Is Avatar a (psycho) cult?

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cult leaders
There are 13 basic criteria defining a cult, according to the well-known German cult-fighter Hugo Stamm. In the first two articles in this section most of these criteria are examined/answered, followed by a short article that reports about the push Avatar students are objected to to do the next course.

Next, two examples of problems cult leaders have to confront are given. The first is about their general credibility: they often lie about there educational backgrounds, so did Mr. Palmer for years (proof provided). A second problem is the promise they make that devotees will become special people if they follow their path. In Avatar's case for example the promise that they will "regain" healing powers and other extraordinary spiritual powers.

The last five articles give examples of some of Avatar's cult practices: how to silence critics.



starAvatar's cult characteristics

StarNew psycho cults

AstroAvatar students felt manipulated in Sauerland Stern Hotel

ThiefMr. Palmer lied in public about his academic background

Milk bottleMiraculous wound healing with Avatar

Some cult practices

DynaEldon Braun threatened

DynaHarry Palmer threatens to ruin an Elmirans life

DynaDissident Avatar Master threatened

DynaCult threats to Valerie Emanuel

ThiefAvatar welcomes identity theft on its web site