Offline reading & how to mirror this site

This web site is available as a so-called "zip-file". A zip-file contains other files that are compressed. The size of the sitezip is 2.5 MiB and does not contain itself. Unzipped it is 4 MiB, with 79 files and two directories (avatar-courses and pics).

For offline reading all you got to do is:
  1. Download and save the file,
  2. Unzip it (right-click) and save the content on your hard disk,
  3. Start reading "avatar-introduction.html".

All the internal links will work. Links to web sites on the internet only work when you are on-line, of course. The links on the avatar-links page are not being maintained anymore from April 2018.

The site itself will not be maintained anymore as of Febr 2021. It might even disappear unannounced, like the domain. So, if you value the information given, download the sitezip and, please, publish it on the web - you're helping kind, misguided people that way.


To mirror the site on the web the sitezip can be used. Put the unzipped files and the sitezip itself in a WWW-directory of your choice, f.e. "a-mirror". The startpage of your mirror site can be:

https://www.yoursite.wherever/a-mirror/index.html    or

All internal top-left links point to avatar-introduction.html .