Avatar's shining wisdom will save the world

Avatar® has a Mission. A Grandiloquent Mission. Without Avatar mankind is lost:

"Avatar, when passed on and applied on a large scale, offers humankind an alternative for the certain self destruction that it is heading for at the moment."

To save Earth from this fate the founder of Avatar, Harry Palmer, created a Plan. The same plan that L. Ron Hubbard®, the founder of the destructive Scientology cult, tried to implement, but that must be a coincidence. :)  This is The Plan:

"We are peaceably transforming competitive, national societies into an Enlightened Planetary Civilization."

"Avatar implies a quantum leap in the evolution of consciousness, with far-reaching effects for the future structure of human society."

Rrright... Let's take a look at the quantum leap Mr. Palmer is talking about. What is the core of the shining wisdom that our self-appointed prophet uses to save the world? "Fasten your seat belts and hold onto your hat!"