Declarations by ex-Scientologists
(who worked with Harry Palmer and Avra Honey Smith)

Mr. Palmer wants his 15 years as a dedicated and leading Scientologist out of public view -- because it's bad for his neo-Scientology Avatar business, no doubt.

Unfortunaly for him there are ex-Scientologists and former friends who were deeply harmed by his cash-hungry and dictatorial behaviour during this period. Something he refuses to set right, up to this moment (March 2007). He prefers to "discreate" the serious problems he caused, meaning: ignore them.

In this section you find declarations by ex-Scientologists who worked with him and his partner Avra Honey-Smith for years. The reader can probably contact most of them via the Usenet newsgroup alt.clearing.avatar (via Google).

More on this can be found in the section "In depth" in the "Elmira Star Gazette series".



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