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2004-07-16 00:29:09
Thank you Ronald for revealing the truth about this neo $cientology ufo menace and for posting the complete text at Luminaire.

You will set the minds of all Europe free smiley

Grem smiley
Gob smiley
2004-07-16 18:35:25
Vielen Dank Ronald!
Stars Edge scheint mir ein Kult der Geldgier.
Harry Palmer scheint mir ein geldgieriger Schwindler. Dank f.r Ihre Artikel. Sehr informativ!

Gr..e, Marrianne
Karl Heinz Vossel
2004-07-16 20:11:48
Danke Ronald!

One of the most destuctive mind control cults on the planet. Perhaps second only to the cult leader's molders: $cientology.

It is truly frightening to think this cult would inflict their sick and corrupt Enlightened Planetary Civilization on humanity.

I for one will resist the EPC knock on the door in the middle of the night.

Thank you Ronald for helping to decimate it.
Pekka Susborg
2004-07-17 04:11:47

The course you and your friends posted on Luminaire is illuminating. Will this be shared in more languages than Dutch and English?

Your detailed explanations of the CHP and Feel-its are wonderful. Thank you for saying no to confidentiality. Thank you too for interweaving fair use passages from the original course and for explaining Palmer's Scientology jargon.

Hugs, Pekka
Waldek Zwadski
2004-07-18 00:04:25
Dear Ron,

Thank you ever so much for posting the materials so all can enjoy without enriching the outer space cult and their wierd system of masters and wizards. It is good that you found a server not subject to international copyright law. Cults must have their legal protections stripped.

Long Live Luminaire!

Avatar Survivors ...
2004-07-18 17:27:44

Thank you for championing our cause against the wolf in sheep's clothes. We, who managed to get out with some semblance of sanity, salute your courage against the lies.

Getting out the truth about the neo $cientology ufo org is a higher calling.

Think of those who remain trapped in the strange fantasy world and the mind numbing cliches. Those thousands of robotic vassals who troop to the Wizard's courses for their further enslavement to a bizaare Enlightened Planetary Civilization where everyone will become aligned with Palmer's galactic doctrines. The Neo $cientology ufo org is Rael with jagged teeth and a secret agenda.

Thank you Ron for resisting. Thank you for seeing the wolf in sheepsclothes and showing it to the world.

Others, if you have loved ones trapped in the upper levels, please consider forced deprogramming.

Much love, Avatar Survivor's League
Pedro Almod.var
2004-07-18 17:52:45
Ronald Cools, estoy contento de haber visto tu website! Me alegro que hayas podido desvelar el supuesto ''secreto'' CHP. Estoy contento de que lo hayas publicado. Espero que Stars Edge pierda su posici.n de monopolio...

El pasado de Harry Palmer debe ser expuesto!

Stars Edge explota a la gente y eso no es muy espiritual. Ronald, creo que la historica de Margie Hoffman, Gale Lyons, Carmen Gebhardt y Eldon Braun te afecta. Harry Palmer nada m.s quirere llegar a ser rico. Gracias por los art.culos de Elmira Starr Gazette!

Como pueden llegar a ser Harry Palmer y Avra Honey Smith tan crueles con una ni.a de 12 anos! Terrible!.

Adi.s Pedro Almod.var
yeni .ye
2004-07-19 09:35:31
Ronald, websiten te.ek.r
Bunu bizimle payla.t...n te.ek.rler
Her.eyi okudum, ve gerCekten .ok oldum
Harry Palmer Ron Hubbard gibi, zengin olmak istiyor, ba.ka bi.ey Star's Edge bi.ok Ki.iyi yan.ltt.
Sana ve iyi .anslar diloyorum!
2004-07-20 16:24:56
Great site!!!!!!!
Ronald Cools
2004-07-20 17:38:59
Undemocratic Spiritualy
the last taboo
to be smashed


Testimonial of an Avatar Master, still part of the network of Stars Edge International:

"The tools are wonderfull, but the system that delivers them is corrupt. I welcome Eldon Braun's Source Course".
Bruno "Jelli" Dor...
2004-07-24 02:04:46
Hi Ron,

With glee I celebrate the arrival of your website and end of Neo $cientology ufo cult.

It never ceases to amaze me that these imbeciles swallow Palmer's spiritual sounding pablum. Oh well. It will be disrobed here.

Bristol Jack
2004-07-26 04:03:13
Well Ron,

Wayne the moron imposter created another fine mess for his cult pimp.

First Wayne got Eldon fired up and he published the Source Course. Strike one.

