Harry Palmer is NOT a psychologist

Leaders of psycho-cults often present themselves as educated individuals. That way their weird teachings look more credible. Mr. Palmer and his master, L. Ron Hubbard of the Scientology cult, are no exceptions to this rule. Mr. Hubbard lied he owned a doctor title, Mr. Palmer lied for years in public that he is an (educational) psychologist.


Documented examples of the lie(s)

To get an idea of the scope of this and other publicly uttered shameless lies about his academical credentials, a number of them are given below. Dedicated Avatar cultists believe that Mr. Palmer "just made an honest mistake" a long time ago. The examples however show that this "honest mistake" lasted from 1990 to at least 2007 and was repeated often in different words...

Most of the examples come from websites that are under direct control of Mr. Palmer or his for-profit Delaware corporation Star's Edge International. It could be that he will (again) change the contents in the future, just like he did with some of them after the Florida Board of Health told him to do so.

The last example given is from a "licensee website"---this to show that the lies are being carried along by Avatar addicts. There are many more of these sites. Mr. Palmer knows that but says that he has "no control over them", thus conveniently letting the lies live on.

"The Avatar Course was originated in 1987 by Harry Palmer, M.A. in Educational Psychology, venturing after the purest source of creativity."

Avatar Journal, Fall 1990
Avatar and the Denial Zone by Emma Bragdon, Ph.D.
(pink box in the middle of the article) avatar_journal/ vol4_4/denial.htm
(checked 29-07-2007)

"I graduated with the class of '69. Bachelor of Science with majors in English, history, philosophy and educational psychology."

"Living Deliberately", page 4 electronic version.
(c)1994, 2000, ISBN 0-9626874-3-X LivDelElectronic.pdf
(downloaded and checked 29-07-2007)


No. 01-14511
D. C. Docket No. 00-01662 CV-ORL-31J


April 9, 2002




Palmer is an educational psychologist.

For many years, he was a member of the Church of Scientology and aided members of the Church in the exploration of their consciousness.


This insight, combined with Palmer's background in educational psychology, led Palmer to develop an educational course in which students might explore their own consciousness.

Excerpt from court memorandum indicating that Palmer
(successfully) perjured himself in two US Federal Courts
by testifying under oath that he is a licensed psychologist.
(checked 29-07-2007)

"Where did it come from?

"An educational psychologist named Harry Palmer created Avatar in 1986."

Text was changed to:

"An educator with a background in educational psychology named Harry Palmer created Avatar in 1986." perspective7.html
(checked 13-03-2007)

"In 1987, an educational psychologist named Harry Palmer outlined an intriguing series of mental procedures."

Text was changed to:

"In 1987, an educator named Harry Palmer outlined an intriguing series of mental procedures." eliving.html
(checked 13-03-2007)

"Where did it come from?

An educational psychologist named Harry Palmer created Avatar in 1986"

internationalavatarcourse .com/ specialreport.html
(Checked 29-07-2007)

"Harry Palmer studied Engineering at Clarkson College of Technology in 1962-63, World Literature at Corning Community College 1964, Eastern philosophy and yoga 1963- 67.

He received a BA from Ithaca College for a special Triplum program 1965-69, received an MA in educational psychology from Elmira College 1969, obtained permanent certification from the University system of NY to teach in 1970."

Avatar Journal, Spring 1992
The Quest
More about the Author of the Avatar Materials (box at the bottom) avatar_journal/ vol5_2/quest.htm
(Checked 29-07-2007)

"In 1987 an American psychologist, Harry Palmer, discovered some profound insights about the way in which we create our reality."

Licensee website engels/what.html
(Checked 27-07-2007)


Proof that Mr. Palmer lied/lies

To summarize, Mr. Palmer stated from at least 1990 up to 2007, in writing and on many occasions (many more than those given above) :
  1. I am an Educational Psychologist.
  2. I have a Master of Art in Educational Psychology.
  3. I have a Major in Educational Psychology.
  4. I have a Bachelor of Art for a special Triplum program 1965-69 [including Educational Psychology].
  5. I have a Minor in Educational Psychology.
  6. I have a background in Educational Psychology.
  7. I have a Major in English.
  8. I have a Major in History.
  9. I have a Major in Philosophy.
  10. I have a Bachelor of Science.
  11. I have a permanent certification to teach (English)."

