The exorcism stuff is the real thing

Avatar denied that its top-level teachings are about the exorcism of thousands of Souls of the Deceased inside everyone. That is, before the secret Avatar courses, including the "Wizard course", were published on Usenet (in the newsgroup alt.clearing.avatar).

Since then Avatar's message to its "uninitiated" customers changed. Now it prefers to question the sanity of people who expose the secret teachings, neither denying nor confirming anything about the exposed secrets. The cult now wants you to believe that there's a "small band of psychos" who want to make Mr. Palmer look bad:

An Avatar Basher is someone who posts or emails deliberately hostile or insulting messages to expose some "terrible truth" about Harry Palmer, Star's Edge, or Avatar Masters. Their intention is to defraud, maliciously misrepresent facts, and spread rumors to discourage people from doing Avatar.

Psychologically, Avatar Bashers fit one or more of the patterns of diagnostic personality disorders detailed in the DIAGNOSTIC AND STATISTICAL MANUAL OF MENTAL DISORDERS. Most have had unsuccessful treatment for mental illnesses.

I wonder which diagnosis fits someone who talks to himself for years while being sure he's talking to thousands of Spirits of the Dead inside him -- as Avatar Wizards and top-level Scientologists do to become enlightened (and thus save the world). :)

Anyway, Mr. Palmer himself proved, unintentionally, that the publications of the courses by the "Avatar Bashers" are the real thing. He sent dozens, if not hundreds, legal complaints to Google in which he demanded removal of all the messages that contained (parts of) the secret courses from Google's Usenet archive.

His copyrights were being infringed... Google removed them.

Thank you Mr. Palmer, this saved "us" Avatar Bashers the trouble of collecting (more) declarations by ex-Masters and ex-Wizards in which they state that the publicized materials are truthful.


The legal complaints are archived at f.e. "". To verify this click on "more", and use the keywords "Star's Edge" and "xs4all" (in two different fields, without the double quotes).