How to obtain the secret Avatar courses for free

Three Avatar courses existed in 1989: The Avatar Course, The Avatar(r) Master's Course, and The Wizard Course. These courses (containing only stolen teachings from others) are the base of all courses that were created later. The 'later-courses' do not contain new insights or new revelations, they are just extracts rewritten.

So, if you got the texts of the three base courses, you've got everything Avatar can 'teach' you. You don't have to pay the Avatar cult, or anyone else, for these texts anymore. The mystery 'bait and switch' trick of Harry Palmer has been "discreated"  :).

The base courses are the real thing

In August 2004 and March 2006 a series of more than 100 postings hit the newsgroup alt.clearing.avatar: the full texts of the spasmodic protected secret Avatar exorcism courses became available. You can access this newsgroup with Google groups or with a Usenet newsreader-program on your computer.

After a short while all the postings were removed from Google's Usenet archive (most within 24 hours). This due to dozens of legal complains from Star's Edge Attorney at Law about copyright infringements.

By doing this Mr. Palmer proved,
unintentionally and all by himself,
that this is the real stuff !

Behind Thank you Harry Palmer and Avra Honey-Smith!

This saved "us" Avatar Bashers the trouble of collecting (more) declarations by ex-Avatar Masters and Wizards in which they state that the publicized materials are truthful.

The legal complaints are archived at for a long time to come. If you want to check this yourself: click on the link, and give as keyword: Star's Edge.


The base courses

Wizard course illustrations: zip file

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This service is provided as a humble gift to mankind by the Dutch BodyThetan Organization in cooperation with the Dutch Entity Organization. Rumors go that the first organization is a large secret society that sells healing products to cult members.  :)