Then Wayne got Manny fired up and Manny started the movement to get the ufo cult booted out of Germania. Strike two.

Wayne's World defamed you and you turn around begin construction of a major information website on the ufo cult and a give away of 'confidential' materials. Strike 3.

Wayne thanks for skying the pimp.
smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley
2004-07-28 20:57:47

The cult put the art show and the enemies of enlightenment back up. Guess they didn't want to leave anything for the imagination.

Epecially with Dutch and European journalists using Cool092 as a knowledge base.
Jurgen Kroeger
2004-07-29 02:24:53
Thank you Ron for getting the true story of this cult out in the open.

When mock up $cientology squirrel is finally toppled and it's disciples are returned to some semblance of normalcy, your name will be enshrined among the stars along with Eldon, Manny, Gale, and Sarge and many others who have fought to hurl back the ufo sect.

Bless even the tireless worker Wayne McMahon who has turned Avatar into a tasteless joke.

Jurgen Kroeger
Leo Swinkowski
2004-07-30 20:12:03

I too longingly await the day when Avatar is only a tiny footnote in the history of cults.

No reason exists for their continued operation.

Militant Anti-Cult
2004-08-01 09:43:08
Hail Jeta,

This night your master's course postings have taken wing and are in many far off places. Cached and Mp3ed for the further disemination away from the watchful eyes of the snake.

Let us prey upon the snake.

Soon Wizards will be brought out into the light. Its gross insanity will be revealed.

Death to the neo $cientology ufo cult!

Death to all cults!

Militant Anti-Cult smiley
2004-08-01 18:34:56
Danke Jeta!




Go Jeta go!
Dr. Manfred Forest
2004-08-01 22:50:02
Good show Ron,

You're doing an fine job of defrocking Harry's fake spiritual garbage.

Regards, Manfred Forest
Harry Palmer Quotes
2004-08-02 22:13:24

"If another questions your beliefs, it is a hostile act motivated by evil" Harry Palmer

"We went from college to college, eating in student cafetarias on BORROWED ID's, and when we were lucky , we slept in vacant dorm rooms."
Harry Palmer and the early signs of I'm above paying philosophy.

"As long as no one asks me to explain anything, I know it all." Harry Palmer
Alberto Trujillo-...
2004-08-04 20:28:51
Hola Ron

The day will come when this rogue cult is outlawed by every country in the world. Let Germany, France, and the Netherlands lead the way. Perhaps within a few years the last vestages of the cult will be cleansed from the Earth.

Beneath the seemingly benign exterior of the initial Avatar course are upper levels which make Scientology's Xenu insanity pale. Here resides the flowering of mind control and the ufo delusions that Gale warned us about.

The death threats to Ron are tiny fissures in the monster's mask. Thank you Ron for your courage!
Mariel Orle
2004-08-05 21:41:59

Thank you for this eyeopening website about the Avatar cult. Mr. Palmer's quotes and passages in the Master's Course reveal a self-absorbed and not particularly intelligent cult leader on the order of a Rev. Moon. An L.Ron Hubbard copycat without the sharpness upstairs or the following. Self-inflation and aggression will get Palmer only so far before his trail catches up. Ronald you're doing a super job of exposing Harry and his little known cult.

While Palmer's course is rapidly becoming an anachronism because other trainings are passing it by, your website and its revelations are succeeding in tamping down the dirt on Avatar. 2 maybe 3 years from now they may have a phone room in Korea or the Phillipines. Harry's course is finished in North America and most of Europe. He lacked what it takes to follow in the footsteps of his heroL. Ron Hubbard. Too bad. You can only bend reality so far.

Emanuel Sobiba
2004-08-06 23:36:10

So good of you to reveal the facts of true mission of the Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

With mirrors of your site and your site in all the search engines you can save many from this mercenery scam.

Please post information where people, who manage to get out, can go for help and where families, who were broken by this group, can go.

Your work is a work of love. God bless you.

Brian G. Crabb, PhD
2004-08-07 21:33:06
Ronald Cools is now a treasured and trusted personal friend of mine as a result of our common disenchantment with the Star's Edge enterprise. We share very similarand equally disturbing experiences of this organisation and its products.

For ten years now I have felt the emotional scars of even being associated with an "Avatar Master". Personally, I do not necessarily agree that the Avatar tools are good in themselves, but I can let that go.

The central message is that those who get drawn into the program often (not always) get sucked into an ever-escalating thirst for more and more power and prestige, along with the concomitant monetary benefits, even a basic set of human ethics being something to be ridiculed as the self-imposed problem of the "victims" of their frankly psychopathic behaviour.

