Disclosing the Avatar exorcism secret is cruel

Wonder why this unique entity exorcism method is being withheld from the general public and Avatar's own undergraduates? Why withhold something that could save the world?

The (also secret) Avatar Master Course tells us why on page 36:

"Giving someone the materials "just to read" is not only illegal, but it is an act of cruelty."

Cruel? It is cruel to enlighten Avatar prospects on this insanity? . . .

You know what is cruel, Mr. Palmer? Selling spiritual seekers bastardized self-improvement exercises while sneakily not telling them that these are, in your twisted views on reality, preparations for "top-level" hypnotic exorcism methods.
DollarBut what does Mr. Palmer care. To him the most important is the money that flows in. That's the main reason the Entity stuff must be kept secret at all cost. Students have to sign a contract stating that each breach of confidentiality will cost $10,000 (2007).

A secondary reason is that he doesn't want to become the next universal clown once this gets widely known. In this regard he does not want to follow his Great Teacher L. Ron Hubbard®, the founder of the Scientology cult.


Real life examples of Mr. Palmer's materialistic nature can be found in the section Scientology Roots / Declarations by ex-Scientologists.

Proof of his delusions of grandeur are in the section The top-Wizard speaks, where some of his writings are collected.