MoneyDeclarations by ex-Scientologists
(who worked with Harry Palmer and Avra Honey Smith)

Usenet posting Carmen Gebhardt

From      : Carmen Gebhardt
Date      : 2002-07-04 11:53:07 PST
Newsgroup : alt.clearing.avatar

OK, so what is Harry Palmer up to now? Same old. Same old?

Harry created his own problems when he used, cheated, and lied to those that trusted and believed him.

I have just realized that maybe Harry is a multiple personality. This would explain why he can be in such denial of what he has created in his quest to have money and power. When he can't remember or denies his inappropriate actions he really believes he didn't do anything wrong. That could be the alter personality, the good guy that doesn't know what he actually has done. That's how he protects himself and is able to keep going. The information that I have seen written in the Wiz of Orlando speaks the truth. Well actually not the complete truth -- that is even worse.

As far as drinking and drugs -- I am one of his old time drug buddies. I am not just talking about alcohol and marijuana, I am including stuff like LSD. I even have a home movie of some of his antics. Maybe we can all see them during the trial.

In reference to his drinking, he had demanded his staff and students buy him Dom Perignon at $50 a bottle, and he drank it all in a short time, day after day after day.

And please Harry no more threatening phone calls. The last time, I posted Harry called me and told me he was going to ruin my life.

Please as many of you try to make it to the movies. The time is yet to be determined, but the location will be the Federal Court House in Orlando Florida.

Margie and Kathy if I don't see you before, I will see you at the movies.