who carried both programs. It wouldn't be much of a break!

Now add to this the fact that the galaxy was expanding and new gravitational forces, the disturbances, were beginning to upset the collective mental stability of the core worlds...

This was the miscalculation that led to the contraction of the core Confederacy. This was the serpent in the garden. The serpent represents stimulus indoctrinated beliefs coiled in the mind ready to strike. The garden of Eden refers to the collective consciousness of the core worlds before the disturbances.

And so the archetypical patterns of our own history begin to emerge.

Death StarThe outer rim of the Milky Way galaxy started to slow, and solid masses with gravity began to condense from large dust particle clouds. It was a snowballing process, slowly at first and then more rapidly. These events caused violent gravitational disturbances that roll across the galaxy in falling domino fash ion. When the balance of gravity was disturbed in the core worlds, spinning began. Soul-beings lost mental control. Lifetimes of stimulus indoctrination caused minds to over-excite.

The disturbances, as they were called, came in two major waves approximately 20,000 years apart by our measure of time. The first was the worst. The core worlds lost contact with the Galactic Council and almost immediately fell into anarchy. A succession of semi-psychotic civil authorities struggled to gain control but only accelerated the disintegration. Civil wars and bad decisions were the fare of the day.

Many civilizations tumbled into an oblivion of chaotic disorder and would again start at the bottom of the cultural ladder that evolution follows. When the disturbances abated, groups would reform and follow the long path through the age of the hunters, the age of the gatherers, the pastoral age of the shepherds, the agricultural age of the farmer, back to the industrial age of the scientist.

Thus all of the core civilizations arrested their development in an industrial age. The barrier to an enlightened age was the collective belief that sciences and technologies could solve every problem.

But there were doubts.


In reality many of the scientific solutions created new, more critical, problems to be solved. A self-perpetuating cycle began. It led to an even greater emphasis on the application of sciences and technologies for solutions. More and more science. Civilizations hung on by a technical thread.

There are only two directions in which an industrial civilization can go. It will evolve into an enlightened civilization, or it will eventually face an apocalypse of its own design and tumble backwards into its own debris.

Scout TrooperThere was only one planet in the core worlds that made the step. One civilization where the collective consciousness freed itself from the shackles of belief and evolved into an enlightened age. Only one! Its name was Estro-Companion!

The rest of the worlds celebrated their scientific discoveries and proudly displayed their accomplishments. But go their own ways they could not, for the second wave of disturbance began to hit the core worlds. It was far less powerful than the first and spared a small circle of worlds around Karsak of Triton. Only on these worlds did the obsession with science continue.

The remaining civilizations of the Confederacy realize they were trapped on the worlds at the static core and that safe space in the galaxy was shrinking.
To condense the history of the centuries that follow, let me say that whenever you find civilizations that imagine they are facing a limited amount of a critical resource, generations of wars and national intrigue follow.

Death StarKarsak of Triton became a fortress world, full of refugees from the outer planets. Inflexible judicial bodies decided the fate of who could stay and who had to leave. Millions are cast out. Cast into the outer darkness to fend for themselves. Fates are dark and uncertain.

But on Estro-Companion a different history unfolds.


Estro-Companion was never more than a Confederacy outpost on the fringe galactic core. Because of its great distance from Karsak of Triton, and its small budget, its populations had only a limited exposure to stimulus indoctrination.

EmperorFrom the time of the first disturbance, Companions were abandoned by their Confederacy rulers. The Companions had no choice but to cope with the gravitational disturbance. They refer to it as the time of the first lesson.

And so in a way, fortune also favored Estro-Companion, and as the first disturbance abated, the beings on this world matured, and for the first time a civilization of the galaxy evolved into an age of enlightenment.

Companions came to understand the effects of gravity on beliefs. They learned to stay out of their thoughts and to balance the energies created by their beliefs. So effective were their techniques that by the time of the second disturbance, life continued without interruption on Estro-Companion.

In the final years of the Confederacy, stories of Estro-Companion passed among the civilizations of the core worlds. It was considered a miracle that Estro had survived both the first and second disturbance. Estro assumed mythical proportion, and counsellors and advisors looked to it as a great source of spiritual inspiration. It became the goal of many sacred pilgrimages, but because it was in the region of gravitational fluctuations, only the strongest willed could reach it.


The word "angel" has its root in the word "Estro". Stories of Estro-Companions are the intuitive source of our collective conscious ideas of "heaven". They are the archetypical source for our concepts of angel-companions or guardian angels.

