BodyThetans become Entities

Before giving you the very secret top-level Avatar exorcism method itself, a little about its origin. This to show you that Mr. Palmer has always been, and still is, a true believer in Scientology and its exorcism idiocy. An idiocy he ported to Avatar from the beginning on; an idiocy he did not discover while floating in his 500 kg sensory deprivation tank, which is yet another one of his lies.


You are full of BodyThetans! - art by MiguelitoThe idea that everyone is infested with countless souls of the deceased comes from Mr. Palmer's guru L. Ron Hubbard®, founder of the infamous Scientology cult. Mr. Hubbard himself, in turn, borrowed the idea from different sources and created lenghty procedures (which are very secret too) on how to get rid of them. These procedures are called the "upper levels" or "Operating Thetan (OT) levels". Mr. Hubbard like Mr. Palmer was convinced that he carried thousands of entities in his body, most likely due to long-time abuse of several hard-drugs. Mr. Hubbard's attached souls of the dead were called "BodyThetans".

Harry Palmer Harry Palmer and his partner Avra Honey-Smith practiced Mr. Hubbard's exorcism trainings intensively. They had to, it was the only way to obtain the ultimate goal of every dedicated Scientologist: becoming an "Operating Thetan", the "highest state of awareness possible". Both are Operating Thetans according to these publications of Scientology: Source Magazine Issue #6 (1976) and Issue #20 (1979).

Estro Companion Avra Honey-Smith.The Scientology trainings and studies take decades. And just like in Avatar the students are withheld the fact that everything they do is sneakely aimed at learning how to exorcize their own "BodyThetans".

Before Scientologists arrive at the "upper levels" they are very busy with the erasing of their "engrams", day in day out, year in year out. Engrams are, in short, memories and emotions of nasty experiences in the past. In Avatar this erasing is called "discreating". The erasing processes in Scientology ("rundowns") are much more complex and extended than those in Avatar, but the principles of those used in Avatar are the same.

The Avatar courses before the Wizard course mimic the "lower levels" of Scientology. The Wizard course mimics the "upper levels", including the much simplified exorcism trainings. The "Wiz" and the "OT levels" are available in full via the free courses page on this site. For educational and cult-demolishing purposes only. :)


A major problem for Mr. Palmer in setting up his own for-profit exorcism enterprise, after being President of the Church of Scientology Elmira Mission for 15 years, was that this "Church" had/has copyrights, trademarks and servicemarks on everything Hubbard produced (last count: 7700). Mr. Palmer worked around this problem by : Of course he didn't neglect to incorporate his business enterprise Star's Edge International in the tax-friendly state of Delaware. Star's Edge is located in the state of Florida.


Much more can be said about Palmer's reliance on Scientology "Tech", but the above will do for now.