The personal power these aspirants seek is entirely at the cost of any ethical or moral conscience. That is the essence of it - how they hurt others is not their responsibility. Enough said.
Walter Sakett, Psy.D
2004-08-08 22:02:56

Thank you for your efforts in bringing attention to the Avatar cult.

I've observed cults for nearly 23 years and have studied the uncommon trend of the "doomsday cult". The "doomsday cult" is a particular breed of cult which includes the infamous Jones Town cult, the Elizabeth Claire Prophet Doomsday cult, the Branch Davidians, and the Hale-Bopp Comet cult to name a few.

As these cults become less popular they separated themselves from the world, became informationally isolated, predict world catastrophe, arm themselves, threaten their critics and finally tail-spin into violence.

The Avatar cult carries all the tell-taleearmarks of the doomsday cult phenomena. The bizarre utopia. Threatening critics with violence. The hidden ufo agenda. The spiritual elitism which eventually breaks down into violent separtism. The narcissistic leader with a solipscistic view of "reality". An elite secret inner society of Wizards. All signs of a dark and menacing evolvement.
Brian Crabb PhD
2004-08-10 10:53:26
Important Announcement!

Here is a quick and easy diagnostic test to see whether you are living with limiting beliefs. (It is OK to live like this, if that is what you want).

Do you attach value rigidly to any person, organisation or system of thinking?

Yes? Then you are living with limiting beliefs - secondaries to bediscreated. I will free you from these shackles - starting from $2,000 for a nine-day course. Confidentiality required, of course.
Brian G. Crabb, PhD
2004-08-10 12:07:39
Dear Ananda,

I read your contribution to Ron Cools' website, and I was curious as to your own point of view. Do you really believe what you wrote, or are you joking? Why would you believe that Harry Palmer was not involved in Elmira, or just briefly so? Is there evidence for this? The Avatar graduates I have been involved with seemed to think they didn't need evidence for their beliefs, as the beliefs created the facts. Perhaps that is your point of view too?

Confidentiality applies to original intellectual material. Harry Palmer's material is not original. Just rewording Scientology run-downs, for example, doesn't constitute originality. That would be like me rewriting War and Peace in my own words and then copyrighting it. He simply claimed that it was original in order to attract the interest of potential clients.

The first deceit was not Ronald breaking the sworn confidentiality agreement, therefore, but Harry claiming that his material was original. Isn't that clear to you?
David Fralic
2004-08-10 16:08:56

Please consider gathering some of your growing stack of evidence and putting it in PDF brochure ready form on your website. This way we can distribute brochures at Avatar enclaves, to media persons who are seeking succinct wrapups of this cult, and to various government and law enforcement agencies.

When the cult attempts to infiltrate schools and businesses with their $cientolgy style trainings we'll have something of substance in hand to give to concerned parents, teachers, and school management. Suggest that Avatar's new aliases be posted. Apparently they tried to pass into the Australian school system with some new names.

I agree this is bad outfit. The Enlightened Planetary Civilization should set off alarms, but it doesn't always. An educated citizenry is a protected citizenry.
Josef Maricu
2004-08-15 09:26:53

Thanking for cult gang rape of tech. Beautiful. Maybe 8 months. A year. No more pig cult. Great!

Loren Caldwell
2004-08-18 10:30:23
To Ron,

It's great you created this website to finally give voice to the many thousands of disatisfied and disheartened customers of the Avatar who were scammed on enlightenment. Please continue to expose the cult and its L. Ron Hubbard imitator.

Those of you who were hurt mentally or financially, please share it with Ron.

Regards, Loren
Hans Greisik
2004-08-19 03:46:12
To the Victims of Elmira and elsewhere,

The war on this cult and it's leader should never end until the cult is completely eradicated.

Leave the anger behind, but never the price owed or the warning that bares repeating.

If I was ripped off for many thousands and millions of dollars I would methodically extract a toll on the con artist until he paid in full. Then such an immoral person should carry a mark upon him as a warning to others for the rest of his life.

Cools092 tells the story. Let it and hundreds of others websites be erected until the cult is no longer.

Let justice triumph.
Little Doritt
2004-08-20 07:24:24

A website repository such as you are constructing can do oh so much damage. I LOVE it! If everyone pulls together we can make an example of this ufo cult.

I LOVE the idea of liberating their tech. How can they sell their bloody course if everyone's tossing it out for free?

Have some friends go to some univerity libraries in Europe and repost the Masters Course over and over in as many newsgroups as possible. Urinate on their cult course I say!