That's quite a list, isn't it? Let's focus first on the (educational) psychologist issue, because that is an important sales pitch with which Mr. Palmer sells his expensive Avatar courses.

The Florida Department of Health investigated Mr. Palmer's credentials in 2005/2006 after a complaint from Eldon Braun:

Department of Health, Investigative Report.

This is what the Department of Health found to be the truth:

Department of Health, Certification of Non Licensure.

Q.E.D.: Mr. Palmer has exactly zero licenses, zero registrations, and zero certifications in the field of regulated health care professions!

Preceding its thorough investigation the Department sent him a Cease and Desist Agreement, which he signed :

Department of Health, Cease and Desist Agreement.

Followed by a forewarning on July 14, 2006 :

Re: Unlicensed use of the term "psychologist"

Dear Mr. Palmer:


Having carefully reviewed the complaint, the investigation and all the pertinent laws and rules related to the practice of psychology, it was determined that some of the activity conducted by you or your business involved the protected practice or use of the term "psychologist" for which you are not licensed.


I have enclosed a website page currently in use by your organization which states that you are an "educational psychologist". The use of the word "psychologist" in any form is strictly prohibited in the State of Florida unless you are licensed. Section 490.012, Florida Statutes. makes it a crime to hold herself or himself out by any title or description incorporating the word "psychologist", the word "school psychologist" or permutations of the words, "psychology", "psychological", or "psychodiagnostic", unless such a person "holds a valid, active license under this chapter or is exempt from the provisions of this chapter."


This letter is being sent to you as a forewarning that activity such as holding oneself out as able to practice a profession or the actual practice of a regulated profession without a valid license is considered unlawful activity. Accordingly, varying consequences to the unlawful activity may be sought by the Department or other state agencies. For example, holding oneself out as able to practice a profession or the actual practice of a health care profession constitutes a crime in the State of Florida, specifically a felony in the third degree.



Nancy M. Snurkowski
Chief Legal Counsel

Strangely enough the FBI and the Florida Attorney General's Office, who were contacted by the Department of Health, declined further investigation:


During the investigation this investigator received emails and telephone calls from around the world claiming that PALMER was purporting a scam and using psychology to dupe people into buying his course. After consultation with the Unlicensed Activity attorney, it was determined that PALMER was not practicing clinical psychology.

Due to the other allegations both from the complainant and others the FBI and the Florida Attorney General's Office was contacted to determine if there were any law violations based on the facts as known. Both the FBI and the Attorney General advised there were not and declined to investigate further.

This is strange because Section 490.012 of the Florida Statutes clearly states that it is a crime to do the things Mr. Palmer did...

Maybe the FBI and the Attorney General were not aware of the fact that this was/is already going on for 17 years, not only via (one page of) one website, but via many? And that the false psychologist title was (and is) used to sell courses to tenth of thousands of people?

Anyway, all involved institutions will be attended to this webpage to make sure they know.


Due to the Cease and Desist Agreement and the investigation Mr. Palmer deemed it necessary to fall back on a range of other lies; on a downward gliding scale: he had a Master of Art, a Major, a Bachelor (via a "triplum program"), a Minor, and finally "a background" in educational psychology.

Alerted by the long time "I am a educational psychologist" lie we contacted the Elmira and Ithaca Colleges in New York, where Mr. Palmer studied. They wrote us:

"To the best of our knowledge, Educational Psychology was not offered as a major or minor, in the graduate or undergraduate level."

