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Dear Parishioner,

It has been proven again. Scientifically ! At the scientific research center Hemet base, California. The ONLY source of all problems, including ALL illnesses, is... the BodyThetan at the wrong place, your body.

Doctor L. Ron Hubbard®, one of the first nuclear physicists, proved the existence of the BodyThetan already around 1967 - at the peril of his own life. But He did it, thank you very, very much Ron. GIVE A HAND TO LRH !

Below we show you some of our products which were developed based on Ron's annotations just before He left His Body to go to the next level of research. Buy them, use them ! And we Win®.

This planet is ours !
The sun never sets for Scientology !
We reach our goals !

Magic Stick-On
The Magic Stick-On is a superb tool for spotting BodyThetans. Produced and scientifically tested at Hemet Base, California. This optically perfect acrylic spotting-tool eliminates the need to wear tinfoil hats while applying Scientology Tech®. Recommended by the late doctor L. Ron Hubbard® from beyond the grave.
Two Options
The Two Options detecting device is a must-have. It not only detects single BodyThetans but also Clusters® of BTs. Combined with the Stick-On and the Compact devices it is even possible to observe Blown® BTs! You can see how happy they are once they're out of your body. Recommended by Sir BodyThetan the Third.
Let's face it, every Scientologist asks himself the question: "How are my Blown BodyThetans coping with their newly regained Freedom?" The Compact tool solves this problem. Communicate with 'm wherever you are! Only available to experienced BT-exorcists.
The advanced BT-spotting equipment can also be used to detect any electronic implant. Ear implants, tooth implants, heart implants, you name it, NOTHING will stay undetected with these devices!


BodyThetan Gold Flacon


Never in the History of Man has a more revolutionary product been released, ever. The BodyThetan Gold Bath & Shower Gel (12oz) can be used safely by Scientologists and Wogs® (non-Scientologists) alike.

BodyThetan Gold has been tested in-real-life by Scientology's Attorneys at Law Helena Kobrin and Ava Paquette. Their enthusiastic and intelligent response: "WOW !®, WOW ! What can we say more? WOW ! "

BodyThetan Gold Gel gently removes ALL BTs AND Clusters of BTs from your skin. It contains certified organic Barley floral water and herbal botanicals. The therapeutic vitamin A, the nutrients and the pure essential oil will replenish your skin and revitalize all your 131 senses. It's pH balanced.
    According to the great humanitarian and scientific researcher Hubbard® not even one BT will get hurt by this process. Sir BodyThetan the Third confirms this.

Due to the extremely powerful effect it's only permitted to use this gel under supervision of an experienced BT-exorcist. Go to an Advanced Organization and ask for the BTE-in-Charge. He MUST show you his Hubbard Qualified BodyThetan Exorcist certificate ! Safety first !


BodyThetan Genius is ideal for people who suffer from pesky BodyThetans. This delicate body gel washes away the ridges to which they clamp themselves to. It contains lettuce leaf (softening and soothing properties) and amica montana (antiseptic and healing properties, promotes new tissue growth).
BodyThetan Green must be used on BTs that "don't know where they are". These are the fast moving BTs you can easily spot with the BT Two Options device (see above). Don't bother about that itchy feeling. Be happy about it! They're leaving!
We all know the problem: BodyThetans that panic. They flee to exactly those places you don't want them to be. These are BTs that "don't know who they are". They are afraid, and because of that: smell - also because of the scientific fact that they form Clusters®. It is here where the BodyThetan Deodorant performs miracles. Try it and you Win® !


BodyThetan Masque Black is a skin care product designed to dramatically reduce uncontrolled breakouts of Clusters of BodyThetans. Dr. Hubbard® himself once experienced a quite violent outbreak of a Cluster which left behind a dent in his cheek. See the pictures. Masque Black prevents this, it regulates the BT-outflow!
Bodythetan Manicure is the best product for softening up and gently remove hard-Cluster societies like corns. Begin by using both morning and at night for the first week and just once a day or at your discretion thereafter.
Bodythetan Repair Oil MUST be used during and after the Thetan Hand Tech® with which you cut off BTs with a mocked-up hand. Failing to do so is a High Crime® because it will severely injure the affected BodyThetans.



WARNING! These products are dangerous in unskilled hands. Never use them on your own hook.

The BT-3 Step Buffer, Blackhead Remover and Finishing Stone are just three of the dozens of high quality heavy duty products we offer to pry off Suppressive Body Thetans. SP BTs are extremely dangerous. Never use these tools without supervision of a skilled BT-exorcist! (Class 12 at least).
Bodythetan Supplements must be swallowed while dealing with Suppressive and Drugged BTs. These guys drain off all the nutrients they can lay their hands on. Available only to preClears® on Operating Thetan Level IV® or higher.

The products of the Green- and Orange Line are available to all Scientologists for the incredible low price of $998.95 per item - ask the Reg at your local Org for the latest price breakdowns.

The advanced products in The Black- and Red Line can only be sold to dedicated BodyThetan exorcists at the Advanced Orgs. Depending on the level you're on the price of each product variates between $8099.75 and $18099.75 per item - which is very cheap because they speed up the New Era Dianetics for Operating Thetans procedures considerably.

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