The Master(tm)The Companions became spiritual teachers and traveled throughout the core worlds. It was said that they could cross the bridge that links minds. They were considered wise advisors, and their lessons were respected. To seekers of wisdom they taught the lesson of presence in presence which offered a safe perspective from which to view thinking. To the powerful they taught the advantages of compassion. Soon their influence reached as high as the inner circle of the "Supreme Galactic Council on Karsak of Triton".

To the Supreme Galactic Council, the Companions were valuable in another way, in a very practical, scientific way.

The Council reasoned thus: because the Companions knew the secret of operating within changing gravitational fields, they were able to travel to the outer core worlds and beyond. They could overcome the catatonic space madness that incapacitated the pilots and navigators of Karsak's space fleet. They could make valuable scientific observations from worlds that had been abandoned! They were valuable to the Confederacy.

So these two factors, the fanatic dedication to scientific progress by the Karsak Confederacy and the mental abilities of the Companions came together. It was an alliance so important that had it not been forged, the rest of history would be nothing more than a diminishing ripple in time.

Klingon CruiserThe finest achievement of the alliance was the construction of a spectacularly equipped space fleet crewed by Companion pilots.

Enterprise.gifShortly the Companions began to explore and to colonize the middle regions of the Milky Way galaxy. They sowed the seed of life on thirty-three worlds, including our planet Earth. Regrettably, the evolution of the original lineage of intelligent life on Earth was later interrupted and destroyed by refugee colonists transported by the Companions as an act of charity.

These colonists were a group of soul-beings that the judicial bodies of Karsak exiled--a contemptible lot of felons and insane. They leave only slight physical traces in Earth prehistory of, their invasion, but their genetic ancestoral influence on Earth civilizations remains to this day. But this is another story.


Back on Karsack. In a last great outpouring of scientific research, the great technical minds of Karsak of Triton tackled the problems of creating timecraft. And in a huge aerodrome on a moon of Karsak they finally succeed, but not without creating some new mysteries. The Companion test pilot who pushes beyond the boundaries of time is not the same one who returns. Also, they do not understand their constant feeling of deja vu or do they understand where the Companions go...

These are mysteries they never solve. For they were also about to disappear, not into time, but into the apocalypse of their own self-perpetuating scientific enquiry.


DynamiteNine hundred centuries after the appearance of sentient life in the core worlds, the last days begin. Problems. Solutions. Problems. Solutions. Problems. Sol...The Karsak of Triton blight bomb!... End of line!

The blight bomb was probably an accident. It probably wasn't even a weapon. More likely it was some idle scientist's investigation of wave frequency and genetic patterns. Regardless, it was the all-time serendipity of mass destruction.

It started a chain reaction that discreated, at a very ancient primary level of consciousness, the blueprint for the chemical process of photosynthesis.

Everything green died.

IdiotThe blight spread by a low order telepathic chain reaction from gene pool to gene pool, from civilization to civilization, from one core world to another, radiating from Karsak outward.

Karsak of Triton became a great gray stone, much of its population dying from starvation. Synthetic chemical diets prolonged the inevitable for a few.

This is the archetypical apocalypse that echoes back to us from the words in our religious books.

Milk BottleBut there is a ray of hope for lifekind. Estro-Companion!

The frequency of the collective planetary consciousness of Estro-Companion causes it to be immune to the blight. Estro-Companion is spared. The blight returns to a dormant state and settles back into the primitive consciousness from which it was awakened.

But it is not over. A growing circle of Companion test pilots, whose eyes have become windows into time, recognize the ever lurking danger--in the absence of enlightenment, the blight may reawaken and destroy the mid-worlds.

They accept the responsibility that fate has dealt them. They vow a mission to carry enlightenment to the mid-worlds. The vow is allowed to sink deep into the collective living consciousness as a seal upon the self-destruction that must not be reawakened.

The pilots explore time end to end. And on occasion they visit a port in time, a huge aerodrome on a moon of Karsak, and pick up another craft for their fleet.

Always they search for those points in time and realities where there is the opportunity to remind and to perform their mission.

WasteThis is the mission: To assist any civilization that has reached its technical maturity to pass safely into an enlightened age before it destroys itself.

I remind you that the Earth is a nursery for life. That its photosynthesis is still intact.

You are going to find that you have a complete recording of all the events my words have pointed to. All you have to do is learn to listen and look in the right direction.

Harry Palmer