Jeta's postings of the Avatar Master Course is a coup.

They have no way at all of protecting it on the internet. None at all.

Please savage those imbeciles!

Little Doritt smiley
Raymond Pelletier
2004-08-23 09:42:03
Hi Ron,

With some relief my contact was limited with the Avatar cult. Through the coaxing of a friend I attended a Resurfacing 'Playshop'.

It was innocuous enough even though the presenters were quite wifty and the attendees were not terribly different from the types you find at a Forum 'intro nite' or a Tony Robbins rally. Unsophisticated, some even ungrounded. We were even treated a Shaklee presentation prior to the 'playshop' which I found annoying. I left at the first break.
Julie Highsmith
2004-08-25 18:14:05
Hi Ronnie,

Love your answer to the Star's Edge cult.

The only enlightenment anyone gets from Avatar is believing you're a god and later when you crash and feel stupid you awaken to the fact you were had. There's dozens of these scam insta 'you got it' trainings. They play the same basic headgames and prey on the spiritually and emotionally needy.

Highest praise to you, Jeta, and Eldon and the thousands of others who choose to fight back.
Gordon Dempster
2004-08-26 22:22:58
The Avatar Master's Manual leaves no doubt about mind control. None. I saw the worms, the whacko debugging ideas, the heavy abuse of feel-its on trainees, the ultimate process hammer blows. It's no suprise about the mind control charges. It's all there in print in the Master's Course.

You must send quotes of that course to the media and to the psycho-sects watchers. That closes any argument against mind control. It virtually explains why Avatars act the way they act and subscribe to nut ideas like the Enlightened Planetary Civilization.

Jeta got a closer there!
Kay Yellin
2004-08-27 04:06:05
Hi Ron,

I was considering taking the course until I read through the material on your website and at I had misgivings about some of the puff information in their journal and the pushyness of the master I spoke with. Your information made the difference. It's hard to recognize a cult at first take. They can appear like any other training until you find out different.

Kay Nolen
Wilhelm Spolmayer
2004-08-28 05:11:07

While some dismiss Avatar as merely Junior League Scientology or new age scientology I know this is a mistake. Many who are drawn into the upper levels of this org are seriously out of the contact and believe limits no longer apply to them.

Thank you Ronald for putting out an alert.
Kahli Jacobs
2004-08-29 09:30:45

Your website reinforced my views of the Avatar Materials and Palmer. If one wants to become inauthentic, self-centered, and vacuous, Avatar is the path.

It's unbelievable anyone would be so stupid as to fall for the enlightened planetary civilization. After hours and days of feel-its and Creation handling you believe any scraps they toss you.

Kahli Jacobs
Hyun (Devatatu)
2004-08-29 18:41:03
Thank you Ronald Cools,

I never met any Avatar that showed the slightest signs of enlightenment.

It is easily the most cultish of all LGAT and quicky enlightenment trainings. Not even early EST could shine Avatar's shoes in the cult department.

The revelations in the Master's Course are sickening.

This crap is warmed over Scientology.

Resurfacing contains many drills straight from the parent org Scientology. Counting forms is stolen from Scientology.
Ingrid Thomas
2004-08-30 09:30:58

Everyone is pulling for you and Eldon, Gale, Manny, Sarge, Jeta, the Elmirans, and all the thousands of others who want to get this story told and a padlock on the door at Altamonte Springs. Truth will win out!

Ingrid Thomas
Ian Saunders
2004-08-30 16:17:29

After several days on the course your brain is screaming for any shred of reality. All those feel-its take their toll. You simply can not think. The day after day mental pounding grinds your thinking down.

Toward the end of the course you lack any sense of what's real and what's not. It is then you will believe anything. Your mind is as wide open as it gets and you are disoriented and very very high. Right after you were hammered on the lists your mind is an unresisting sponge.

It is in this shattered condition when they ask you how you felt about the course. 'Wasn't it fabulous? Please write this up.' (Dare you complain later when you come down. They have the goods.)

This is where the 'success stories' are born. It is in this utterly defenseless and compromised time when talk of additional courses and going onto masters begins. There's no one standing in the guardhouse. That was emptied days ago.

Mind control or brainwashing? What do you call it?
Erich Metz
2004-08-30 20:07:47
What I fail to understand is how anyone can miss the very loud warning signals in their Avatar Journal and advertising. Enlightenment in 9 days? Contacting mass consciousness? Being Source? Creating what ever reality you prefer? A CONFIDENTIAL course?

