Dutch BodyThetan


BodyThetans on Board - by Curtis Anderson

Dear Reader,

According to the very secret "upper levels" of Scientology everyone is infested with countless souls of murdered space aliens...

Scientology calls them "BodyThetans".

You think I'm kidding?

Well then, allow me to prove it. Beyond any doubt. Click here to read three pages from these teachings. Scientology tried, and still tries, to get these pages removed from the Internet - by means of lawsuits.
    The cult is, for example, sueing the Dutch writer Karin Spaink and 20 Internet Service Providers since 1995. Because of "copyright infringement". It lost all its cases (three so far). That's seven years of lawsuits up to this moment (dec 2003)...

Although lawsuits aren't funny, it sure is funny to see to what length Scientology goes to prove that these silly teachings really are from the "Source": L. Ron Hubbard®.   :-)

There's one more thing you should know:

You are full of BodyThetans! - by Miguelito Almost all of the highest Scientology teachings are only about BodyThetans.

Or more precisely: about how to exorcise them...

And that's all dedicated Scientologists do - for the rest of their life...

They call this "The Bridge to Total Freedom".

On average it costs 150 US dollars (1995 price) to get rid of just one BodyThetan.

The 1995 price-list of the courses that will ultimately learn you how to be a skilled BodyThetan exorcist can be found here.


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