Registrar Elmira College

"Ithaca College's Dept. of Education did not offer a major or minor; rather it taught the courses needed for secondary school teacher certification for Biology, Chemistry, English, Math, Languages (French, German, Spanish), Music Ed, Speech Correction & Physical Education (Phys. Ed. also did elementary-level methods classes)."

Ithaca College Library / College Archives

After which Mr. Palmer again tried to weasel himself out of this embarrassing situation. This time by stating that he got a Bachelor of Art in educational psychology via a special "Triplum program".

Unfortunately for him we checked that too:

"You also asked if the Triplum would include Ed Psych; the Triplum had required components in History, English, & Philosophy (hence the name), in a required sequence, but after those courses, in junior/senior years you could take the education courses for certification, say, in English, Social Studies, or Languages, or probably as electives outside the certification programs."

Ithaca College Library / College Archives

Ouch, caught lying again. There was no educational psychology in this Triplum program, let alone a Bachelor of Art as a result of it. As a side note: his "permanent certification" to teach comes from the New York Department of Education, not the University system of New York, as he writes (see above).

Mr. Palmer's latest "acceptable truth" is that he has a background in educational psychology. Which leads to question: which background might that be? The Ithaca College didn't even offer a minor in the undergraduate level. It did offer though some courses needed for secondary school teacher certification. Since Mr. Palmer stated (see above) "I obtained permanent certification from the University system of NY to teach in 1970", assuming that that's not another lie, the "background" becomes clear: he only did a small course where just one of the issues might have been educational psychology...

So, there you have it: a simple course blown up to the 17 years enduring public lie: "I am an educational psychologist" (with many degrees) by someone whose only certification is to teach English at public secondary schools.


How about Mr. Palmer's other academical achievements, mentioned above?

"I have a Bachelor of Science with majors in English, history, philosophy and educational psychology."

Really, Mr. Palmer? Then, would you be so kind to tell us why the Ithaca College could sent us only this document about your achievements:

Ithaca Certification Palmer.gif

And while you're at it, please also explain why there are still psychologist references on your websites (checked July 28, 2007)? Does the Cease and Desist Agreement you signed mean nothing to you?

After all the persisting lies about his academic background one wonders if the man even studied English, this despite the copy above from the Ithaca College. Why? Because of this:

"I was studying Western psychology and Eastern philosophy, and finishing college without attending. Professors who called roll learned to skip my name. I wasn't there. I was a test-bright book-ape who wore an ominous black arm band and showed up only at their exams."

"Living Deliberately", page 4 electronic version.
(c)1994, 2000, ISBN 0-9626874-3-X ("pdf" file)
(downloaded and checked 29-05-2007)


Lying for the "enlightened planetary society"

The first chapter in Avatar's first Mini-Course, the first step, is called

"A private talk on honesty".

Here are some quotes:

"Dishonesty is at the root of asserted self-importance."

"Being honest is really a question of courage---courage enough to face what we fear. This gets lost in the smoke screen of deceptions that is used to justify dishonesty."

"Becoming more honest with ourselves means introducing more honesty into the collective consciousness of the world, and this lays a foundation upon which an enlightened planetary civilization can be built."

Key question:

"Do my words and actions add to the collective honesty in the world or to the collective dishonesty?"

Mini-Course 1

Well Mr. Palmer, did all your lies above add to the collective honesty, to the "enlightened planetary society"?

How is it going with your asserted self-importance these days?

Do you lack the courage to face what you fear?
What do you think about the blowing away (with this article) of the smoke screen you pulled up around your false psychologist degrees?

You teach about honesty, integrity and ethics at a firm price, while at same you lie, plagiarize, and deceive (see this website for many examples). Don't you think it's about time to apply your teachings to yourself?

Jeoparody, courtacy Freetar Jane.


People who have been lured into doing an Avatar course while thinking that Mr. Palmer was a psychologist could sign a petition asking for an investigation of the Avatar cult for a while. The (nick)names of the signers and their revealing comments can be found at the page "Investigate the Avatar cult" on this site. I've stripped all commercial and tracking junk from the original petition site The signing itself was closed years ago.