Ding. Ding. Ding. It seems like such an obvious burn. Am I missing something here?
Neil Pollak
2004-08-31 06:25:14
I'd never consider the taking the Avatar Course based on the simple fact that Avatars are complete wipes. Seriously did you ever hear Avatars talk? They talk this crap about being able to pick and choose their preferred reality from Source like it's something special. Knock. Knock. It's like these people never heard of making decisions before.

smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley
Ann Bailey
2004-09-01 10:10:56
Hi Ron,

Thank you this invaluable site all about the Avatar cult. I knew about the mind control tactics and the rude pressure sales. I never knew about the ufo part in the upper levels although I knew they did handle alien entities like Scientology does.

Even the worst cults don't work your head over with tech 7 to 8 hours a day for 9 days straight. No wonder the Avatars are gullible. I'm suprised anyone subjects themselves to that. They must be desperate.

Governments should be obligated to shut these kind of flake operations down.
Lash Laroo
2004-09-02 20:47:10

Red shows a supreme distrust for the Avatar students. No small wonder because it's alleged by Elmirans the Red sold upper level $cieno materials without Clearwater's permission.

You the cult student suffers because of Red's tight control and fear of you becoming like him. Another Ripoff Red.

No sane course fails to provide take home materials. You have to depend on one of Red's minions to review the goods. What if you live hundreds of miles away? You have to yeild to their schedule. Why bother? They're FREE now and will remain free.

Only a fool takes a confidential course with no take home materials from a known cult.

Don't be.

It's time to put the Rip on Red. Let him taste his $cieno Karma. Force feed him it. Destroy his miserable cult and its network!
Pierre Baird
2004-09-03 01:49:32
Ron, What mental discipline has at your brain for 9 straight days of brain bombing?

Answer: A cult called Avatar. These people will have their reason whited out.

The processes themselves are innocuous save in the hands of a cult trainerand being abused so many hours. Puddling! No wonder so many avatars aregullible and devoid of common sense.
Eduard Jens
2004-09-05 10:29:28
Avatar is unmatched in the mind control area. $cientology does not batter your mind for 9 straight days for anywhere near as many hours as it's offspring Avatar. Nothing in $cientology's OT levels comes anywhere near the mental fragging as Avatar's 9 days. Even the other famous outer space cults and prophetic cults never work over the brain like Red's ufo cult. Red's ufo cult gets away with it because it hides under the cover 'enlightenment' training.

Enlightened Planetary Civilization smiley
Bobbi McKenna
2004-09-07 01:50:31

There is a somewhat harsh tone to a few of the posts here. I understand the frustration an danger at being ripped off by the Avatar cult. Please don't make fun of persons in the cult because they appear superficial or don't seem very bright or with it. That may be the result of their culting or the disorders which got them into the cult in the first place.

It's tempting to knock someone who glues their world together and finds the "answer" with with quikee LGAT training 'enlightenment'. Please don't. For thegrace of God there go I.

Stick to getting the cult mind control materials out in the open, exposing frauds, getting information about the cult leader's past and present. That's all you need. No need to laugh it up at the expense of people like Michael who seem goofy ordull witted. Remember the cult caved in their ability to think.

Attack the cult not the culted. Kindness will pull more from the cult.

Ananda Sonnier
2004-09-07 05:22:46

Please accept my apologies. I was wrong about Avatar. I know now it is a cult. This was a very painful for me. You do not imagine. I did not want to inquire or to believe this. I spoke with friends in Germany and Belgium who were very helpful.

I still need to understand. Some of it is confusing to me. It is a little depressing as well.

Thanking you always, Ananda Sonnier
Mel Jura
2004-09-11 04:46:33
Ron and Jeta,

Thanks a million for two free avatar courses. You saved me and others a bundle. They make nice backups for the Source Course which doesn't have all that skeevy $cientolgy mumbo jumbo nor the mass consciousness crap.

Look forward to Wizards!
Dominick Sweel
2004-10-23 04:27:43
Thanks Ron,

For letting everyone know about this dopey cult. You campain will turn many off to "create your own pie in the sky". Some will always be suckered into these groups because they lack common sense or they have bad brains. Some people go back to abuse. If they didn't go for Avatar, they'd probably beat their way to the door of some other shitball cult. What can I say? You warned them. Take pride in the wins you get.

Someday soon this ufo cult will run out of gas because "create your own reality" is dying out in interest and the words out about this creep cult. Good riddance. smiley
Norman Ullman
2004-10-31 08:52:31

It AMAZES me they can sell a single course. Everywhere you look this mlm scam is regarded as a cult. It deserves to be.

