Guestbook & newsgroup alt.clearing.avatar

At the moment this site has no guestbook of its own running. But there is (a commercial) one at http://thanks.write2me.nl/. It's hardly being used, but still contains a few hundred messages.

I doubt there will be a guestbook on www.avatarcult.info in the future because there is a much better alternative: the unmoderated text-only Usenet newsgroup alt.clearing.avatar.

Unmoderated newsgroups can't be censored in front, due to the clever technical construction of the Usenet. Anyone can say anything whenever he wants. That's why cults like Avatar and Scientology, and other groups that have something to hide, hate it so much.

Postings (messages) in text-only newsgroups are being archived by, for example, Google. Don't forget that if you post something. Don't forget also that alt.clearing.avatar is being read by Avatar cultists. It's likely that Mr. Palmer reads it, while there are indications that he posts there anonimously. You're being adviced to read the newsgroup for a while, before posting something in it.

I hope that the information on this site will be helpful to spiritual seekers. In the sense that they stay away from, or leave, Avatar, Scientology and other groups that pretend to have answers, but in reality have none.


Jeta Eggers

March 27, 2007