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The O.T.O. 'eighth degree' sex ritual


John Whiteside Parsons
L. Ron Hubbard
Alva Rogers
Marjorie Cameron

Dec 1945 - March 1946.

O.T.O. means: 'Ordo Templi Orientis', an international organization founded by Crowley to practise sexual magic. This was an obscure 'society' in which Hubbard participated heavily (as 'seer', 'magican' and 'scribe').

Exerpts from 'The Bare Faced-Messiah' by Russell Miller, chapter 7.

      Understandably the neighbours were outraged, although they would undoubtedly have been even more alarmed had they known that the house was also destined to become the headquarters of a black magic group which practised deviant sexual rites. Parsons converted two large rooms into a private apartment for himself and a temple for the OTO lodge. In his bedroom, the biggest room in the house, there was an altar flanked by pyramidal pillars and hung with occult symbols. The oilier room was a wood- panelled library lined with books devoted to the occult and dominated by a huge signed portrait of CrowIey hanging over the fireplace.


      Their plans were unprecedented. Parsons wanted to attempt an experiment in black magic that would push back the frontiers of the occult world. With the assistance of his new friend, he intended to try and create a 'moonchild' [kind of Anti-Christ] - the magical child 'mightier than all the kings of the earth', whose birth had been prophesied in The Book of the Law more than forty years earlier.

[snip] [3 month later:]

      Parsons returned to Pasadena in a state of considerable agitation which was greatly increased when his magical partner [Hubbard] arrived back the next day and announced he had had a vision of a 'savage and beautiful woman riding naked on a great cat-like beast' and had an urgent message to deliver.

      That night, in the temple at South Orange Grove, the two magicians made preparations to receive the message. Candles were lit, incense burned and a magical altar was laid with flowers and wine. Hubbard, the scribe, wore a white-hooded robe and carried a lamp; Parsons, the high priest, wore a black robe and carried a cup and dagger. An automatic tape recorder was set up and at Hubbard's suggestion Rachmaninoff's 'Isle of the Dead' was played as background music.

      At eight o'clock, Hubbard began to intone his message from the astral world:

      "These are the preparations. Green gold cloth, food for the Beast, upon a hidden platter, back of the altar. Disclose only when the doors are bolted. Transgression is death. Back of the main altar. Prepare instantly. Light the first flame at 10 pm, March 2, 1946. The year of Babalon is 4063 . . ."
      After a few minutes, Parsons noticed that his scribe was pale and sweating profusely. Hubbard rested for a few moments, then continued:
      "Make a box of blackness at ten o'clock. Smear the vessel which contains flame with thine own blood. Destroy at the altar a thing of value. Remain in perfect silence and heed the voice of our Lady. Speak not of this ritual or of her coming to any person . . ."

      "Display thyself to Our Lady; dedicate thy organs to Her, dedicate thy heart to Her, dedicate thy mind to Her, dedicate thy soul to Her, for She shall absorb thee, and thou shall become living flame before She incarnates . . ."

      When Hubbard finished dictating, the scarlet woman, naked under a crimson robe, was brought into the temple.
      "Oh circle of stars," the high priest informed, "whereof our Father is but the younger brother, marvel beyond imagination, soul of infinite space . . ."
      Marjorie Cameron had been well rehearsed in the necessary response:
      "But to love me is better than all things . . ." she chanted. "Put on the wings and arouse the coiled splendour within you. Come unto me, to me! Sing the rapturous love songs unto me! Burn to me the perfume! Drink to me for I love you! I am the blue-lidded daughter of sunset, I am the naked brilliance of the voluptuous night sky . . ."
      With passions mounting, the three black magicians intoned a chorus:
      "Glory unto the Scarlet Woman, Babalon, the Mother of Abominations, that rideth upon the Beast, for She hath split their blood in every corner of the earth and 1o! she hath mingled it in the cup of her whoredom . . ."
      The scribe [Hubbard] remained at the altar declaiming and describing what was supposed to be happening on an astral plane while the high priest excitedly inserted his 'wand' into the scarlet woman and they began copulating furiously.


      "That evening," Parsons wrote, "the scribe and I resumed our work." This time a white sheet smeared with menstrual blood was laid out on the floor of the temple and a red star, cut from the high priest's robe, was symbolically burned on the altar. As Parsons performed the 'Invocation of the Wand' on the naked body of the scarlet woman, the scribe [Hubbard] droned:

      "Embrace her, cover her with kisses. Think upon the lewd lascivious things thou couldst do. All is good to Babalon. All... The lust is hers, the passion yours. Consider thou the Beast raping."

      On the third and final day, the rituals began four hours before dawn and ended with a long poem titled 'The Birth of Babalon' extolling 'holy whoredom':


[Parsons, a little later:]

      ..."I have had the most important, devastating experience of my life... I believe it was the result of the IXth degree working [the class of sexual magic designed to produce a higher being] with the girl who answered my elemental summons."
      "First instructions were received direct through Ron, the seer. I have followed them to the letter."
[End of extract]

      By the way...of course everybody knows that 'Dr. Hubbard did this basic research with the intention to eliminate the OTO' (= official Church of Scientology viewpoint); and that the resemblance Scientology Cross - Crowley Cross is accidental. Right?



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