Eldon Braun threatened

Cults can't stand criticism. They have a pack of dirty tricks to silence those who criticize them. Scientology even has departments for it, called the Offices of Special Affairs. Mr. Palmer knows all about it, since he was President of the Church of Scientology, Mission Elmira for 15 years.

The next four pages in this section give you some examples of threats to people who disagree with Mr. Palmer and his Avatar cult. The last page shows a trick performed by the professional cultist Wayne McMahon.


Eldon M. Braun, a former Avatar Master, received the following threatening e-mail coming from Queensland, Australia.

It was posted on April 19, 2004 through an Italian anonymizer at 6:18 am there, which would put it at 12:18 pm Australia time, I believe. This was the day after the conclusion of a "Avatar Masters' Course" for trainers in Queensland.

To        : Eldon Braun
From      : YouKnowWho@BeWarned.com
Date      : Mon, 19 Apr 2004 06:18:12 +0100
Subject   : Watch your steps...
Message-ID: 0766f1218041344WEBS13@webs13.aruba.it

As you know, I follow your \"work\" online. I have grown tired of it and very soon you shall feel the consequences of your actions. Cease and desist.

This is your final warning! My power is beyond that which your pathetic puny mind could imagine. Until now, this has been a war of words. Soon it shall become open war. Any further attacks against me shall be replied to tenfold.