Court Hearing February 28, 1998

Harry Palmer
I, Harry Palmer, being duly sworn deposes and say:

1. In the period 1980 to date, I have been President of the Church of Scientology, Mission of Elmira, Inc. (renamed on March 11, 1987, pursuant to Federal Court Order, the Center for Creative Learning), and I am fully familiar with the purposes and practices of this religious corporation and make this affidavit in response to notices of Labor Law violations numbered 07-87-0419 and 0788-0136.


2. The Elmira Mission of the Church of Scientology was a religious corporation that was formed in 1974 for the purposes of establishing a mission to promote, administer and encourage the religion of Scientology and its goals and thus was organized and operated exclusively for religious purposes.

The Church held an exempt organizational certificate which was issued on April 7, 1976 by Francis Maloney, the director of the New York State Sales tax Bureau. (See Certificate No. EX-15115 which is annexed hereto as Exhibit "A".)

Further, in 1977 the State of New York's Department of Labor concluded that the church was not liable for contributions under the New York State Unemployment Insurance Law. ( See letter of Daniel R. Hausmann which is annexed hereto as Exhibit "B".)

When the name of the Mission was changed in March of 1987, to the Centre for Creative Learning, the corporation remained a religious one and still was operated exclusively for religious purposes.

Swore to and signed this 28th day of February, 1989.
Legally approved.


Harry Palmer was still President of the Church of Scientology, Mission Elmira, the moment he launched the Avatar Course...

Star's Edge doen't mention this in its glossy promotional materials...

Not mentioning Harry Palmer being the President of The Church of Scientology of the Elmira branch is misleading potential clients. My attorney agrees. Many innocent people have been cheated this way by Stars Edge. The client has the right to know which product he buys. And Scientology is a controversial organization! Some Scientologists die under suspicious circumstances.

Is this the reason Star's Edge hides the Scientology past of Harry Palmer?

I demand my money back. And I encourage you to do the same, after having read this affidavit. Star's Edge has a bogus PR.

Ronald Cxxxx [last name removed on request Ronald]
Ex-Avatar Master