Avatar's courses and prices

This page summarisis what to expect at each level of Avatar's "Bridge to Exorcizing your Spirits of the Dead". The prices are from 2007 in US $$.

All the courses are primary trainings to the "Wizard Course".

Attention!  Keep in mind that in none of the courses it is mentioned that you are being softened up for Avatar's highest and most secret wisdom.

The "wisdom" that you can only become a "missionary who brings the light" (and thus save the planet) by persuading all your imaginary Souls of the Deceased to leave your body.

The first course to follow is the Resurfacing Course which is based on the book with the same title. It's a two-days course, labeled "Avatar Course, Part I".


Avatar Course, Part I
-- Resurfacing Course, Creativism
-- Price $295.   Duration: 2 days

   (Parts I-III total: 9 days)

There's nothing confidential in this course, which is based on the book Resurfacing. Most of the exercises in it are available free on the Avatar website. These exercises are reworded Scientology "rundowns", something Avatar doesn't tell you. The rundowns in their turn were, likewise, "borrowed" by Scientology from different sources, something Scientology doesn't tell you either.

AquariumBesides these borrowed exercises you will be confronted with Palmer's largely fictitious autobiography, Living Deliberately, where he describes a magical revelation he had after eight weeks "tanking" in a sensory deprivation chamber.

The autobiography omits the fact that Mr. Palmer spent 15 years in Scientology, and was president of the Church of Scientology, Mission of Elmira, Inc. for well over a decade.


Above are only a few inconsistancies in this book/course. There are many more. It might be a good "exercise" to mark every claim about Avatar (in the book), and also every redefined word, with a highlighting marker. These as reminders in case you want to do the course. That way you will have some interesting questions to ask during the course. :)

Near the end of the course you can expect major "encouragement" to sign up for the rest of the course (Part II and III, see below), where the "good stuff" is. Then some of the reminders might come in handy--for example those that push the Avatar sales pitch.

It's being adviced to stop Stop with Avatar for at least a week before making the decision to do the next course. This to give yourself the time to let the artificial enthousiasm, caused by the exercises, wear off.

The rest of the Avatar Course is confidential, but don't worry. All the course materials except Wizards are registered as published with the U.S. Copyright Office, so the non-disclosure agreement you have to sign is meaningless.


Avatar Course, Part II
-- The Exercises
-- Price $500.   Duration: 3 - 5 days

Part II of the Avatar Course consists of meditations focused on objects, living things (including people) and thought forms, labeling them with opinions and non-opinions. Here's an example:

If you are identifying with a stone, feel its weight bearing down on the earth as your weight, feel its exposed surfaces as your surfaces, feel its density as your density. Transform the stone into you the stone. Be the stone.

I'm disappointed that the next steps aren't: "Now throw the stone, yourself, through that window. Feel the glass breaking on your surface, your skin. Apologize to the glass. Feel its pain. Be the glass". And so on.

Anyway, next you'll do a series of affirmation statements while acting out conflicting thoughts that arise until you can momentarily "create" the affirmation as being real. By the time you finish, you'll be in a state of euphoria -- the typical result of such mental gyrations.

Once again, it's being adviced to stop Stop and take a break before deciding whether to go on to the next step. Resist the hard sales tactics. Don't worry; you'll be reminded when the next course is scheduled.


Avatar Course, Part III
-- The Procedures,
    Initiation and confidential Rundowns
-- Price $1500.   Duration: 2 - 3 days

This is where things get expensive and very hypnotic. The Creation Handling Procedure is an adaptation of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Tibetan Buddhist "energy" meditation, and Scientology "erasure" of unwanted sensations and attitudes.

The main thing you're paying for is three guided sessions -- an Initiation, where an Avatar Master leads you through a list of concepts to "discreate"; a Persistent Mass session, where you discreate two opposing thought forms at once, and the Ultimate Process, where you discreate all-that-is. The last one is a mind-musher that will leave you very spaced out. Again, it's being adviced to stop Stop right here and regain your equilibrium before signing up for the next level.

