MoneyDeclarations by ex-Scientologists
(who worked with Harry Palmer and Avra Honey Smith)

Usenet posting Gale Lyons

From      : Gale Lyons
Date      : 12 Jul 2004 05:17:21 -0700
Newsgroup : alt.clearing.avatar
Subject   : Re: Harry's affidavit to the
            NY State Dept of Labor

[Eldon Braun wrote:]
In this case, if the Center for Creative Learning was just another name for the Scientology Mission of Elmira, it seems to me that would be an additional aspect of misrepresentation, because in theory at least, Harry was mingling accounts and perhaps covertly selling Avatar as a Scientology course.

Ok Eldon,

To make this a little clearer please keep in mind that the COS (Church of Scientology) and Scientology course are two seperate things.

Here is the story. After Harry left the Church of Scientology --at least he said he had-- and even a couple of years before that, Harry was selling pirated Confidential Scientology Courses to the students including my daughter, Maryann. I know this, many of her loans were in my name.

All of the students thought that Harry had left the COS long before they kicked him out in 1986. The money they were putting on account was for Scientology courses, but not for the Church of Scientology. It was for the CCL (Center for Creative Learning). They/we did not know that Harry was still president of COS, Mission of Elmira in 1989. This has been a shock to us all.

After that big meeting of the students with money on account Harry gave Maryann $7000. That was about 1/2 of what she had on account. When Avatar came out Maryann was one of the few students that Harry allowed to take money off account to do Avatar. She paid $1500 for it.
   She was around #9-10 to attest to Avatar. Harry gave her the $7000 refund after she attested to Avatar so the money for Avatar was not included in the amount left on her account.

All the money people had on account was never intended for the COS. It was for the CCL/Harry. Not one single person thought that they would go to the COS to collect those services. CCL/Harry owes those services including the ones that people never finished. Yes, that's right; most students had several unfinished courses. They would no sooner get started on a course when Harry would tell them they "needed another course first". He would send the registar to hard sell them another course for $1-4000.
   The money for the undelivered courses went directly into Harry's pocket. It never became VSD (value of service delivered) so it was never used to run the Mission.

Carmen is one of the few that paid for a course that Harry was supose to send to the COS. It was a confidential course. Carmen later found out that she didn't need that course, but Harry never refunded her the money. He says he gave it to COS in Buffalo. They have no record of it. Harry still owes Carmen $8000 plus interest.

Now, I want to know if Maryann can get a refund of $1500 that came off her CCL account for Avatar. Yes, Harry played favorites. It was to pit one student against another.
   At one time or another every single student was his favorite. Harry is a power/control freak. Remember, Maryann surprised Harry with her ability to negotiate and he tried to hire her to negotiate against the other students. Her integrity was impeccable and she told him NO.

I hope this clears up some misunderstandings. I know that it is very confusing. Harry had to make it confusing to keep us all off his case.

If anyone needs something clarified please don't hesitate to ask. If any old students, with money on account or undelivered courses, are out there that haven't come forward yet please contact me. We are in the process of getting together a class action suit. Harry and Avra, you remember my niece, Roseannette. Her and her husband are both attorneys. Yes, one of them can practice in Federal Court. Hahahaha

Wanna settle?