Avatar is not what it appears to be. It is presented as a set of self-improvement exercises, but in reality it is a set of self-hypnosis procedures that sneakily prepares the student to become an exorcist of innumarable non-existent Souls of the Deceased inside him.

Mr. Palmer has been a firm and dedicated believer in the Scientology "Technology" for decades up to today, including its secret top-level exorcism practices.

Mr. Palmer started his own for-profit business enterprise Star's Edge International to make money outside the control of the Scientology "Church", but with its (bastardized) "Technology".

Star's Edge International sells an endproduct which is entirely based on Scientology's secret top-level teachings about "BodyThetans" (in Avatar called "Entities": Souls of the Deceased), and about how to exorcize them.

Mr. Palmer and his partner Avra Honey-Smith wilfully misused Wizard-wannabe's as laboratory rabbits for their own deep rooted possessed-by-spirits delusions. They tried a rewritten "old" Scientology exorcism method ("solo NOTs") on them while knowing this could cause mental ilnesses and suicides.

Jeta Eggers, Amsterdam, NL
March 27, 2007