The people supervising the course will try to get you to sign up for the Master course immediately and make a deposit. They probably won't tell you about their commission for the sale. At this point, you should ask for all the agreements and licensing documents to take home. Before signing anything, have a lawyer read these contracts and explain them to you.


Avatar Course, Part IV
-- Master Course
-- Price $3000.   Duration: 9 days

The Master Course purportedly enables you to become a licensed trainer and go into business as an Avatar Master if you wish. Or maybe you just want to "experience the Avatar course on a deeper level."

In fact, there are only two real difference from the basic course -- you'll "discreate" Persistent Identities (two that conflict), and you'll learn the manipulative tricks that were played on you from "behind the scenes" at the basic Avatar course.

Of course, there is the thrill of a large gathering where you're recruited to take part in Mr. Palmer's mythical creation of an Enlightened Planetary Civilization. The "enlightenment" involves selling Avatar courses for his multi-level marketing empire. Remember how many "interning Masters" were at the Avatar course you attended?

According to Mr. Palmer 12,000 people have taken the Master course. Around 95% are no longer active. One former high level trainer is now teaching the Transformation Method [link expired] instead.

Today, a graduate is a Provisional Master, another way to say a recruiter of family members, friends and acquaintances. They are required to bring "their" students to a large course, at a hotel, probably in another city. Of the payment they receive for one basic Avatar course, they will pay more than half in royalties, internship fees and other costs, plus travel expenses.

By this time, if you have become a True Believer in the Avatar cause, chances are your significant other, family members and friends will be questioning whether you're in a cult. Here's what one dropout Avatar Master says:

" I have taken ALL the courses 5 times and I have attempted to Intern as an Avatar Master to teach the course also many times.

I am not licensed fully to teach the course, this has been over a DECADE, 10 years.

I have known others who have never missed a Wizards Course. Their lives are not improved and they have become alienated from their families. Their lives are still a MESS!

The amount of expense and the debt incurred causes great distress within the family system. My family felt I was no longer able to think clearly. I have spent at least $70,000 on courses with Avatar, and the time and expense involved.

I have lost my Husband, my home, and almost my children. Thankfully I finally didn't have the funds any longer to keep going. It didn't make my life better, and people I have known for years in Avatar never call or act like they care unless I want to tell others about AVATAR! It is no different than Scientology, and the cult methods of pouring out that feeling of LOVE and approval are what keep people coming back!

It is all about the MONEY, just like SCIENTOLOGY where Harry got the original information! "

Ex-Avatar Master, name known by site publishers


Integrity; courtesy Freetar Jane Professional Course
-- Price $2000
-- Duration: 7 days

Integrity Course
-- Price $500
-- Duration: 9 days

These courses are optional but done by many Avatar Masters in the hope of getting a license from Star's Edge to be able to teach Avatar courses themselves.

The Professional Course is about marketing and organization. It's a mini-remake of Scientology's "Management Technology".

With the Integrity Course it's being tested if you are unquestionable loyal to Mr. Palmer and Star's Edge. It's no coincidence that Scientology has an Integrity Course too, with the same objective and the same deception -- the deception that this course is meant for your personal integrity.


Avatar Course, Part V
-- Wizard Course
-- Price $7500.   Duration: 9 days

The Wizard Course is held once a year near Star's Edge headquarters in Florida. It has been attended by as many as 2,000 people, who initially paid $7,500 each. Most are repeating the course; some Wizards have come back as many as seventeen times!

This is where Mr. Palmer's earlier "studies" paid off. According to the highest teachings of both Scientology and Avatar everyone is infested with countless souls of the deceased... Scientology calls them "body thetans." Avatar calls them "entities." Getting rid of them will supposedly make you superhuman. You will be able to cure yourself of any disease, transform national societies easily, rise far above Jesus Christ, and so on. See this web site.

In the section How to exorcize it's being explained in detail how you can become a universal clown and necromancer like Mr. Palmer. :) The full exorcism procedure of the Wizard Course is included there.