Beyond the Buddhic Path with Avatar

From the original (first version) 1986 Avatar Course.
Published (and censored!) before as:

Avatar, basterd child of Scientology

A "rundown" is a training exercise.
It's an essential word/idea within Scientology.

"Case" is also Scientologese:
everyone is a "case" that need to be "handled".

Harry Palmer
Fasten your seat belts and hold onto your hat! I have discovered a rundown that leaves every other rundown in the dust!

Be as incredulous as you please. I expect it. But unless you are prepared to go beyond what you thought possible, at a speed you thought impossible, don't have anything further to do with this rundown.


How long does it take to produce an evolved spiritual being, an Avatar? You're just not going to believe how really swiftly it can be done, and I'm not talking about body disintegration or stepping in front of a train.

This rundown is the end all to case. This is the wrap-up to end all wrap-ups.

After this rundown, life is no more and no less than an experience in skill development.

IdiotThe rundown covers the entire Scientology Bridge, the Buddhic path and beyond.

It picks a person up from wherever he is, handles exactly the thing the person wants handled and moves him rapidly into a very high state of harmony with existence.

The rundown handles the following: body discomforts, electronic fields sensations, negative emotions, unidentified masses, attitudes, mental blocks, stress associated with existence, THOUGHT...

The rundown consists of four sections:

In the first section, a person drills with a coach until he has achieved a high proficiency in the few simple skills that are required for the rundown.

In section two the person receives processing exactly tailored to his needs until he achieves, and clearly perceives he has achieved a released Avatar State.

In section three he studies (and contributes to) the Avatar Materials and identifies each of the elements that compose and/or create realities below the released Avatar.

In section four he masters the application of the Avatar Materials and concludes any involuntary associations of perceptions of discordant realities.


Milk bottleInitially it is expected that the Avatar materials will come strongly under criticism by individuals and groups that have ulterior or control motives toward man, but all who come in contract with these materials will surrender their suspicion and ulterior designs to the clear single note of truth that transcends argument and idea and brings such bliss as known only to the Avatar.

Harry Palmer