Examining Avatar's Cult Characteristics

By Families Aware USA [This entity hasn't been created yet :) ]

Consumers of trainings will often inquire if the Avatar Course is a cult. Since this Multi Level Marketing training fullfills all the essential criteria for a cult the answer is a firm yes. Let's examine the basic criteria for cults in regards to Avatar.


QDoes Avatar appear on major cult lists and is it viewed as a cult by experts in the field.

Yes. Avatar is listed on many cult and cultic watch lists (see Wikipedia). It is a topic of discussion on many anti-cult message boards.


QDoes Avatar have critics?

Yes, many. A newsgroup alt.clearing.avatar is dedicated to exposing the cult.


QDoes Avatar, like most cults, stifle criticism?

Yes. Star's Edge has a history of harrassing individuals who criticise the organization and its practices. Avatar has attempted to silence message boards like Examine 2000, The Awareness Page Ozark, and the NAP page.

Avatar has a history of making legal threats. In recent months one of their masters made a death threat to an ex-master and an Avatar authorized message board "Avatar Overdrive" defamed and misatrributed a post to the same ex-master. In the past critics were labeled pedophiles and sex perverts. Avatar has tried to have articles removed from anti-cult websites and from Google to suppress information.


QDoes Avatar promote a typical cultic utopia?

Yes. The nebulous Enlightened Planetary Civilization where everyone's belief system will be alligned with Avatar's guru Harry Palmer.


QDoes Avatar share the typical cultic mistrust of science and critical reasoning?

The written doctrines of Harry Palmer, the cult's guru, actively condemn science and critical reasoning as do many of his disciples.


QDoes Avatar use cultic mind control methods?

Yes, undeniably. In their Master's Course it reveals the use of "WORMS" or ideas passed covertly to the student. There's also the abuse of the Avatar mental techniques which produce confusion and pain killer excess used to covertly breakdown disciples' critical reasoning, defenses, and identities.

These abused mental techniques are used to sell higher level courses and to "develop" intense disipleship. Many Wizards and masters show signs of inflexible thinking, cult denial, and fanatical zeal. Several writeups of the cults mind control tactics were exposed in Germany and by the Pacific Cult Intervention Network [This entity too hasn't been created yet :) ].


QHas Avatar ever gotten in trouble with governments?

Yes. It was booted out of France where Avatar tried to infiltrate companies. It is currently in trouble in Germany where it is being watched closely by the Ministry of Psycho-Sects. In Australia it attempted to infiltrate schools with a Scientology style attention program.


QHas Avatar ever drawn any media attention?

Yes. In New York State, in The Netherlands, Germany, France, and several other countries it has received negative reviews from newspapers, magazines, and television. It's generally viewed in the same light as its father org Scientology.


QDoes Avatar have secret and confidential techniques and doctrines.

Yes. Its mental techniques --which strongly resemble existing mental processes and are uncited-- are confidential and were until recent years well guarded secrets. Now they can be found posted in newsgroups and on message boards.

In the last few years Avatar was linked with ufos and galactic brotherhoods. An article written by the cult's leader Harry Palmer was exposed on the internet and the Star's Edge legal team attempted to have it suppressed. Several connected with Avatar revealed that space entity removal and ufos exist in the cult's hidden upper levels.


QIs Avatar a religion?

Not officially even though it began that way. The Avatar doctrines have a strong religous flavor.


QHow was Avatar developed?

According to Harry Palmer it came to him in an epiphany while in a float tank. Skin specialisits dismiss his story acknowledging 8 weeks 8 hours a day in epsom salts would burn off most of his epidermis. The float tank story sounds implausible to all but the most diehard believers. Further evidence shows that the Avatar doctrines appeared in a speech prior to the float tank saga.


QWhat is the moral character of the utopian Harry Palmer?

Called into question by a number of Elmira residents who claim the Avatar guru bilked them for substantial sums of money. The complete story may be found in "the Wiz of Orlando" and at the newsgroup: Alt.Clearing.Avatar


QWas Harry Palmer ever associated with another cult?

Yes. He spent 15 years in Scientology but passes it off a phase. He was a mission holder (a high rank) for many years in Scientolgy. Scientology also had a suit against him. Read about it at Operation Clambake. Palmer once claimed Avatar was the end of Scientology's "Bridge to Total Freedom".


QDo Avatar masters and wizards ever promise medical and psychological cures?

Yes, a sizable number were caught in a sting operation by a former Dutch Avatar Master who has since received a death threat.


QDoes Avatar associate with other like minded groups or does it stay aloof like most cultic organziations?

Avatar has no connections to other groups and remains in a world of its own where Harry Palmer is at the helm. Many upper level Avatars associate only with Avatars.


QDoes Avatar use a cult jargon?

Yes. Some of it is borrowed from the father org Scientology. The members use a cliche ridden Avatar-speak which separates them from others.


QDoes Avatar have a system of organizational checks and balances?

None. A senior Avatar Council is mentioned, but insiders say it doesn't exist. No names are mentioned to date.


QDoes Avatar have a research facility?

None. The course hasn't changed much since the Scientology jargon was partly removed from the first version of the course.


QWhat does the world spiritual community think of Avatar?

The few who've noticed its existance regard it as a money making shuck. Harry Palmer scored low on Sarlo's guru rating. Most LGAT watchers regard Avatar as an MLM cult which has seen better days. A training on its way out.


QDoes Avatar promote itself as being able to foster special abilities or enlightenment.

Yes. No one's noticed any enlightened beings coming from Avatar--just persons with self-inflation and spiritual superiority. Some believe they're godlike after the course's high. Avatar makes claims about being able to contact mass consciousness and create psi abilities. No one has ever demonstrated any.