Dutch BodyThetan Organization Filler
Pictures of the Hose-Tech® picket;
may 10, 2001; Amsterdam

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Then . . . the famous Hubbard® Hose Tech® was deployed . . .

Standard Tech(tm)

Hans Rozemond, the Hose Tech Officer in command, prepares the fire-hose.
Karin Kocke mixes with the suppressives®.

First he Clears® the pavement from ordinary Wogs®

Hans is taking his job very seriously

A passer-by is being hit during the process

Next, he soaks off the close by BodyThetans

The BodyThetans are being swept towards the suppressives®

Jeta points out a BodyThetan that is trying to escape

Evaluating the effectiveness of the Hose Tech:
OSA volunteer Hiemstra joins the suppressives®",
while PI Lise ("Icee", "Nessie", etc.] pretends to be a passer-by.

Hose Tech step five: call the police:

Zenon talking to a police officer

Thanks to the scientologists this "blitz"-picket lasted much
longer than we had planned. We decided to take a drink on
a terrace nearby the 'org'.


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