Thank you for helping to alert the public and shut it down. smiley It must be shut down!
Tom Sperrett
2004-11-06 00:43:43
Hiya Mimi,

Thank you ever so much for giving us a wonderful portrait of cult denial.

Sorry NO ONE in cults ever believes they're in a cult. Been there done that.

Your Scieno ufo cult is at the top of the heap of mind control cults. It's on everyone's cult list as a must to avoid. I guess I've hung out with too many Wizards not to recognize the severe cultism. The case is closed on Avatar and stamped CULT in big bold letters.

Next. smiley
Don Turpelt
2004-11-09 17:37:40
Right on Suddakka,

In total agreement about mind control in Avatar. 7 to 9 days at your brain can frag your awareness and ability to decipher what's real. Look at the friggin course. Worms. Head pounders. Check out the socalled advanced avatars on the upper levels of the ufo mlm. Pure looney tunes.

Like what happens in their father org $pyontology after that get whacked on OT. Totally out to lunch. Some of those cheese heads don't know up from down. Mass consciousness my ass. Skip avatar. Do the Source Course or something that won't make you into a dope.
Mimi Mzungu
2004-11-09 19:03:51
"People come away with cultish cockamamy beliefs in enlightened planetary civilizations and that they can magically master physical reality."

The way as I see above is the following: I see it as a metaphor to make students clear that one can do more than one often thinks one can. Not that one can really master physical reality! I think, and at least hope that many others see it this way as well.

I think the idea of the Avatar course is to change any belief one likes to change (and still fits within the boundaries of the possible), not one that Star's Edge may want to change. That is a rule I always keep in mind. I think when one keeps that in mind during a course, mind control is pretty damn difficult.

Learn, but don't let people mess with you!

I don't think the source course will work when there isn't someone who will help you and has gone through the course himself before.
Arnold Lu
2004-11-10 01:56:59
Thank you Little Dorritt,

Point well taken.

Most able humans learn creation and discreation. The vast majority of us do this without training. It's called decision and choice. Even many cultees manage to pick discreation and creation up with the major impediments of trying to learn it from masters and wizzards.
Simian Rainbow
2004-11-10 07:13:18

You're right about most people being able to learn discreation and creation on their own.

You must remember the ilk that get attracted to Avatar no doubt need "help" to learn. The typically culted are extremely limited to begin with. How else would they fall for the Enlightened Planetary Civilization scam?
Helen Tomacik
2004-11-12 15:23:19

Thank you for this tremendous site. If I did not read the articles at AvatarScam I'd be out $3000. The course appears sedate if you read their literature. They almost had me fooled. I'm not about to get my mind twisted up by some enlightened planetary nuts with 2 weeks training.
Viordas Sapalos
2004-11-18 03:07:15

Formidible insights into one of the globe's more destuctive and little known cults.
This ufo $cieno cult is at the cutting edge of personality obliteration.

One never knows when they will hear a knock on the door in the middle ofthe night from the Karsak level of this cult. Bless you for putting this cult on the fast track to total extinction.
Slum God
2004-12-02 06:39:07
Go Ron,

You have my permission to level the ufo hate cult.

Slum God
Ray Barlinski
2004-12-15 08:29:53

Avatology is strictly bad news. Each progressive step up their bridge takes you closer to whackville. The new Wizards material says it all about this ufo cult.

Keep up the great work!
2004-12-16 16:08:14
Be aware of the mind subjugation tech in Avatology's brutal Integrity Course. With this new mind control jive Avatology robots will come rolling off the assemblyline.

Nothing like guilt and separating from your
sin body to remake you into a docile and compliant cultee.

Have you ever noticed how the word INTEGRITY is tossed around by the cults? What you don't have is often named dropped or used to robotize you. More shekels for uncle Hari.

smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley
Doron Listwa
2004-12-20 05:36:11
fecal matter
caked on
the joy sucked out

smiley smiley smiley smiley smiley
2004-12-21 20:52:48
Avatar needs to be stamped out. It is the enemy of free minds everywhere.
Belle Haup
2004-12-26 20:44:16
Congratultions! At least someone is doing something to spread the truth about Avatar. $2,300.00 - what a waste. Thank You for such a generous, informative, helpful site. Thank you.
james hawthorn
2004-12-31 14:53:48
Good work but still lots to be done, anyone know what is being done in other country's. France, Germany, etc. to ban the teachings of avatar. Who to lobby etc, in the uk.
John Be ham
2005-01-02 05:42:01
Get the straight dope about the twisted world of Avatology and its connection to Karsak Triton. Learn how Red and his cult mouthpiece tried to suppress reality.

