Offline reading & how to mirror this site

This web site is available as a so-called "zip-file". A zip-file contains other files that are compressed. The size of the site is deliberately kept as small as possible, only approximately 1.3 MB; the zip is 780kB. This is done to make the site well-accessable too for people with slow internet connections.

For offline reading all you got to do is:
  1. Download the file avatarcult-info-20180322.zip,
  2. Save it in a directory (map) of your choice,
  3. Unzip it by (double) clicking on the zip, now stored on your hard disk,
  4. Start reading "avatar-introduction.html" --- also by clicking on it.

All the internal links will work. Links to web sites on the internet only work when you are on-line, of course.

It's likely that the site will be modified in time. The latest zip-version can always be found at www.avatarcult.info, in the section "Free courses / Misc / Offline reading". The number in the name of the zip is the production date reversed. When a modification took place the dates on the pages (top right), will be adjusted.

To mirror the site on the web the same zip can be used. Unzip it in a WWW-directory of your choice, f.e. "a-mirror". The startpage of your mirror site can be:

http://www.yoursite.wherever/a-mirror/index.html    or

All internal links point to avatar-introduction.html .

If you have a mirror active, please let me know.