MoneyDeclarations by ex-Scientologists
(who worked with Harry Palmer and Avra Honey Smith)

Letter Bruce 2002

From      : Gale Lyons
Date      : Sunday, September 12, 2004 4:21 PM
Newsgroup : alt.clearing.avatar
Subject   : Re: Elmira Speaks about Harry Palmer

Here is a letter written by Bruce in 2002. In it he talks about his wife being suspended from the Elmira Mission. The reason she was declared a supressive person (SP) and suspended, was she asked Harry, who had been trained, to deliver the Happiness Rundown. Of course, I had been delivering it without any training up to that point.
    Harry got enormously paronoid by this woman who had been his friend for many many years and went on a witch hunt. I guess he had many past trespasses restimulated by her to have reacted so strongly.


I was a student at the Elmira Mission of the Church of Scientology from 1978 to 1981. During that time I purchased and was not allowed to complete five (5) courses. What happened was, I would pay for and start a course. Shortly into it I would be told that it was the wrong course. I would then be told that I had to buy a different course and complete it before I could continue the first course. This happened five times. The courses were; Happiness Rundown, PTS/SP course, Dianetics, Personal Ethics and Integrity, and the Method 1 co-audit.

I was never allowed to finish any of these courses. In 1981 when Harry Palmer suspended my wife, Carmen, I was called into the Mission and given an ultimatum. I was told that if I stayed married to Carmen I could no longer have services at the Mission. I, of course, chose to stay married. The total cost of these undelivered courses is about $5500. This was money that I paid for services and never received. I was never given a refund or allowed to complete the courses.