Read the Wiz, Eldon's 10, Mind control in the course, FAQ: Is Avatar a Cult, the magazine and newpaper articles about this peripheral $cientology wannabe cult, The Elmira Gazette articles.

A cult by everyones definition. Red lets it all hang out in his "Curse of Avatar", his "Enemies of Enlightenment", his Manson like Karsak rap.

One scarey dude.
One freaky org.
smiley Avatology smiley
Sojourner Truth
2005-01-02 23:24:33
Fail to see how anyone would miss fact that Avatology was anything other than a cult.
If it walks like a cult, it's a cult. If it talks like a cult, it's a cult. If it smells like a cult, it's a cult. smiley
2005-01-07 20:53:29
Thank you Ronald!

Avatology needs to dissapear.

2005-01-20 17:21:52
After 9 days of mind control and avatar speak, your partner comes home and terminates your realationship. She acts and talks like you have not seen before. Anyone had this? And what can you do about it.
Fred Dobbs
2005-01-21 18:27:08
Sorry. There's several options with a cultee. Sever your ties which they've no doubt done anyway or you can seek the services of a skilled deprogrammer.

The ufo cult mentally ramrodded over for 9 days of mind control. you have to aggresively respond. She MUST be deprogrammed. They ripped off her thought process. You need to take it back.

A competent deprogrammer will make a "pick up" and take her to a safe house where they can "normalize" her. It's nasty, but it works. Don't sweat the legality. She's had her head burgled. Your returning stolen property to the rightful owner.
Timothy Austin
2005-01-22 20:11:01
All I can say was the course was a big waste of 2300 dollars. I got nothing I didn't already know. The training was poor quality.
2005-01-27 21:44:11
The course is so so. Certainly not worth a third of what they charge. The tech is ripped off from various spiritual traditions and $cientology. I can see charging maybe $300 tops. It's the luck of the draw with their masters. Many are illequipped to teach. There's no quality control. I can't recommend it.

Those who've gone further up it's wizard bridge are flakes.

Avoid this if you can.
Roland Fierst
2005-01-28 20:05:35
End the cult now. Give away their tech and expose their proven $cieno connection, their ufo upperlevels, and their methods of mind control. smiley
2005-02-05 01:39:18

Price fixing is definitely illegal-- a violation of regulatory statutes. I'm not sure at what point it would technically become criminal.

Of course, blackmail and extortion are criminal activities. However, if an anonymous entity like the Senior Avatar Council accused one of those crimes, it would seem pretty suspect.

They're getting pretty desperate over there on alt.clearing.avatar. Too many revelations popping up. smiley
Randy Hass
2005-02-13 23:42:29
The course didn't live up to any of it's promises. Live n' learn.

Randy Hass
Olivia Norden
2005-02-20 23:08:15
The flashing light warnings a very bright for Avatar. The offer of a utopia. The Elmira ripoff. The ripped off tech. The whackos at Overdrive. People should know better than to go anywhere near perhaps the biggest mind control cult outside of $cientology.

People miss the cues when they're desperate. They don't get it until they wake up 2300 dollars short and all the endorphins worn off. They're no longer God. The embarassment of trying to recruit your friends will fade.

Thanks AvatarScam for flashing a warning!
Rudolph Berbeck
2005-02-22 18:35:58
Good day all,

One of the hallmarks of all cults is their juvenile regard for the self and their futile attempts to expunge it through "psuedo enlightenment". When your self is expunged by cults, they have free access to your mind. Add in a dash of cult utopia.

Avatar scores high in both these cult departments.

Expunge Avatar or avoid it entirely.

I completely support the outing and leveling of the Avatar cult.
Jan DuMorrel
2005-02-25 09:52:07
i encountered much pressure from my master to sign up for masters when i was on course. in the final days of the course you are unbelievably high and sometimes exhausted. they become quite pushy about going on to masters. they make you feel guilty if you don't. berate you. you say yes to many things you do not consider in your right mind.
Michael Burke
2005-02-25 13:22:11
My sister started going to avatar a few years back, and it seemed to help the problems she was having with headaches. Now, however, the more she gooes to these "classes" in Orlando, she is not herself. She is kicking her husband out of the house and wants a divorce. I am just learing about avatar, as she states many things to me about the "wrong" way I live and think about life and death. Any suggestions from anyone? Please
Wladak Dabrodski
2005-03-11 16:37:01
Thank you Ronald and Jeta,

This is a very bad cult when you see through the phoney spiritual mask.

