Microsoft and the Internet Exploiter

If you use the Internet Explorer there's a chance that this site isn't displayed as intended. Or worse: it might be a mess (not tested). The reason for this is that Microsoft(tm) doesn't follow the international standards for web browsers---to bind its customers to its very unsafe and wobbly products.

NoMSieThere's a good solution to this. Go to the Firefox website and download their open source browser with the same name for free. Installing it is as easy as can be and once you use it the urge to rummage with the Internet Exploiter will disappear rapidly.

A much better, be it a bit more difficult, solution is to use another, free and open, operating system next to Microsoft Windows. If you do that you will never be bothered again with viruses, trojans, root kits, unwanted pop-ups, blue screens of death, hacked computers, and so on. All caused by the very poor design of the MS products.

Below are two sites, out of many, where you can download a free so-called liveCD. With it you can run your PC completely independent of Windows while there's nothing installed or changed on your hard disk. That way you can try a new, fully functional, free system without any risk. And If you like it, it can be installed (on the hard disk) next to Windows.


A list with many more liveCD's and Linux "distro's" can be found here: frozentech.com.

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