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L. Ron Hubbard®
(the founder and guru of Scientology):

"We are actually the first people that
do know a great deal about death.
It is one of the larger successes of

Lisa McPherson (36)
Lisa McPherson (36)

" I want to dance. "

Scientologist Lisa was locked up in room 174 of the Fort Harrison Hotel, Scientology's headquarter in Clearwater.
      Seventeen days later she was dead. Her death was caused by severe dehydration. She was bitten by cockroaches.

Lisa had been subjected to a standard Scientology treatment called the "Introspection Rundown". This treatment is, for example, used on dedicated scientologists who have become "mentally instable because they consider leaving Scientology".

For more information click on the picture, or/and visit this website http://www.lisamcpherson.org .

Noah Antrim Lottick (24)
Noah Lottick (24)

Jumped to his death
clutching his last few dollars
tightly to his chest..

Before Noah Lottick (24) killed himself, he had paid more than $5,000 for church counseling. His behavior had also become strange. He once remarked to his parents that his Scientology mentors could actually read minds. When his father suffered a major heart attack, Noah insisted that it was purely psychosomatic.
Scientology: The Thriving Cult of Greed and Power

Noah's father Edward Lottick, MD, in Cult Observer March 1993:

      "On May 11, 1990, Noah Antrim Lottick, our wonderful 24-year-old son, committed suicide. A brief account of Noah's death was featured prominently in the May 6, 1991, Time magazine article, "Scientology-The Cult of Greed" and again in the October 1991 Readers Digest article, 'A Dangerous Cult Goes Mainstream.'. My wife and I cooperated with these magazines, whose circulation is over 100 million readers worldwide, in an effort to alert others to potential dangers."

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