Harry Palmer the Wizard towers far above Jesus Christ

To conclude this introduction to Avatar, I'll call your attention to the confidential "Galactic Confederacy" speech and the delusional state of mind out of which it was created.

SaucerIn this Wizard speech Mr. Palmer tells a space opera story which is, according to him, "contained in our collective subconscious". In other words, the story is being presented as a factual report on events that really happened a long time ago---"since before the time of the Pharaohs". The last paragraph of the story proves this once again:

"You are going to find that you have a complete recording of all the events my words have pointed to. All you have to do is learn to listen and look in the right direction."

You may be thinking now, "Surely nobody in his right mind will take this grotesque fantasy for real". Well, you are wrong then... To him this story is the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help him Xenu, the galactic overlord in Scientology. Let me explain.

$cientologyDedicated Scientologists like Mr. Palmer and his partner Avra Honey-Smith practice a primitive, amateurish and quite dangerous regression therapy throughout their Scientology careers. Fifteen years in their cases. This expensive therapy is called "auditing".

HypnoDuring "auditing sessions" they imagine going back in time. Not just a month, or to childhood---no millions, even billions of years. Next they delute themselves into experiencing many past lives as humans and other beings, on many planets, in many universes. These fake memories, and all the fake events that come with them, become real to them, as real as can be. In short, their ability to distinguish between fantasy and reality becomes seriously affected.

Becoming an "Operating Thetan", the highest state of awareness in Scientology, requires practicing auditing intensively for many years in a row. At this level the "BodyThetans" (Entities) must be "audited" too, to get them out of the body. This is a ticket to Total Madness to many.

Harry Palmer
Mr. Palmer and Ms. Honey-Smith are Operating Thetans according to these publications of Scientology: Source Magazine Issue #6 (1976) and Issue #20 (1979).

An Operating Thetan (a Wizard in Avatar) supposedly towers far above Christ, Buddha, and every other teacher this world has ever seen, combined. Harry Palmer's alter-ego Ron Hubbard® wrote: "Christ was just a shade above the state of Clear"... "Clear" is a much lower state than Operating Thetan. With this in mind statements like these can be put into perspective easily:

"Avatar covers the entire Scientology Bridge, the Buddhic path and beyond."

"On the highest plane, the seventh sub-level of the seventh level, is the Avatar."

So there you have it. Since Mr. Palmer is 100% sure that his "level" towers above the levels of Christ, Buddha, et al, he's convinced that he's qualified to inject "beings who are ready for it" with his Avatar / Scientology drug, sorry, highest wisdom. That is to say, ready for the "wisdom" about intergalactic disasters that happened long ago, the possessed-by-Entities stuff, and the how-to-exorcize procedure.

It is interesting to note that Mr. Palmer called himself an educational psychologist for many years---which he is not, and never has been.

Maybe he confused his self-proclaimed status in the spiritual world with his uneducated status in the real world?

Needless to say, this mental dope comes at a high price. Becoming an Avatar addict, sorry, Enlightened Being --first an "Avatar", then a "Master", then a "Wizard"---, to save the world, is for the middle class only.

There seems to be nothing wrong with being a self-appointed far-above-Christ prophet and a hardcore materialist at the same time---to Avatar addicts that is.

Who was that again who said? :

Beware of false prophets,
which come to you in sheep's clothing,
 but inwardly they are ravening wolves.

Jeta Jeta Eggers, Amsterdam, NL
11-11-2019 (rev)