I saw Harry Palmer in Willengen. Quite unimpressive. If you see him you realize instinctively that something is wrong.

Keep up the great work of exposing this cult.
Robert Dillet
2005-03-21 20:26:42
Ronald & Jeta,

As the Avatar ufo devil cult shrinks in size, what's left is bottom feeders like Wayne and other losers. The death threats from the Minnesota Avatar master comes as no suprise. The growing malevolence in this ufo devil cult is surfacing.

It won't be long before uniforms are issued and the cult becomes alien and strange. Hari storm trooper speech in an army uniform at Wizzards set a dangerous precedent.

The zealots have been given a hunting license.
Us versus them is the order of the day.
2005-04-16 19:47:19
Hi Ronald,

great website! Let's continue the job.
Ready to assist if you need me smiley

2005-04-20 17:18:27
Prachtige website. Echt cool ! smiley
Heinrich Spaar
2005-05-02 20:37:37
Keep up the good work exposing this cult.

We await Braun's Source Course which will further hammer the cult's ability to pimp there's.

Posting the Source Course would render the cult's copyright suit useless and give people a superior course.

A word file or pdf file would be great. It's work.
Notice what Operation Clambake was able to do to $cientology by going the extra mile.

Heinrich Spaar
Jani Thompson
2005-05-24 16:23:06

My son and daughter-in-law got involved in this cult for several months. They nagged me into taking the course. What a complete waste of $2300. Read the free Avatar courses emailed from here. That should disuade you from going further.
Eldon Braun
2005-06-02 23:38:59
Hi Tom.

Nice to see you "resurfacing" here. I will ask you and some of the other Elmira folks by e-mail, but I wanted to make this question public as well:

Do you know when Harry Palmer started referring to himself as an "educational psychologist"? I don't recall that he used the title during his lectures in 1987 when he was pitching Avatar as a breakthrough rundown to former Scientologists, but maybe he did around the mission. I would like to narrow down the timeframe so I can include it in the book-length "Wizard of Orlando."

As it turns out, he has never had any kind of credential as a psychologist, which is a regulated, licensed health care profession just like "dentist" or "medical doctor." A couple of Avatar Masters who were recently notified of his misrepresentation said they don't care what the law is.

But the regulatory authorities do care, because it's a felony.

Best, Eldon
Vlad Plinka
2005-08-01 22:27:22

Thank you for exposing the cults mind control elements and excessive guru worship. It sickening to think they can get away with mind control in the USA. Hopefully your website will bring enough heat to end their mindgames.
2005-08-19 20:12:52
We look forward to this cult being banned on Greek soil.

This website gives an accurate picture of one of the dumber cults.
Eldon Braun
2005-08-22 11:29:14
A request: Does anyone have info on when Harry Palmer invented his bogus "psychologist" title? I found an article in a 1991 where he claimed to have an MA degree in psychology (which is untrue; he has an MS in education). But at that time, he wasn't yet claiming to be a licensed health care professional.

I guess he may have a warded himself the fake license sometime in the mid-1990s but I haven't been able to pin down the exact year. So if you remember the first time you heard this or saw it printed, that would behelpful.
Eldon Barun
2005-08-26 15:12:31
I just received an e-mail from the address of Penny Phillips, the Star's Edge house monkey, labeled "from Harry" stating that he has an MS degree in education with a major in educational psychology.

It implies that other people have mistakenly called him an educational psychologist in those interviews he wrote, and that somehow that fake, illegal title just spread all over the Internet to more than 2,000 web pages without his knowledge to encourage his licensed practitioners to practice unlicensed health care worldwide.

What an interesting creation.
Terri Lederele
2005-09-05 16:10:30
In 2002 I happened upon this cult and was invited to a Resurfacing "playshop". It didn't take long to see the heavy handed manipulation to get you to take their course.

They had all too obvious "plants" in the audience to ask all the right questions. Avatar had the unmistakable smell of a cult.
2005-09-06 08:53:58
I just want to thank you for your long efforts to stand up and make people aware of the realities of avatar. Your voice was important to me,

thank you and bless you. K
2005-09-09 07:15:35
I would have signed you're guestbook a while back if I had know the "here" would light up.

Probably others also. Or maybe it's just us americanos smiley
2005-10-05 08:18:52
I also wanted to say I found it a profound recognition of spirituality itself, thank you for writing. smiley
2005-10-16 20:25:13
To those looking for materials, you need to check out the section "Free Master Course" on the main site. There is an e-mail address there you can obtain information.