Avatar's highest wisdom: you are full of Entities

The very secret Wizard Course is Avatar's top-course. You can't get higher than this (pun intended):

"The Hindus call it the divine ground; the Buddhists call it absolute reality; the Christians call it God."

"This is essentially the message of Christ and, with apology to Bible fundamentalists, is the real teaching in the story of Christs ascension and resurrection."

Please, take a moment to let let these statements by Harry Palmer sink in . . .

In the last part of the "Wiz" the biggest secret of this universe (and every other universe for that matter) is being revealed. Finally the time has come for us earthlings to know. Finally we are ready to understand what life is all about. Now, hold your breath; this is it :

Entity EntityEveryone carries countless
Souls of the Deceased in his body...

Welcome to
Harry's Haunted House!
Huh? That's it? Yes, dear reader, that's it. This secret wisdom will prevent the "certain disaster Earth is heading for", because these (also alien) souls inside us are the cause of all misery, ranging from "inner conflicts to multiple personality disorders to mass political aberrations".

BobbingAfter a lot of spiritual research, while bobbing in a float tank, Mr. Palmer discovered that expressions like "Souls of the Deceased", "Spirits of the Dead", "Disembodied Beings", and "Possessive Spirits" don't sell well.

So He renamed them "Entities".

Clacky TeethTo get rid of these Entities an amazing procedure to exorcize them all was developed. This (bastardized) procedure is very secret - so secret that low-level Avatar-addicts don't even now it exists. Among those are many who have been hooked on milder flavors of the Avatar drugs for years.


Wizzard HatA free preview of Avatar's top-level exorcism teachings, including the full "Possessive Spirit Exorcism Procedure", is available in the section How to exorcize. Here you will discover how Avatar Wizards try to get rid of their Entities.

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